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Testosterone is vitally important to our overall well-being!
It regulates our body’s bone mass, ability to gain muscle, burn fat, and, of
course, our sex drive!

As we age male and female testosterone levels begin to diminish with each
passing year.

At AAI REJUVENATION we tailor our testosterone replacement treatment
to best suit each patient’s individual needs and goals.
We provide a network of board-certified doctors to ensure our patients
receive the most professional care possible while never having to leave the
the comfort of their homes.

Also, our clinic only works with the most reputable pharmacies to ensure
our prescriptions are of the very best quality possible.

From the time a patient calls in for our support, the clinical director outlines
the process and program, details and reviews the initial intake with the

We then set up an appointment for bloodwork, to determine specific
hormonal deficiencies. Once we receive the lab results the patient will
speak with the physician regarding the recommended treatment plan.
Furthermore, our advisors are available after hours to answer
any supplement questions regarding mixing, delivery times, and
administration techniques.

With this painstaking attention to quality and our round the clock concern
for our patients is it any wonder AAI REJUVENATION has received a
virtually unheard of 4.9 overall rating out of a possible 5.0 from our more
than satisfied patients.

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