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Increasing Muscle Mass and Strength

Once we hit 30, the lean body mass of our organs begins to decrease, whereas the fat mass increases. Between the ages of 40 and 80, the lean body mass declines by ~5% per decade in men and 2.5% per decade in women. Meanwhile, at the same time, the body fat in both sexes increases. These physiological changes are not just an affront to vanity, but are a threat to health and longevity. First, aerobic power is directly connected to the amount of lean body mass. Second, this shrinkage of vital organs means that they cannot do their jobs as well, whether it be the heart pumping, the muscles lifting, or the kidneys clearing metabolic waste from the blood. Third, the risk of heart attack, hypertension and diabetes with an increasing abdominal fat mass.

Testosterone is essential for the production of strong and healthy muscles. A reduced muscle mass in men is often a result of declining levels of testosterone. Testosterone, in combination with other hormones, plays roles in protein synthesis and the production of muscle fibers. Testosterone-deficient patients suffer from muscle loss.

Increasing the lean body mass, or muscle mass, with testosterone therapy, can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. A greater lean body mass helps raise metabolic the rate, which can help you burn more calories while resting. Therefore, testosterone therapy can also assist in avoiding unwanted weight gain. Perhaps more importantly, testosterone therapy can be used to increase muscle mass in patients with cachexia (muscle wasting), such as those with AIDS or cancer. Patients undergoing testosterone replacement therapy can expect to gain between three to six pounds of lean muscle mass during the first six months of their program.

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