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    About Us

    Live Infinitely Well With AAI Rejuvenation

    AAI has made the qualification process simple. The initial step in getting started is to fill out the medical history form on our website. This will give the physician a more detailed view of your unique history to align with your goals. You will be assigned a physician trained wellness advisor within minutes of filling out this form. Our advisors will then walk you through setting up a physical examination and a comprehensive lab test within your desired zip code.

    We are available to answer any questions you may have and can be reached at 1-866-AAI-Low-T or 1-866-224-5698

    our specialties

    Treatments and Services

    AAI specializes in treating chronic age-related diseases and symptoms. Our primary goal is to promote wellness and vitality by focusing on the early detection of hormonal imbalances. We take an individualized approach to each patient. Learn more about our services below.  

    Testosterone Therapy


    Growth Hormone Therapy

    Strength Supplements

    Vitamins and Amino Acids

    Men's Health Supplements

    Sexual Health and Performance

    Women's Health Supplements

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    Why Us

    Discover the Difference

    Here is a few reasons to work with AAI:

    • Individualized Protocol
    • Comprehensive Blood Work and Follow Ups
    • Continued Communication With Wellness Advisor
    • FDA and HIPPA Compliant Pharmacies 
    • Nationwide Reach 
    • Reviewed and Recommended by Hundreds
    Our Process

    In 3 Easy Steps

    You are only a few steps away from changing the quality of your life and those closest to you. Allow AAI Rejuvenation Clinic the opportunity to help you.

    1. Blood Work

    2. Physical Exam

    3. Medical History Form

    In order to see where you're at, we first need to complete blood work. This will let us create an optimization protocol based on your unique profile. Testing can be completed at either LabCorp, Access Medical Labs, or other testing centers (Depending on your zip code). Our staff will assist you through the entire process. 

    A physical examination is required in order to be placed for therapy. This will not only allow us to get a picture of your health, but to get you going in the right direction.  We can set up an appointment for you locally if you don't already have a physician. 

     List your medical history including prescribed medications and supplements, symptoms, and goals for therapy.  Once you get this completed, you're only days away from getting therapy. Our team will review all your results and create a customized plan just for you! 


    Hear From Our Patients

    We’re a clinic that puts our customers first. Our staff is always reliable, always professional, and always friendly. See what customers are saying about AAI Rejuvenation below. 

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