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Medical History For Our Antiaging Systems

Provide Your Medical History to Get Started!

The first step toward optimal health is filling out our medical history form. The information you provide in our medical history form allows your AAI Clinics physician to review your personal medical history and determine if you are eligible for therapy. Moreover, it is your opportunity to paint a picture that will allow your AAI prescribing physician to accurately structure a personalized program that will take any current programs, supplements, or medications into account. This will ensure that you receive a potent and comprehensive hormone health protocol to help you reach all of your goals.

Rest assured that our site and the forms it includes are HIPAA- and FDA-compliant. The confidence and personal data of our patients and potential clients are of paramount importance, and we exercise all necessary discretion and take every measure to keep the information provided protected with the highest security level. Our database has received all certifications required by law to help ensure that we always keep our promise of security.

After you have filled out our medical history form, you will receive a call from an AAI Clinics Wellness Advisor. They will be the liaison between you and your physician and assist you with everything related to your therapy. You will have access to them 7 days a week from 9 AM to 10 PM EST.

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