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Agaricus Blazei Murill Mushroom 5 (1)

Agaricus Blazei Murill
A Most Potent Cancer Fighting Mushroom

Agaricus MushroomsAgaricus has been studied and regarded as one of the best cancer-fighting mushrooms on earth. Over half a million people in Japan use this mushroom for its legendary immune system benefits.

  • • Hundreds of published studies reference the Agaricus mushroom as profoundly assisting cancer patients treated with it.
  • • Agaricus’ high Beta-Glucan can help increase bone marrow, including the number of white blood cells in the body. This provides a substantial boost to the immune system.
  • • Additional research in Japan, on humans, demonstrated the mushroom stimulated activity of the macrophages. This augments the ability to halt and eliminate the multiplication of damaged cells.

Agaricus Blazei Murill:

• Crossbred to create with higher levels of Beta-Glucan
• Both a Carb and a Protein
• One of the most important phytochemicals
• Beta-Glucan is found in oat and barley as well. However, fungi provide a more superior source.

Agaricus Blazei’s Beta-Glucan level is vastly higher than any other mushroom’s in the world. Beta-Glucan is a complex Glyconutrient; they are polysaccharides. The reason doctors and experts in Japan believe that Beta-Glucan is the primary photochemical involved in this healing process is because the macrophages have glucan receptors on their surface.

  • Agaricus Mushrooms• Glyconutrients improve the immune system’s ability to communicate.
  • • Macrophages ignite intracellular communication by discharging chemical messengers called cytokines.
  • • Cytokines are proteins in charge of inducing immune responses within the bone marrow.
  • • Documented testing denoted elevated levels of cytokines after the consumption of high-grade Agaricus. [1]

Where can I get some?

A Euro-Disney executive who had cancer and healed himself with the Agaricus mushroom founded a Japanese company named Atlas Agaricus. Mr. Uchiyama made it his mission in life to foster extracts of the most potent Agaricus mushrooms available, and of course, ensure they were clinically tested to work. Right now, they are among the most trusted brands for Agaricus in Japan. The claim of many naturalists is they have seen many people get outstanding results with their extracts.

There are two products from Atlas Agaricus that are recommended:Agaricus Ekismate

  • • One is for the general public. It is less expensive, yet still amazingly powerful. “® Atlas Agaricus Bio Super Liquid” comes in a red dropper and is a cost effective way everyone can benefit from Agaricus. It retails around $45 for 28 g (1 ounce).
  • • Atlas Agaricus has an “elite” product that is very expensive ($75 for 10 g of liquid extract). It is for people who need immediate results. It is called “Atlas Agaricus Ekismate.”

A combination of this extract along with AHCC would work fantastically for anyone dealing with cancer. Of course, make sure not to make changes or additions to any treatments you are currently on without consulting your physician.

Naturopaths say that, in the last five years, they have seen many cancer reversals using this product. If money is not an issue, the recommended is the “100 drop daily doses” (5 g) protocol, using the ultra strength extract. The less expensive product is also highly effective.

[1] Soosaipillai Bernardshaw and others “An Extract of the Medicinal Mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill Differentially Stimulates Production of Proinflammatory Cytokines in Human Monocytes and Human Vein Endothelial Cells in vitro” Inflammation 29, (4-6),146-153

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