Intracavernous Injection (ICI) Therapy

INTRACAVERNOUS (ICI) Therapy Is the most Guaranteed therapy with a 98% results with patients and safe Erectile Dysfunction available treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction. (ICI) Is by far the most effective treatments available, now in days and It is safe and suitable for men with Erectile Dysfunction problems, regardless of age or medical condition ICI will work. It’s a higher form of ED treatment for men and yet simple to apply or to use. (ICI) Therapy has widely used since the mid-80’s. 

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Pain-Free Home Testing Kit’s

The AAI Clinics at-home testing kits give patients and interested parties the option to obtain regular, up-to-date blood analyses without having to leave their home. These kits are easy to use and nearly pain-free. If you want to check your hormone levels before deciding to inquire about hormone therapy, go for it!

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AAI Network – Local Testing Centers

AAI Clinics and its network of physicians can assist you from virtually any location in the country. To qualify for therapy, you must have an updated medical file. If you do not have the required documents available, don’t worry! We can help you get the necessary tests at a convenient location: just tell us your zip code. We are here to help.

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Professional Strength Supplements

Numerous companies claim to have the best, most potent, and most bioavailable organic and vegan supplements; but can they prove it like our supplier can? Douglas Labs is the only company in the world that has two ISO certified accreditations, which is the highest laboratory accreditation that a biotechnology company can obtain.

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Which Supplements for which Health Function?

It seems like there are a million different treatments and supplements that you could take, right? How do you know what the best supplement or nutraceutical is to help you with your particular issue or symptom? Don’t worry because we did all the hard work and research for you. However, please be sure to call your doctor if symptoms persist.

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