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Omnitrope Brand HGH

Omnitrope Brand HGH

Omnitrope brand hGH was first manufactured by Sandoz, which is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Sandoz was best known for developing drugs used for organ transplants, migraine headaches, and antipsychotic and psychiatric medications. In 1996, they merged with Ciba-Geigy to form Novartis, which became the number one, top-selling pharmaceutical organization worldwide in 2013. The Sandoz brand disappeared for 3 years but was revived in 2003, when Novartis decided to consolidate its generic drugs sector into a single subsidiary and gave it the name Sandoz.

Around the same time, Teva-Pharmaceuticals was considering rebranding one of the most popular HGH products available on the market: Tev-Tropin. Although it was one of the most sought after brands due to its unequivocal efficacy and it was sold as “generic” hGH so was much less costly, they still thought that sales could be much better. Presumably, Tev-Tropin concluded that marketing their product as a “brand” product rather than a “generic” would provide the opportunity for a significant increase in marginal earnings per unit.

Nevertheless, Novartis/Sandoz had the perfect opportunity to enter the market strong; with immediate, significant gains. They had enough foresight to introduce Omnitrope brand hGH at a price competitive to what was then considered the generic brand, i.e., Tev-Tropin. Once Tev-Tropin was no longer available, Omnitrope brand hGH became the preferred brand among prescribing physicians and consumers due to its qualified high purity and efficacy, as well as its low cost.

It is important to understand that there really isn’t a difference between the different brands of hGH in terms of the molecular structure of the peptide; there is really only one formula. The only difference among the many pharmaceutical hGH products is their purity . The purity is determined by the hGH production process together with the sanitary conditions under which it was created. If the hGH was created in less than perfectly sanitary conditions, it may have bacterial residue from the creation process, which reduces the quality of the medication and increases the risk of side effects.

With this knowledge so readily available, educated patients receiving hGH therapy now understand that there is only one formula for creating hGH, and so there really can’t be a “generic” hGH brand. As a result, Sandoz progressively increased their pricing so that they are no longer trying to substitute Tevatron’s perceived “generic” position in the market. Instead, it now rests at the perceived level of the more elite and popular brands, such as Norditropin, Saizen, Humatrope, and Genotropin.

Here are some key facts about Omnitrope:

• Omnitrope brand hGH is considered to be a “high-quality brand” hGH
• Clinical trials revealed that the mean peak serum concentrations of Omnitrope are comparable to GH of pituitary origin (somatropin)
• Omnitrope should be stored refrigerated at 2–8°C (36–46°F). Do not freeze.
• The baseline growth characteristics and effects of Omnitrope after 9, 15, and 30 months of treatment are as follows:

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