What Can hGH Therapy Do for Me?

So, what’s the big deal about hGH Therapy? What’s all the secrecy behind it? The answer is simple: it is life transforming and works! It’s one of the most popular and effective anti-aging treatments available in the world. Numerous clinical studies conducted over a six month period showed that patients who underwent therapy with hGH injections reported significant improvement in ailments and symptoms.

Ailments reported varied from:

  • Neurological
  • Muscular
  • Physical
  • Spinal
  • Intestinal
  • Gastric related
  • and much, much more.

Clinical study results covering an expanse of over 50 years specifically related to the benefits resulting from hGH therapy, if properly administered and professionally supervised, have taken prospects of youth extension by storm. Dr. Ronald Klatz of the book, Grow Young with hGH, calls it plastic surgery in a bottle.

Actual documented clinical studies show that a minimum of 6 months of hGH therapy assisted patients in significantly improving:

  • The skin
  • The libido
  • Energy levels
  • The bones
  • The hearts efficiency
  • Memory
  • Eyesight and even hearing
  • Cholesterol
  • The muscles
  • Body fat percentage
  • Hip-to-waist ratio
  • Healing ability
  • Immunity
  • Overall organ function
  • Life expectancy
  • Quality of life

hGH at the Core

Western medicine has instilled in us the idea that fighting our maladies and ailments begins with masking the symptoms. The point of experiencing symptoms is so our body can communicate to us problem areas that need attention. Turning off those signals so we are not aware of them does nothing for our future wellbeing. For example, ignoring a back pain by taking a pain duller only allows for more inappropriate movement to take place, further exasperating the originally irritated, problem area worsening it.

The point of increasing your Growth Hormone levels to the same levels you experienced in your youth stems from clinical study after study revealing the fact that the body eventually responds to these levels, positively. Basically, replacing what has been missing, seems to bring back what was lost.

  • Gray hair returning to its original color.
  • Skin tightening and becoming more supple.
  • Hair and eyelashes thickening.
  • Bones strengthening and regaining rigidity.
  • Replenishing of the spinal fluids and gelatins.
  • Acceleration in wound healing.
  • Increased stamina and physical output.
  • Sharpening of visual abilities.
  • Cognitive reparation and memory retention betterment.
  • An invaluable increase in quality of sleep and duration of sleep.
  • Mental stabilizing and mood enhancing side effects.
  • Digestive and gastrointestinal aiding and repairing.
  • Libidos heightening and erections strengthening.

The point of participating in hGH therapy is to aid the body in repairing itself by strengthening and rejuvenating the patient at the very core, beginning with the immune system and cellular manufacturing. Growth Hormone is in charge of the production and regeneration of all the cells in the body. Having low Growth Hormone levels can ultimately result in the creation of damaged or radicalized cells. The opposite is true of someone with healthy Growth Hormone levels resulting from hGH therapy. Elevated, healthy levels of Growth Hormone incite protein synthesis and the preparation of bone and tissue at a cellular level.

HGH Therapy also assists significantly in the strengthening of the immune system, aiding the body at the core to fight against free radicals and disease. This means that hGH therapy can help to keep an array of ailments and diseases at bay, being not only an assistant to cell preparation and physical healing but, moreover, work as a potent preventative measure helping to better promote and ensure happy, healthy days ahead. The ability to actually live life.

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