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Depression impacts all of us at one time or another. It simply isn’t possible to have everything go well all the time. Plenty of people may seem to be lucky and prosperous, with the world at their fingertips. Sadly, that surface appearance completely masks the symptoms of low motivation and/or depression. Depression can hit you like a ton of bricks. The stigma associated with being a man with symptoms of depression can be even more demoralizing and add insult to injury. Most men refuse to admit to feelings of depression, let alone confront or deal with the causative issues.

Before you try and tackle a problem, you must attempt to understand what is at its core. Preparing yourself for your battle is the best way to ensure success in whatever you are trying to overcome. It is important for men to understand that feelings of depression do not diminish their masculinity in any way, shape, or form. Everything may be going right in their life, and they may have no reason to be upset or feel sad. Unfortunately, depression is not always correlated with any personal or external circumstance or situation.

Testosterone and Depression

Both testosterone and GH have been linked to depression. Testosterone production decreases with age, which hinders many other functions in the body. Low testosterone causes feelings of fatigue and lag, as well as reduced motivation and vigor. The end result is a once strong and inspired man now feels tired and in need of rest. This demoralizing realization can be emotionally devastating to a man. This means low testosterone levels not only have physical effects, but also functional and emotional declines. This combination further exacerbates the emotional downward spiral.

The link between hypogonadism and emotional disorders is nothing new; testosterone injections was used as a treatment for depression more than 60 years ago. Although it was replaced by pharmacological antidepressants over time, recent evidence has highlighted the beneficial effects of testosterone therapy in men suffering from depression. Testosterone treatment may not only be effective at treating depression, but also for alleviating symptoms that are resistant to more traditional antidepressants.

Growth Hormone and Depression

The relationship between GH and wellbeing is also well-established, and multiple studies have revealed that the administration of testosterone can alleviate depressive symptoms. Researchers at St. Thomas Hospital in London led by Peter Sönksen conducted a series of experiments in the late 1990s to investigate the mechanism behind these effects. Their results revealed conclusively that GH injections altered the concentrations of certain neurotransmitters, which function as chemical messengers in the brain. GH raises the levels of B-endorphin, and lowers dopamine concentrations. These two transmitters generally have opposing actions. B-endorphin, sometimes referred to as the brain’s morphine, is responsible for the high feeling that often results from intense exercise. Dopamine can produce feelings of agitation. Increased B-endorphin and decreased dopamine levels are also seen in patients taking antidepressants. Therefore, GH replacement therapy has antidepressant effects.

How Can AAI Rejuvenation Clinic Help?

Life is too short and beautiful to waste. Contact us to begin reviving your emotional well-being. Don’t resign yourself to taking libido-deteriorating antidepressant medications that might cause serious side-effects with long-term use. Fix the problem at the core; don’t mask it. Call us today so that one of our Wellness Advisors can help you understand how AAI Rejuvenation Clinic can help you regain control of your emotional and physical well-being.

We are ready to help. Our services are discrete and confidential. Our dedicated team has decades of experience studying the application and practice of testosterone and hGH therapies. Contact us today at (866) 224-5698 or fill out our medical history form. Our trained wellness team is eager to get you started.

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