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Genotropin Brand HGH

Genotropin Brand HGH

Genotropin brand HGH has long been regarded as the top of the line hGH. It is manufactured by Pfizer, which is where its high quality reputation stems from. In 1981, Genentech and Kabi Pharmacia collaborated to begin trials of recombinant hGH (rhGH) using novel recombinant DNA technology that allowed human genes to be inserted into bacteria. The bacteria then produce and secrete the resulting proteins. This new technology allowed for unlimited supplies of protein- and peptide-based drugs to be produced.

If all hGH is the same, why is one brand of hGH so much more expensive than another? There are really three reasons:

• Perception
• Marketing
• The dispensing mechanism

A person taking Genotropin brand hGH knows that they are getting a top grade hGH that was manufactured by a highly regarded pharmaceutical organization. That knowledge alone causes physical and biological responses that might enhance the efficiency of the medication (a sort of placebo effect together with an already effective medication). The marketing for Genotropin brand hGH is also of the highest quality; it is probably the most recognizable brand of hGH. Most people with even basic knowledge have heard of Genotropin hGH.

The dispensing mechanism is also an important consideration when selecting which drug to use. It is critical to never falter with administering your hGH. This can be challenging for patients who are constantly on the go. Genotropin is unique because it never has to be refrigerated; this is mostly what you are paying for. The convenience of Genotropin hGH. For example, Norditropin is also travel-friendly because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated after it’s activated, and it then lasts 3 weeks. However, it must remain refrigerated before activation. That is not the case with Genotropin brand hGH. Genotropin hGH comes in pre-filled syringes or in pen cartridges.

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, our doctors prefer to prescribe prefilled syringes because it makes the administration much less complicated for the patient. These syringes also remove the need to measure your own dose. You simply take as many pre-filled syringes as you need for each day of the trip, without having to worry about refrigeration during travel or at your temporary accommodation.

Understanding the differences between the brands of HGH injection is imperative to obtain the best program without unnecessarily overspending. At AAI Clinics, we promise to make sure that you have the best product available to suit your individual personal and health needs, while also making as much effort as possible to keep your costs down. This can mean if you travel for only a portion of your 6 month program, you only need a travel-friendly HGH Therapy for a small period of time, whereas a more economically priced brand hGH product (i.e., Zomacton, Omnitrope, Saizen) will be best for the rest of your protocol. These brands have to be reconstituted and kept refrigerated, but the costs can be significantly lower because it is not as convenient.

Contact us if you have any questions about HGH, testosterone, or any other therapy that you come across on our website. We believe in educating all our patients so that, no matter where they end up with their health regimen, they always know the truth about hormone therapy and can safeguard their health, and pocket, with knowledge, experience, and understanding.

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