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December 2, 2020 by Joseph Fermin 0 Comments

TRT for Men, Everything You Need to Know 0 (0)

Testosterone is the male sex hormone in charge of not only the male characteristics but also health in general. While it is the dominant hormone in males, it is also beneficial in women. Low testosterone is also referred to as low-T or testosterone deficiency. The testosterone levels in men might deplete because of various reasons but regardless of the reason for its decline, the low levels in the body might have serious implications on the body. To that end, testosterone replacement therapy(TRT) is done to counter low-T.

What is TRT

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a form of treatment used for managing low testosterone levels in men. It is also known as Androgen Replacement Therapy and is only recommended after hypogonadism diagnosis. The hormone is administered into the body through different methods, including oral medications, topical creams & gels, intermuscular injections, and transdermal patches.

You might experience some of the symptoms which are a sign of testosterone deficiency, but it might not be an indication that you suffer from it. 

Is it For Me? 

You might have all the symptoms of Low-T, from those affecting the mind, sexual function, and body, requiring you to get TRT treatment. While this does not mean that you have testosterone deficiency, it could be a reason for the symptoms. That said, below are some of the common symptoms of Low-T.

Increased Body Fat

When the testosterone levels in men drop, they start developing body fat. In fact, if the estrogen levels exceed the testosterone levels, they might develop gynecomastia which also means enlarged breast tissues.

Strenuous Erections

Testosterone is referred to as the male hormone, and a decline might affect erections. When testosterone is sufficient in the body, it stimulates nitric oxide secretion in the brain which eventually causes erections. Testosterone has also been linked with managing erectile dysfunction as well as improving the overall sex drive.

Hair Loss

Men naturally lose their hair as they age, but hair loss is also associated with testosterone deficiency. And apart from balding, you might also experience loss of hair on the face and other parts of the body.

Decreased Bone Mass

Low testosterone levels in the body might cause a condition known as osteoporosis, which is the thinning of bones. This condition is usually common among women but when older men experience low-T, the bone volume decreases which increases the risk of bone fractures.


Extreme fatigue and low energy levels might also be a sign of low-T. You might have lesser motivation to do simple tasks or even work out. This is because the mood is affected when the energy levels drop or when you are always tired.

You might be experiencing all or any of the symptoms of low-T, but are you sure that you need TRT treatment?

Why TRT Might Be Good For You

One of the sure ways to know if TRT is suitable for you or not is through bloodwork. This helps to evaluate the total testosterone levels in the body before you are put under treatment. So it boils down to assessing your current red blood cell count as well as testosterone levels before determining the right testosterone replacement therapy treatment for you. In some cases, patients are treated depending on the range they fall on. This might be inaccurate and you might fall higher or lower than that range, or even have normal testosterone levels.

Since you might need to get the treatment indefinitely, it is important to understand what you are getting into, so make sure to go through the whole process first with your provider. You might end up being falsely diagnosed with Low-T and being put under a treatment plan you don’t need.

Also, while most men end up getting TRT for the rest of their lives, this might not be necessary. Some health conditions might limit lifetime TRT treatment, so it all depends on the health and your specific needs.

Why TRT Might Not Be Good For You

You might not need to get testosterone replacement therapy if you have some health conditions like breast and prostate cancer. However, if you have successfully completed treatment for prostate cancer, it is possible to undergo TRT. Other health conditions that might prevent you from getting TRT include extremely high red blood cell count, obstructive sleep apnea, severe congestive heart failure, and severe lower urinary tract symptoms.

How to Get TRT

There are a lot of over the counter testosterone treatment methods and while these are easily accessible, they are not specific to every individual in need. So, such treatments might not be the best since different Low-T systems are not necessarily attributed to testosterone deficiency. The best way to get testosterone replacement therapy is from your doctor or from an anti-aging clinic. There are pros and cons to both sides when you choose either of the two options, but the process of getting TRT is similar.

The Process of Getting TRT

Once you make a decision to undergo TRT, you need to understand that there are a  few steps you will need to go through before taking treatment. From the initial stages of consulting with your doctor to finally getting your treatment plan, the following are the steps of getting TRT.


What are your symptoms? What is your current health? Do you really need the treatment? How are you supposed to prepare? These and more are some of the questions that will be answered during the first stage of TRT. You will also be able to learn more about how the treatment works and what it entails.

Medical Exam

A medical exam will be conducted before any treatment or blood tests. This step is to ascertain your current health before carrying out any tests or preparing a treatment plan. Depending on the need for the treatment, a full medical exam might be conducted, and an additional medical questionnaire.

Blood Work

Every patient has different TRT needs, so extensive bloodwork is carried out beforehand to pin down what your deficiencies are in order to customize your treatment plan. Prostate-specific antigen(PSA) and red blood cell levels are tested before the treatment commences. TRT might cause an increase in red blood cells to an alarming rate, which is why this stage is important. 

The bloodwork is done to estimate the testosterone levels in the body. The recommended time for performing a total testosterone test is in the morning when the testosterone levels are highest in men.

Follow Up

Following up with your doctor will be important in case there will be a need to make any adjustments. The testosterone levels will also change after the treatment starts, so it is important to frequently check the levels.

Treatment Plan

After all tests and health assessments are done, your doctor will create a tailored treatment plan just for you. 

Benefits of TRT

While a lot of aging men struggle with low-T which significantly affects their lifestyle, the potential of testosterone replacement therapy for men is unrivaled. TRT benefits for men are manifold, and below is a highlight of some of them.

Mental Ability and Memory Improvement

When it comes to improving memory, focus, and mental ability, TRT does a great job. The cognitive ability starts to dwindle as a man continues to age, especially from middle age. The older you get, the more information slips your mind, while grasping and processing new information becomes a difficult task. You start having problems with making up your mind and important decisions as testosterone levels reduce in the body. 

Undertaking testosterone replacement therapy helps to restore cognitive ability, sharpens memory, as well as enhancing your problem-solving ability and focus.

In the long-run, TRT helps with mental agility which overall impacts how you perform your duties on a daily basis. 

Increases Energy

Testosterone replacement therapy can also impact energy levels in the body. A 25-year-old man is more energetic than a 50-year-old man, and this is linked to low testosterone levels in the body. Even with other possible reasons, sluggishness and tiredness at an older age might be a result of Low-T, even though it does not directly affect the energy levels in the body.

One way that TRT increases energy is through improving insulin sensitivity which plays a significant role in fat loss. By boosting the number of red blood cells in the body, TRT helps to increase physical stamina which even increases motivation during exercise.

Also, the relationship between testosterone and energy increase might not be directly linked but through the other benefits of TRT.

Improves Sleep

Since TRT has a general effect on cognitive ability, this helps to improve sleep.

While the amount of sleep does not affect the testosterone levels in the body, low-T is associated with insomnia and sleep disturbances. Low testosterone levels may also result in the different effects of depression. This leaves you distracted, unsettled, and more agitated which affects sleep at night. So, testosterone deficiency does not directly affect sleep patterns but rather causes symptoms linked to depression which in turn affects sleep.

The levels of testosterone in the body often affect the synchronization that your brain requires to initiate deep sleep. So, getting TRT helps to boost this synchronization in turn boosting deeper, and restful sleep. 

Boosts Heart Health

Numerous studies have shown that older men with Low-T have a higher risk of heart diseases when compared to younger ones with higher testosterone. While there are concerns about TRT being one of the causes of heart diseases, testosterone can help enhance cholesterol, markers of triglycerides. In fact, low levels of testosterone are linked to higher risks of cardiovascular diseases and heart attack. 

Increased visceral fat, which is usually found around the midriff area is harmful to the health but through TRT, it can be reduced. Excess visceral fat does not only increase the risk of heart disease but also colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Reduces Fat Mass

In one way or another, testosterone plays a role in maintaining metabolism. A drop in testosterone levels in men might lead to fat increase in the body which is why a lot of men with low-T are in most instances, overweight. Fat stored in the belly carries aromatase, enzymes that produce estrogen by breaking down the testosterone in the body. 

Due to low-T, the body lacks the ability to evenly distribute fat in the body. In fact, a lot of people who suffer from low-T struggle with dieting. Hence, TRT treatment allows men to benefit through an even fat distribution throughout the body and managing dieting.

Increases Libido

Low-T is a well-known culprit for libido and erectile dysfunction in middle-aged and old men. Oftentimes, erectile dysfunction is linked to depression, obesity, poor heart health, and lack of confidence which are all symptoms of Low-T. Chances are that a TRT patient will beat erectile dysfunction since they experience muscle gain, confidence boost, weight loss, more happiness, and better cardiovascular function after the treatment.

The secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH) is done in the brain, in return sending signals in the testicles for the production of testosterone. So, TRT is not responsible for sperm production rather helps to coordinate the passing of signals from the brain to the testicles.

Improved Muscle Mass

TRT works incredibly to increase muscle mass, but should not be used to completely replace healthy work out routines. Instead, it should be used to supplement it for better results. As testosterone declines as one continues to age, this slows down metabolism which increases storage of fat, especially visceral fat. Hence, testosterone an important component for building muscle mass through activating protein synthesis.

Bottom Line

Testosterone replacement therapy is not the fountain of youth as most people perceive it. As the market widens, there is a flooding of different information about what it does and doesn’t do. Starting the treatment might not work right away, and it is also important to understand that the process works differently for each patient. Regardless of your age or the symptoms you are experiencing, a good provider should be able to create a workable treatment plan for you.

November 2, 2020 by Joseph Fermin 0 Comments

How to Get a Doctor to Prescribe Testosterone? 5 (1)

Testosterone replacement therapy, just like many other procedures that are undertaken in order to correct a certain medical condition. While it is important in many ways, it has been under fire by a lot of individuals. A lot of people are skeptical about it, which includes medical practitioners.

Before most doctors prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to you as a long term solution to your low testosterone levels, they always opt for gels or injectable pellets that are small as a rice grain. Doctors tend not to be quick to start a patient on testosterone replacement therapy because they are always in constant denial that they might be faking it to get testosterone injection that has been used over time for muscle building. They will always opt do several tests on you, which in most cases are not cheap and health insurance does not cover testosterone deficiency.

Doctors Won’t Always Prescribe TRT

What most people fail to understand is that there are people who legitimately have low testosterone in their bodies. A medical doctor should know that his patient has low testosterone levels by doing a simple blood test. The doctor will usually use the normal range of 300ng/dL to 1000ng/dL and compare it to the blood work results. The issue with this is that the levels of testosterone in a man’s body tend to change over the day. Testosterone levels tend to be the highest during the morning hours.

It is good to remember that not all doctors have a clear understanding of what hormone therapy is all about and how it should be administered. If the testosterone replacement therapy is administered wrongly it can be catastrophic. Your therapy will not be similar to the next patient, there will always be a difference in dosage from one person to the next and the length of medication will also differ depending on your medical history. Testosterone replacement therapy is to be done uniquely for each person. It should be re-evaluated regularly to check on whether to increase or decrease the dose in regards to the benefits and risks towards the patient’s health.

As much as doctors don’t want to prescribe testosterone therapy to any patient that walks in saying he is suffering from testosterone deficiency, they have a genuine reason for doing so. The presence of high testosterone in the body has a great after-feel. It’s like a drug, it gets you pumped. Several patients are notorious for faking their low testosterone to get the injections. There are several ways that they can achieve this. Normally you will find an individual engaging in heavy drinking to get his testosterone levels low. Also, other ways have started cropping up. One of these methods is the consumption of synthetic estrogen. The more the estrogen the lesser the testosterone in the body. A side effect that might come with this is that the body might start shaping up abnormally. Swelling and tenderness of the breasts might occur. For some, these methods have helped them get testosterone replacement therapy but it is not guaranteed that you will get the therapy from any doctor out there. There is a much better way to get TRT prescribed and that’s to work with people who specialize in it.

Alternative to Working with a Doctor 

When it comes to matters concerning hormone replacement, you just can’t go to any practitioner. Every medical personnel has his field of specialty. Visiting an anti-aging clinic is much advisable for such procedures and consultations. There are several advantages to doing so.

Anti-aging treatments are beneficial to the body as they play a part in life extension. This is made possible by slowing or even reversing the process of aging. You get to enjoy a long youthful life.

The more you age the more you are affected by hormone loss. The result being cellular degeneration. From which one is prone to several ailments. Loss of memory, increase in the level of cholesterol, and depression, just to mention but a few.

You can not dismiss that doctors do their job well in safeguarding our health interests but when it comes to matters concerning a good anti-aging program then they fall short. An anti-aging clinic that offers a well-formulated anti-aging program will find ways of detecting, preventing, and fixing conditions that come about due to advancement in age. At the clinic, you will get to learn new therapies that are meant for correcting high blood pressure, heart diseases, alzheimers, and even glaucoma.

The Process

Anti-aging programs have shown that they are working and people are starting to have a leaning towards it. For some institutions, they take this as an opportunity to make a quick buck by offering home versions. Just like any other medical procedure, only a certified professional can conduct this safely and give you the required results. A process has to be followed.


The anti-aging program starts with a detailed consultation. For starters, your medical history has to be known. As a complementary measure, your family medical history has to be checked out too. This is to ensure that there are no underlying issues. A program has to be tailored to fit you. Everybody has different kinds of needs. During the consultation, you will get to set out the goals and you will get to know more about the benefits of the journey you are embarking on.

Medical Exam

A physical examination is conducted to check on several things. Your body mass index is measured to check on your obesity. Your metabolic syndrome is checked out. This helps in understanding your sugar levels and cholesterol. Your prostate will be examined to get a clear understanding of any underlying issue. In addition to all of that, your hair too might be examined. The amount, the pattern, and location of the hair says a lot about your health.

Blood Work

The next step is doing a more detailed medical examination to understand your current health situation. A saliva and blood analysis are conducted to measure the number of certain hormones in your system. The most common hormones that are usually tested are testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Apart from these hormones, other chemicals within the body need to be checked. Some of the blood tests that you  might undergo are blood prolactin levels, blood hemoglobin, and luteinizing hormone

Follow Up Consultation

After the examination results are out you are given a clear report of your health condition. The doctor will also give you a clear understanding of the issues which have been building up over the years. This is the part you get to know the diagnosis and the formulation of a treatment plan that you will have to follow. 

Treatment Plan

The medical personnel with the knowledge of your present condition has set up the goals of the treatment, listed several treatment options that you can choose from and the stipulated time you will take to start reaping the benefits. For an anti aging clinic, most treatment plans will include a list of things for you to be accustomed to. A regular intake of certain amino acids, supplements, and in some cases some anti oxides. You will also be partnered with a nutritionist or even a fitness trainer. 

How to Pick a Good Testosterone Replacement Therapy Clinic

Just like any other medical need, you need to put your best interests at heart when looking for a testosterone replacement therapy clinic. There are a lot of details you need to consider to get what is perfect for you and you’re well being

Location of the clinic 

This is simple. The nearer you are to the clinic the better. The reason being no one wants to take a long drive to the clinic every time he is supposed to go get his regular testosterone treatment. Apart from the physical location of the premises, the mode of transport plays a part in the selection. If the means of getting there is unreliable then high chances you will not fancy getting the services from that clinic.

Go Through Reviews

In this day and age, online reviews have played a crucial role in helping people select a good testosterone replacement therapy clinic. Reviews will tell you a lot about the clinic you want to choose. Go through the reviews and get to be the judge. The best way to do it by locating several clinics near you and then reading the reviews from past and present patients to get the best results. The more you go through reviews, the more you learn about a clinic, so whether you check on their social pages or the search engine, there is so much you can find.

Do a Credential Check 

If you are going to get TRT, then the last thing you would want to happen is for things to go wrong. And it will cost you not only your money but your precious time trying to reverse it. Testosterone replacement therapy is something that is getting a lot of popularity and a lot of quacks are on the rise to get their hands on this cash cow. Take your time and go through a clinic’s website. With a keen look at the website, you will get to know the staff and how qualified they are. For more information on the doctors, you can get a more detailed external website search.

Check On The Services

It is not just having testosterone injected in your body, there is more that goes. Because you are looking for a testosterone replacement therapy clinic, you need to know if they offer in house services like nutrition and physical training to ensure that your body will get to replenish its natural testosterone. In as much as a clinic might have the best reviews, you have to check if the services are sustainable about your finances. You need to have a medical treatment plan that you can foot its bill with ease.

Visit More Clinics

This is vital for comparison purposes. Take your time and visit different clinics. It’s better to get a hands-on experience of what the clinic is all about. You want to work with professionals who take you through the process even before it starts. This way, you know what to expect. Your physical presence will help you discern which establishment will be best suited for you. Remember you have the upper hand when it comes to choosing a clinic. If you feel that one clinic isn’t satisfying your needs you can change for a better one. And if you choose to shop online then ensure that you inspect the website and watch out for all the red flags.

Work With AAI

AAI rejuvenation clinic is the place you need to be when it comes to any of your anti-aging solutions. From the method of consultation to the treatment plan, you are assured the services are delivered in a timely fashion. 

Most of the processes at AAI are digitized. When it comes to filling your medical history, you will do it online with a lot of ease. The digitization of this part of the process has given the physician ample time to go through your case and formulation of the best regiment that is tailored to your unique needs for a smooth and quick recovery.

Through the entire process, you will be assigned an advisor. The advisor will help in ensuring that you always find your way through the entire process. The good thing is that no matter the region, your test results and other documents will always get to you. In addition to that, there is a telephone line service put in place to answer any of your queries.

The dedication that AAI shows to its patients is unmatched. They offer an exquisite level of care in attaining the goals. It is part of the clinic’s framework that all clients are matched with a physician who will be by their side and always conduct follow up tests to follow up with the progress. The pricing of the services offered at AAI is way better than other facilities. Affordable and high levels of customer care go hand in hand.