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May 5, 2016 by admin 3 Comments

Immune System | AAI Smoothie Healing and Optimizing

Strengthen Immune System Components
(AAI Smoothie Healing and Optimizing)

Strengthen Immune system functions naturally and at a fundamental level with the smoothie recipes provided herein.


Interestingly enough, as a testosterone therapy, HGH and all around hormone replacement medical clinic the demands for marketing call for us to focus on terms like rejuvenation and anti-aging. The funny part is, at the core of what is being strived for is the amplification in the effectiveness of the immune system and its ability to fight off diseases. Diseases, after all, increase and become more frequent and debilitating as we age. If the immune system is functioning optimally throughout the course of one’s life, the quality of that existence would be exciting and enviable.

Strengthen Immune SystemThe immune system protects the body from illness, infection, and disease. This complex system uses special immune assisting cells and chemical reactions to defend our bodies from harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses, microbes, free radicals, and parasites. It’s Strengthen Immune Systemimportant to strengthen immune system functions to ensure being better protected from these conditions. Different types of invaders trigger different types of immune responses and produced antibodies: proteins produced by the immune system to defend the body. Over time the body builds a memory of which antibodies it used for each kind of invader, so protection becomes routine.

Immune System Components

The Lymphatic System plays a large role in immune function. Lymph Vessels circulate and drain body fluids known as lymph to and from our organs. Lymph also contains white blood cells: the soldiers of our body that kill a wide range of harmful invaders. White blood cells are manufactured in the thymus and bone marrow, then released into the lymph and circulate through the lymph vessels to their final destination.

Strengthen Immune System

Risking the Immune System

You are either on a path to strengthen immune system processes or you are aiding in its deterioration. Diet and lifestyle play a huge role in our immune system’s ability to keep our body functioning at its best. Unhealthy habits significantly increase the Strengthen Immune Systemnumber of harmful chemical compounds our body takes in. These compounds, known as free radicals, are present in abundance in processed food and alcohol. Free radicals also enter the body when we breathe in cigarette smoke, paint fumes, exhaust fumes and other gasses and pollutants in the air.

Free radicals destabilize healthy atoms in the body, causing cell damage that may eventually lead to illness and disease. They do not strengthen immune system activities; they do quite the opposite and when our immune system constantly works to defend against free radicals, it has fewer resources available to fight off other invaders like viruses and bacteria, which is why we tend to get sicker when we fail to eat healthily or live a wholesome lifestyle.

Basically, the more free radicals we take in, the harder it becomes for our immune system to keep us healthy. The fewer free radicals we take in, the more available or immune system is to seek and destroy other harmful invaders.

Conditions of the Immune System

Because it fights to ward off disease and infections every day, the immune system plays an essential role in protecting our health. That’s why looking up information to strengthen immune system processes is fundamental for anyone looking to better any aspect related to their quality of life. See, the immune system is involved in everything from repairing a paper cut to killing life-threatening parasites. Every illness, injury, and threat to the body require an immune response in order to heal.

When compromised, however, the immune system may let in bacteria and viruses, which cause conditions like colds and flu. If overworked, protective immune responses may even harm the body, causing issues like chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease, which occur when the immune system attacks healthy body tissue. The development of cancer is also linked to a compromised immune system.Strengthen Immune System

Immune System Focal Areas

Strengthen Immune SystemIn an effort to really get to the nitty-gritty and truly aid in strengthening the immune system at its core, let’s separate its functions in four quality-of-life compromising immune-factors. This way we can focus more carefully on maximizing the immune system’s response in protecting us more intently from impending maladies.

This series will be separated into four parts. This first chapter will discuss the immune system at its fundamental level; at its core. We will discuss smoothie recipes specifically designed by our experts to revitalize your health soldiers at their cellular core.

Chapter II will discuss free radicals and how they exist and work solely to steal healthy components of our cells, only to deteriorate and destroy them.

Chapter III will help you understand inflammation and how it is truly the root of all health evil.

Chapter IV will explain some interesting information on beating cancer and preventing it from ever even being a possibility.

Bacterial and Viral Infections and Every Day Infections

While some of these conditions can eventually sort themselves out, others can be quite serious and demand medical attention. We are exposed to germs that cause illness every day. It is so important to keep the immune system strong so we can effectively isolate and attack the bacteria or viruses that enter our system.

Preventing Immune Destabilization

Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to maintaining a powerful immune system. Keep your free radical intake low and your antioxidant intake high by avoiding processed foods and fatty meats and eating a wide variety of antioxidant-rich fruits, Strengthen Immune Systemvegetables, nuts, seeds and lean proteins. Abstaining from smoking and recreational drugs, and learning healthy ways to deal with stress will help, as the bodies stress response can weaken the immune system. The following sections list specific foods, vitamins, and minerals that can help boost general immunity and reduce inflammation. Extracting nutrients with the use of a strong blender can significantly improve the power of your immune system, protecting your body against toxins, free radicals, and autoimmune disorders, as well as harmful bacteria and viral infections. You are only as healthy and strong as your immune system, so learn to select smoothie foods wisely, and drink to your health! You’ll truly be on the way to learning how to optimize and strengthen immune system potentials.

Best Nutriment to Boost Immunity

  1. Carrots, dark leafy greens, bell peppersStrengthen Immune System

These vegetables contain high levels of vitamin A, a vitamin that protects the body from infection by moistening mucous membranes and producing healing enzymes.

  1. Sunflower seeds, almonds

Strengthen Immune SystemBoth foods are high in vitamin E: fat soluble compounds that serve as powerful antioxidants. They also keep skin and hair healthy and play a large role in the prevention of both bladder and prostate cancers as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Papaya, strawberries, citrus, broccoliStrengthen Immune System

These foods are all high in vitamin C, possibly the most well known immune booster of all the vitamins. Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells: cells that attack invaders in the body. It also plays a role in protecting the joints and eyes and preventing certain kinds of cancer. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to squelch free radical formation.

  1. Spelled, sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Oats

All of these foods contain zinc: an element that maintains white blood cell levels and helps to heal wounds.

  1. Lemon Peels

Citrus, Papaya, Strawberries & BroccoliIt may sound a little strange but, lemon peels are actually packed with about 5 – 10 times more vitamin C than the lemon itself. It’s actually packed with all kinds of great properties such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, to name a few. This is a huge contender in our quest to strengthen immune system functions. CAUTION: Eating too much lemon peel can cause upset stomach and diarrhea.

Tip: Freeze your lemons whole. Then you can grate the lemon sprinkles over food, soups, and drinks. Not only does it give anything you add it to an undeniable freshness but it’s an unequivocally simple and cheap investment in boosting your immune system effectively and a sure way to ensure you use 100% of the lemon.

  1. GarlicStrengthen Immune System

Garlic is known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties and is also helpful in preventing cancers – Especially renal (kidney) and colorectal cancers.

SIDE NOTE: Getting a proper amount of zinc daily has been shown to improve acne conditions. This is an interesting consideration for men participating in testosterone injection therapy. Sometimes when a patient is on a testosterone program, if their estrogen levels are not tended too correctly, they may have an occurrence of acne. Consuming foods high in zinc can help minimize the condition while the patient’s doctor diagnoses and treats the problem.

Below you will see some great, smart smoothie recipes that can help change your life. However, we encourage you to get your hormones checked. Your hormones have a lot to do with the operation of your immune system level. If your testosterone levels or your HGH therapy levels are too low, your immune system is not functioning as you need it too. Period. Testosterone injections therapy can be the difference between effectively boosting your immune function and losing the grip on your health, exposing it to deterioration. We do not want to alarm you. However, it’s important for you to do your own research in order to properly safeguard your future. Testosterone therapy can be inexpensive through AAI Rejuvenation clinic. Let us help. Contact us to schedule blood work so we can find out how your low testosterone levels are. If you are contemplating it, you most probably need it. This statement is not only for gentlemen. Testosterone affects women in exactly the same way. If you are a woman and your testosterone or HGH levels are low, you are suffering and probably have no idea why. AAI will help strengthen immune system functions so that you can feel like you did when you were in your prime. Click here to fill out our Medical History Form to be contacted within 24 business hours or, call us toll-free

AAI Immune Boosting Smoothies

Strengthen Immune SystemStrengthen Immune SystemStrengthen Immune SystemStrengthen Immune SystemStrengthen Immune SystemStrengthen Immune System

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Diabetes | AAI Smoothie Healing and Optimizing

Regress Diabetes Without Medication
(AAI Smoothie Healing and Optimizing)

Regress Diabetes with smart smoothies. Really. It can be done. What’s most annoying about diabetes is having to give up some of the goodies we enjoyed most of our lives. However, contrary to popular belief, if you handle it properly, you can stabilize your diabetes enough that you can sometimes enjoy some of your favorite treats and satisfy that craving. There is a natural treatment for diabetes and this is definitely the way to start it.

Cure Diabetes, Regress Diabetes

Let’s talk about how our system works and the development, treatment, and prevention of diabetes:
cure diabetes When the small intestine absorbs food, it quickly releases sugars from the food known as glucose into the bloodstream. The pancreas senses this sudden jump in blood sugar and releases insulin, which is actually a hormone, and this links with glucose molecules to deliver this glucose to cells at a slow and steady rate. This slow and fixed delivery of glucose to cells keeps the cells working consistently, and as a result maintains the body’s energy levels steady throughout the day.

When we eat too much, we overload our bloodstream with glucose. Doing this puts your body in the state of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and your pancreas must strain itself to produce extra insulin in order to deal with the issue.

Conversely, if we eat very little quantities throughout the day, our blood sugar can drop to dangerous levels. The body becomes hypoglycemic (in a state of low blood sugar) and the production of insulin slows to a crawl. When we finally have the opportunity to put food in our stomach, glucose floods an unprepared bloodstream, leaving the pancreas struggling to produce enough insulin to properly deal with the sudden, dramatic change in blood sugar. As you can see, the role of regulating sugar levels in the body is of paramount importance. Finding a way to regress diabetes is unequivocally a major focal point for physicians here in America, where we continue to see an increase in the development of diabetes.

Over time, constant strain on one’s pancreas can lead to developing type II diabetes, which occurs when your insulin response isn’t able to appropriately manage the elevated levels of glucose present in your bloodstream. Even though type I diabetes is usually inherited genetically or incited by illness, type II diabetes usually results from many years of bad eating habits. Type II diabetes is much more common than type I. Moreover, it accounts for up to 95% of all diabetes diagnosed in America. As we’ve mentioned before, though, the good news is type II diabetes can be prevented or reversed with proper eating and lifestyle habits, which we will discuss here. To regress diabetes, it’s imperative that these lifestyle changes be tended to right away.


cure diabetes

Before we can regress diabetes, we need to understand the intricacies of this illness. Here are some of the main symptoms associated with this disease.

cure diabetesHyperglycemic symptoms: fatigue; thirst; excessive urination/bladder pressure; constant hunger; rapid, unintentional weight loss; vision problems.

Hypoglycemic symptoms: Hunger, sweating, dizziness, confusion, irregular heartbeat, numbness and/or tingling of the lips.

Diabetics may even experience symptoms of both hyper and hypoglycemia. You are more at risk of diabetes if you: are overweight or obese, have high blood pressure, have high LDL cholesterol, have the Family history of diabetes or heart disease, are of African-American, Asian-American, Latin-American, Pacific Islander or Native American descent.

Problems associated with diabetes include blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and poor circulation of the limbs (that may result in amputations).

Best Nutriment for Diabetes Patientscure diabetes

To regress diabetes you must know that the key to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is consistency and moderation. The objective is to make sure the blood sugar levels never get too high or too low, so insulin is constantly released at a steady rate.

The efficiency of insulin regulation is directly correlated to what we eat and how we eat it. In our continued quest to regress diabetes, consuming high fiber, low sugar and nutrient dense plant foods on a consistent, sensible schedule can significantly improve how your body regulates its energy levels. Consuming these foods as a smoothie is incredibly efficient for the body at the digestive level, by breaking it down almost to a molecular level, ensuring your body’s cells get exactly what they need by making it easily absorbable.

  1. High fiber fruits, vegetables and legumes like leafy greens, berries, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, apples and beans

cure diabetesOnce in the intestines, soluble fiber turns into a gel that slows the absorption of sugars in the blood. This stabilizes the rate at which the pancreas releases insulin. Insoluble fiber helps blood sugar levels by bulking up the foods without adding extra fat, sugar, protein or calories. This allows the body to feel full on foods that do not release too much glucose, limiting insulin-spikes that can lead to type II diabetes. These plant foods are also high in vitamins and other antioxidants that help combat free radicals especially dangerous to those with diabetes.

  1. Cinnamon

Research suggests that enjoying 1 to 2 tablespoons of cinnamon a day can significantly help the body to process insulin.

  1. Swiss chard, sea vegetables, pumpkin seeds, Blackstrap molassescure diabetes

These foods carry high levels of magnesium, which happens to be a mineral that diabetics seem to always lack. Magnesium has been noted to help control glucose levels and prevent damage to the retina, which is a common concern among diabetics.

  1. Complex carbohydrates like whole oats, brown rice, quinoa and whole-wheat

Complex carbohydrates take a time to be transformed into glucose in the body, which causes a slower, steadier release of insulin than simpler, refined carbohydrates, which spike your blood sugar levels.

  1. cure diabetesApple, broccoli, corn, grapefruit, sweet potato, tomato

A serving of each supplies just about the recommended daily requirements of chromium, a mineral that helps cells by decreasing the buildup of excess blood sugar.

  1. Wild Reishi (Extract from)

A Chinese study conducted by researchers at the Department of Pharmacology of Peking University in Beijing whom published
in the December issue of 2006 of the Journal of Asian Natural Products Research, specifically looked into the reishi cure diabetesmushroom’s effects on diabetic kidney disease. After the 8-week trial period, the diabetic subjects showed noticeably reduced markers of kidney stress, as well as a considerable reduction of triglyceride and blood sugar levels. The researchers determined that reishi mushrooms could prevent or halt the progression of diabetic kidney complications.

In an earlier study, which was published in the May 2009 edition of Phytomedicine, it was recorded that over a period of 1 month the researchers fed 0.03 and 0.3g/kg of reishi mushrooms extract to mice that had been diagnosed with diabetes. The reishi extracts were noted to lower their blood sugar levels within a single week, prompting the researchers to believe that reishi inhibits an enzyme used by the liver to produce glucose. Look up this incomparable extract online. Google search Wild Reishi Super Potency Extract by Dragon Herbs. We have no affiliation with them but trust, promote and use their brand.

Diabetes is an illness that affects the whole country and can ultimately affect anyone that isn’t managing their diet properly. At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, we offer testing kits that allow you to check your blood sugar levels at home if you are someone interested in understanding how their body is processing sugars. If you have and are looking to regress diabetes, we want to help you. If you are a man and are suffering from erectile dysfunction set on by diabetes, know that there is hope through testosterone therapy. In The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 253 – 266 (March 2006) a study was conducted on men that had low testosterone levels, were diabetic and suffered from erectile dysfunction. After being treated with injectable testosterone therapy for only 2 weeks 30% of the group noticed a significant difference in their erection firmness and their ability to maintain their erection. These men continued their testosterone therapy and continued to document noted benefits in all areas related to libido and sexual function. We can help you test your low testosterone and help you qualify for testosterone therapy. If you have never participated in Testosterone therapy and are interested in finding out about qualifying for Testosterone injections Therapy you can fill out our Medical History Form and be contacted within 24 hours or, you can call us directly by dialing;

Insulin Regulating AAI Smoothies

Cure diabetes Cure diabetesCure diabetes

Cure diabetes

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Muscle Health| AAI Smoothie Healing and Optimizing

Healthy Muscles for Life
AAI Smoothie Healing

Healthy muscles are easier to obtain than you may believe. Let us discuss the muscular system a bit to understand its importance and functionality. See, what makes body movement and balance possible is the muscular system. It’s also what generates heat in the body and allows the standing neutral spine position. Moreover, it is what makes up the tissue of our heart, making it a muscle strong enough to pump blood through our entire body on a continual basis. From this paragraph alone you can understand the importance of maintaining healthy muscles. In this issue, we will discuss how we can do this.

Healthy Heart

Muscles work directly with the nervous system. They’re moved or contracted by electrical nerve impulses generated by the nervous system. These impulses can be voluntary (conscious decided: picking up a pencil, brushing your teeth) or involuntary (automatically performed: heartbeat, breathing). They play a huge role in the overall functionality of the organ system.

Main Facets of the Muscular System

  • The human body contains over 600 muscles

Healthy MusclesCardiac Muscle – This is the tissue your heart is composed of. Its contractions constitute the heartbeat.

Skeletal Muscles – These are attached to bone by tissue fibers called tendons. These can be moved voluntarily and constitute our conscious movement.

Smooth Muscles – This muscle tissue lines the walls of many of our most important organs:

~ Urinary bladder
~ Small and large intestines
~ Kidneys
~ Blood and lymphatic vessels
~ Stomach

These organs function automatically as a result of involuntary contractions as directed by the brain through the nervous system.

Risks & Conditions of the Muscular System

Skeletal muscles must be warmed up before strenuous use. They are subject to the following conditions and injuries:

  • Strains
  • Fatigue
  • Tears

Anyone that does any heavy lifting or stresses the muscular system in any way risks these injuries. Muscles that are overworked or strained can not, spasm or cramp. A muscle that has been sprained has torn tendons and/or ligaments and will bruise and swell in the area where it was hurt. If we already have healthy muscles, we must take precautionary measures to keep them that way. Warming up before any hard work or labor is a big factor in maintaining the well-being of your muscles. You can’t have a normal life unless you have healthy muscles.

  • Skeletal muscles will cramp and slow down if they are dehydrated or diminished of electrolytes.
  • Testosterone levels have a considerable amount to do with your muscle development as well.
  • If your testosterone is low, it doesn’t matter what you eat or what exercise you do, you will not be able to grow muscle or maintain healthy muscles. Testosterone injections and growth hormone injections are the main hormones involved in the production of muscle fibers and muscle tissue.

Relative to smooth muscles, any problems with them are usually associated with a miscommunication between nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Issues related to smooth muscles can result in brain injury, up to and including stroke. Diet and lifestyle choices can influence these smooth muscle issues to surface.

Issues with your cardiac muscles and any negativity related to their overall functionality are also dangerous and can easily lead to death. Cardiac disorders are known as Cardiomyopathy. Cardiomyopathy can be caused by a number of reasons, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Blockage of blood supply
  • Weakening of the muscle fibers themselves

Diet and lifestyle are major contributors to the health, or lack thereof, of your heart and its composing cardiac muscles.

Two main cardiac impacting components:

  • Alcohol
  • Exercise

Your low testosterone levels are also directly correlated to the overall functionality of your heart. In fact, if your testosterone level is less than 100 ng/dl (348 ng/dl is the minimum before a patient is considered hypogonadal) the potentiality of you experiencing a cardiac issue increases by 47%. It’s imperative that your testosterone levels be regulated (not exaggerated – that also causes heart issues) and balanced. If you’ve never checked your testosterone levels, you can check them in the privacy of your own home with our at-home testosterone therapy and other hormone testing kits. Click here to get more information.

Healthy Muscles

Some Usual Muscle Disorders

~ Skeletal Muscle Problems
Cramps, tumors, muscular dystrophy, tears, strain, sprains

~ Smooth Muscle Problem
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), tumors, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease

~ Cardiac Muscle Problems
Cardiomyopathy: can be extrinsic – cause by a symptom outside of the heart that caused the muscle to weaken or intrinsic – the weakening of the muscle itself.

healthy muscles

Preventing Disorders of the Muscular System

As is fact with most health-related circumstances, lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, smoking, drinking and the use of illicit drugs greatly impact the potentiality of developing a disorder of the muscular system. Your lifestyle can prevent you from having healthy muscles if you are not conscious of your daily selections. Our muscular system covers the expense of our entire body so one’s care for one’s overall health can have a positive effect on the different tissues of the muscular system and further prevent any disorders from surfacing in the future.

Best Foods for Improving Your Muscle Development

Nutrition is just as important for maintaining healthy muscles and strengthening muscles as it is for preventing muscle disorders. It is important to fully hydrate and nourish your body before and after physical exercise. Fueling your muscles with proper nutrition can build your endurance and decrease your recovery time, allowing you to exercise longer and more frequently to increase your fitness level.

Let us look at some of the best foods to blend up in a delicious smoothie to help you achieve your goal of healthier, stronger, more rigid and lean muscles:

  • Collard greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, spinach, kale
    All contain calcium and vitamin K, which encourages skeletal muscle development and reduces fatigue.
  • Swiss chard, lima beans, sweet potato, spinach, papaya
    Contain potassium, an essential electrolyte known to regulate the body’s hydration levels and prevent muscle cramps and spasms. 
  • Spinach, blueberries, cherries, almonds
    These foods all contain flavonoids and antioxidants, both of which work to reduce inflammation in the body. This is especially helpful with sprained muscles that swell and ache as they repair.
  • Walnuts, avocado, olive oil, flax seed, Chia seeds, hemp seeds
    All contain omega-3 fatty acids that lower levels of artery-clogging triglycerides in the blood. This is especially helpful in preventing cardiomyopathy. Omega 3’s have also been shown to improve overall brain health, which may reduce one’s risk of developing neuromuscular conditions.

Healthy Muscles Healthy musclesHealthy Muscles healthy muscles Healthy Muscles

Healthy Heart

If you have any questions at all about this article or wish to discuss your testosterone or other hormone levels, please fill out our Medical History Form and you will be contacted within 24 hours. Remember, your testosterone levels are incredibly important to the overall health of your muscles. If your testosterone is not right, your muscles will not be right.

You can reach us more quickly if you call us directly: (866) 224-5698

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Heart Disease Remedy | Part 5 of 5

Cure Heart Disease Through Educated Eating
Heart Disease Remedy Part 5 of 5

Cure heart disease by eating healthy. That sounds so outlandish considering we live in a time where the general consensus is that only a doctor’s prescription pad can lead to a cure and food is only for gratification and entertainment.

Cure Heart Disease

This is the last and final chapter of our Heart Healing Remedy 5-part series. In previous chapters, we’ve discussed an array of heart-healing foods and supplements that really have the potential to cure heart disease. If you missed the first few original articles, you can click here to go back and read them.

Green Tea, Super Sustenance, and B-Vitamins
Step Number Nine of Ten

To this day the Japanese still enjoy the lowest heart disease numbers worldwide. This is due primarily because of the blood thinning diet they consume in abundance. It’s statistically recorded that more than 50% of Japanese people drink 3 cups of Cure heart diseasegreen tea every day. You can easily find research on green tea and the studies on how the polyphenols in green tea are backed by over 1000 studies confirming its ability to aid against heart disease. It’s recommended to substitute coffee for green tea. Though coffee also offers some heart benefits, because it is burnt chard-up coffee beans, it is full of free radicals. Beyond that, we know that coffee does not improve health while, green tea does, making it superior to coffee. Green Tea should be on the menu when working on a cure for heart disease.

Cure Heart diseaseEating super foods like goji, acai and maca root are also highly recommended. Acai and goji can easily be added to smoothies. People should really start considering getting into the morning tonic we’ve discussed. That tonic has immeasurable health benefits, covers main focal health points and incorporates maca powder to maximize the consumer’s endocrine function.

Maca assists with hormone balancing and increased vitality. Studies show low hormone levels also play a role in heart disease.cure heart disease cure heart diseaseMaca is the best endocrine enhancing food there is. Even a person on Testosterone therapy should consider taking maca. Aside from balancing your testosterone levels, as a testosterone therapy protocol would specifically do, maca powder works on the endocrine system as a whole. Our bodies really produce over 30 hormones so, optimizing its entire functionality is a sure way to feel your best and help your body function its best.

In our continued quest to find a cure for heart disease, we’ve found that the cardiovascular benefits of anthocyanins are well Cure heart diseaseregarded for their promising potentials. Studies show that they can help prevent blood clots, improve circulation, relax blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis. The dark purple skin of the acai berry contains anthocyanin. A serving of acai contains 33 times more anthocyanin than a glass of red wine or a bunch of grapes. In a Ningxia Medial University study, goji berries contain beta-sitosterol, also in avocado, which studies indicate may help normalize cholesterol.

Cure heart disease

B Vitamins are important for good health and you can generally get them from food, however, with heart disease, it is shown
vitamin B Complexthat, particularly, folic acid (vitamin B-9) dramatically lowers Homocysteine while niacin Cure Heart Disease(Vitamin B-3) is more impactful in lowering cholesterol. Garden of life makes a “Raw B Complex Vitamin” that we trust works really well if you want to get something quick off the line. Of course, at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic you’d be able to obtain a prescription for injectable B complex vitamins, which the body absorbs superiorly to any oral mixture. Fill out the Medical History Form and we can assist you with obtaining this prescription strength compound.

Obligatory – Cease Consumption of All Dairy Products Immediately
Step Number Ten of Ten

To cure heart disease, you simply must avoid dairy at all cost. The issue with this is we are so used to dairy. It is such an intricate part of the fabric of our society as well as a staple of American growth and development, not to mention, an absolute must for breakfast and the most delightful of culinary achievements. How can we have the gall to tell people to avoid all dairy products? It’s quite simple, it is all dependent on the severity of your issue and how much you really want or need to see improvement in your cardiovascular capacity.

Cure heart disease

Cheese is the very worst kind of dairy product. It gets the title of “Worst artery clogging food”. Avoid all milk products for six months. Try it. It will be hard but, nothing supersedes life. Nothing tastes better than being healthy.

Final Words in Concluding Our Heart Disease Remedy 5-Part Series

This protocol isn’t only for people who are looking to cure heart disease. It’s a general protocol for maintaining excellent heart health. Maybe there’s a family history of heart disease. Well, beat the odds with the right foods!

Doing this heart disease remedy protocol even for a short period of time can lead to supreme health transformations. If heart disease is in your life now, don’t be so afraid that you remain paralyzed. Take action!! If you follow only 50% of this heart disease remedy, you will still get excellent results. However, if you manage to rev up your engines and get your willpower going enough that you can do it 100%, you can rest assured your next lab results will amaze your doctor.

  • Lastly, make sure that you show this protocol to your doctor before you begin doing any of it. The truth of the matter is, foods are medicine, some may not be appropriate for you and perhaps your doctor can help inform you. Always seek input from your doctor before you begin any type of protocol or consider any substitutions.

Quick Summary:
Cure Heart Disease

Click here to view the recipe for Morning Tonic specified above
Click here to view Morning Medicinal Tea recipe specified above

If you have any questions at all about any of the information contained in this article or any previous, we are happy to discuss your thoughts. We always emphasize that your hormone health is very important to all your organ functions. Testosterone levels are directly correlated to heart health so if you have not checked your hormones, you want to contact us so we can help you schedule quick and easy blood work. We can even help you set up private, at-home testing, so you can receive fresh results to base your next move on. To have someone reach you within 24 business hours, please fill out our Medical History Form.

If you’d like to speak with someone right away during normal business hours (EST), you can simply dial:

(866) 224-5698

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Heart Disease Remedy | Part 4 of 5

Fix Heart Disease Effectively
Heart Disease Remedy – Part 4 of 5


To fix heart disease naturally, you have to take real action and postulate the fact that some lifestyle changes must be made. The good news is these “forced” changes can be a blessing in disguise, and also quite delicious. Foods you may have never even thought of are on the menu for keeping you alive, healthy and happy. We’ll dive right into part four of our Heart Disease Remedy series. If you missed the first few, you can click here to go back and view them.

More Heart Healing Foods to Look Out For
Step Number Seven of Ten

Pomegranate Juice |

The Recent medical research studied heart patients with severe carotid artery blockages. They were given 1 ounce of pomegranate Fix heart diseaseFix Heart Diseasejuice for one year and an overall of 30% reduction in total atherosclerotic plaque was observed. This fruit can save your life. Make sure to eat them fresh while in a season. In the event that they are not available, drink POM Wonderful juice, which is sold in stores year round.

  • People with heart disease should drink 2 ounces of this juice or eat 1 ½ pomegranate every day.
  • To lessen the spike in blood sugar, we recommend diluting 2 ounces of pomegranate juice into 8 ounces of water. Consume either fresh pomegranate fruit or juice every day.

Fix Heart Disease
This beautiful fruit is one delicious requirement and an easy one to implement while you try to fix heart disease issues. One step at a time, we will help you get back to your normal self.


Beets |

A quick Google search will bring up details on a medication called Betaine, which interestingly enough is actually named after Fix Heart Diseasethe nutrient in beets. Betaine has demonstrated to be effective in helping the body remove excess Homocysteine, an amino acid has proven to be a risk factor in all forms of heart disease. Beets also purify the blood, which is the core of healing any disease. You have to learn to enjoy raw beets if you really want to fix heart disease.

  • Beets must be eaten raw or fermented, not cooked.
  • People with heart disease are to eat one small beat every day in a salad or a smoothie.

Fix heart disease


Shiitake Mushrooms |

Fix heart diseaseA Swedish study underlined shiitake’s ability to reduce cholesterol levels. Eritadenine is responsible for this. Research at the Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Japan has shown that intake of shiitake mushrooms increases the level of cholesterol in feces (reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body).

  • People with heart disease must eat shiitake mushrooms in meals at least 4 days a week.

Fix heart disease

Fix Heart Disease


Avocados |

The flesh of one-half avocado has 3g of soluble fiber, which is the amount found in two bowls of oatmeal. It also contains a rich Fix heart diseasesupply of phytosterols for lowering cholesterol. Beta-sitosterol can range from 100 to 400 mg per avocado, making it the food with the highest content of cholesterol-lowering sterols.

  • Avocados impact blood cholesterol levels better than olive oil or almond oil.
  • People with heart disease should enjoy one avocado daily.

Fix heart disease


Raw Garlic and Onion |

Fix heart diseaseIn our quest to fix heart disease it’s important to know that raw garlic and onion are powerful blood thinners and are rich in sulfur-containing molecules that are converted by our body into a gas called hydrogen sulfide (H2S). H2S is similar to nitric oxide in how it expands and relaxes our blood vessel walls. The phytochemical allicin in raw garlic and onion is a nutrient that prevents unwanted increases in blood pressure and contraction of blood vessels.

  • Studies indicate garlic pills are ineffective.
  • People with heart disease should eat one clove of garlic or ¼ onion every day.
  • The easiest way to eat raw garlic is to make 9-clove garlic pesto once a week.

Fix heart disease

Vital Superfoods and Supplements
Step Number Eight of Ten


CoQ10 |

Scientific research behind CoQ10 has proven its premier status as the “must take” supplement to fight heart disease. In a Fix heart diseaserandomized placebo-controlled, double-blind study, 641 patients with severe congestive heart failure were giving either a placebo or approximately 150mg a day of CoQ10 for one year. The number of patients requiring hospitalization was 38% lower in the CoQ10 group. Episodes of life-threatening pulmonary edema (buildup of fluids in the lungs) were 60% less in the treatment group. Patients with life-threatening cardiomyopathy (weak heart muscle) have reduced levels of CoQ10 in their heart muscles and when CoQ10 was given to a group of these patients, the strength of their heart muscles increased significantly and survival increased threefold. This is definitely a contender in our quest to fix heart disease.

  • CoQ10 has been shown to be safe for use in people with all types of heart disease.

You can actually purchase this supplement through AAI Rejuvenation Clinic. Do your research: Our medication comes from Douglas Labs, which is the only lab in the country to have two ISO certifications, which is double the requirement of any biotechnology company in America. The quality is such that a doctor must fill the order. We can do this for you for $78 for 100 capsules if you click here.


Natto |

Fix heart disease Natto is a fermented soybean product from Japan. It’s the world’s richest source of natural vitamin K2. One tablespoon of organic natto powder has approximately 340mcg of vitamin K2. Scientists say vitamin K is 10 times more potent of an antioxidant than vitamin C, making it a superfood for heart disease.

  • Vitamin K puts calcium back in the bone where belongs, instead of inside of your arteries.
  • If you do not like the slimy consistency you can get a delicious, 100% organic, non-GMO powder. Just do a quick Google search!
  • It is not recommended for people taking anticoagulants.

Fix heart disease



Fix heart diseaseA person suffering from heart disease must absolutely supplement with additional DHA/EPA fatty acids. Fish oils are clinically proven to boost HDL-cholesterol, which helps lower LDL cholesterol.

  • HDL’s job is to shuttle LDL back to the liver to be metabolized.

DHA helps reduce the risk of heart disease by significantly dropping triglyceride numbers, acting as a blood thinner (reducing a risk of blood clots), improving the health of arteries and reducing the amount of arterial plaque.

  • Patients on blood thinning drugs must consult with their doctor before taking fish oils.

AAI Rejuvenation Clinic offers, as mentioned above, the best of the best in quality from Douglas Labs. We can offer you DHA from Douglas Labs delivered to your door if you click here.

Fix heart disease


Ginkgo |

Fix heart diseaseAccording to the University of Maryland Medical Center, ginkgo extract is shown to improve blood flow and has been studied in people with pain caused by an inadequate blood flow to the legs (arteriosclerosis). These patients are in extreme pain. An analysis of eight published studies reveals that people taking ginkgo extract tended to walk 34 m farther than the placebo group.Fix heart disease

  • Ginkgo is in the top five of most scientifically examined herbs.
  • Ginkgo is a natural blood thinner and people with heart disease must talk to their doctors before taking it.

Fix heart disease.

AAI Rejuvenation Clinic wants to help you fix heart disease any way you can before you opt for surgery. Please contact us so we can discuss different options related to your blood levels and see how they correlate to your heart health. As we mention in every post, if your hormones are not well, it doesn’t matter what you take or eat, you will not feel well and your quality of life will suffer. It doesn’t matter how long we live, it’s how well we live that life that counts. If you are interested in participating in Testosterone therapy, HGH therapy or even Sermorelin therapy, no one will regard you the way AAI Clinics will. Call us. From the first “hello” you will know you are at the right place.

You can test your cardiac blood levels in the privacy of your own home with one of our extremely accurate, at-home testing kits. Just click here. You can also fill out our Medical History Form and expect to be contacted within 24 business hours by one of our expert Wellness Advisors.

Click here to go to part-5; the last chapter of this Heart Disease Remedy series.

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Heart Disease Remedy | Part 2 of 5

Cholesterol levels
Heart Disease Remedy – Part 2 of 5

Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol levels are a concern for a lot of people. As a result of the fact that this disease can sneak up on a person that doesn’t do routine check ups, it should be cause for significant concern. Once you’ve had a heart attack, your life changes forever. Of course, people go on to live happy, full, active lives after a heart attack but, still…. life changes. You want to take care of your heart intently while it’s healthy and it will take care of you. Cholesterol Levels

A Morning Tonic Including Lots of Reishi
Step Number Two of Ten

Of all the different kinds, Reishi is the very best and most powerful mushroom for fighting heart disease. It’s called “the mushroom of immortality” traditionally and it was the most sought after product of nature by the mountain sages for thousands of years. It was widely used in Asia to aid with:

  • Angina.
  • Lowering LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Shortness of breath associated with coronary heart disease.

In a clinical study at Tokyo University Hospital, 92 patients with the myocardial infarction and chest pain were treated with Reishi mushroom extract with 72% of patients feeling symptoms were relieved.

How much should I take?

  • If you are in good health and just want to prevent heart disease, then just take 3 drops 1x daily with the morning tonic.
  • Morning tonic, which includes reishi drops, probiotics, maca, and ginseng, should exclude the ginseng for people suffering Cholesterol Levelsfrom issues of high blood pressure.
  • People with heart disease should take 6 Wild Reishi extract drops with the morning tonic.
  • People with extreme cardiac issues will want to take more. There are cases where even 24 drops a day were needed and effective but, these cases are very extreme and 3 – 6 drops daily will work wonders for the majority of people.
  • Reishi is completely non-toxic, even in extreme amounts.
  • Reishi dilates arteries, which helps significantly with angina pain.
  • Morning tonic is taken the first thing or 30 minutes after the medicinal tea from part 1 of this series.

Good Ol’ Smoothie
Step Number Three of Ten

A smoothie in the morning is absolutely crucial to combating high cholesterol levels, or any heart disease issue really. Almost any “Green Smoothie” recipe will do as long as you include an avocado, seed and all! (Make certain your blender has the Cholesterol Levelscapacity before you throw a big old seed in there)

  • It’s tasteless in the drink
  • Has more soluble fiber than any food on earth
  • Has the energy of an entire tree 🙂
  • Has lots and lots of QI.

We’ve seen people lower their cholesterol by 100 points just by doing smoothies alone every morning.

How much should I Make?

  • If you are a healthy person attempting to keep cardiac issues at bay, 20 – 40 oz a day should suffice.
  • If you have heart disease, 30 – 50 oz daily is advised, which can be split up into 2 servings a day.

We appreciate you taking an interest, first in yourself, but second, in this succeeding edition to our 5-part Heart Disease Remedy series. If you want to read the first part, simply click here.

A lot of people chalk up heart disease to something that simply happens when you get older or a brewing problem impending for your quintessential “couch potatoes”.

The sad thing is that low hormone levels also contribute significantly, but negatively, to the efficiency of your heart. If your testosterone is too low or if your Growth Hormone levels are too low, the heart’s functional decline follows, even if you cholesterol levelsexercise and eat healthily.

Low hormones contribute to every disease associated with aging. Testosterone therapy and/or hGH therapy can significantly help with lowering cholesterol levels and many other issues of the heart. Also, and most importantly, before letting them become “issues”, maintaining healthy hormone levels will not only help with maintaining cholesterol levels, it will help maintain a healthy heart so that issues never surface in the first place.

We can help you check your hormone levels (click here for discreet at-home-testing) and even help you with deciding on different treatment options to assist you. You want to try everything in your power to naturally reverse issues of the heart before jumping right into surgery.

You can be contacted within 24 business hours if you fill out our Medical History Form or, if you want to speak with someone immediately, please call us at:

(866) 224-5698

Click here to go to part 3 of this 5-part series.

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Heart Disease Remedy | Part 1 of 5

Heart Disease Remedy 5 Part Series – Part 1

heart disease remedy

A heart disease remedy that is natural and effective can be a little time consuming, but remaining alive gives you this extra time. So that’s nice! Be thankful and show this gratitude by helping your heart work optimally. It’s increasingly becoming a worse and worse epidemic. Heart disease, despite all we understand at this point in advanced medicine, is still the number one killer of Americans and it’s superseding its own records.

  • The issue we face is that our good old heart works feverishly our whole life without us ever really noticing that it’s even there. We “forget” about it.
  • The problem with heart disease is that it sneaks up on you and unfortunately most of us men don’t really tend to things until we have a definite sign.
  • A heart attack is usually the only real sign.

It’s unequivocally important for you to start thinking about the health of your heart, even if you consider yourself to be in good health. A few simple tweaks in your life can be the difference between sedentary golden years and active, able golden years.

The latter needs to be our focus. Our golden years are coming no matter what; even if we ignore it. Being wise to it will help ensure a life you will truly be able to enjoy. Who cares how long you live on this earth. It’s the quality of the life you live while you are on this earth that is important.

Heart Disease Protocol

In lieu of recent discouraging heart health numbers, AAI Clinics is going to interject a 5 part series on heart health and what can be done, not only to help healthy hearts stay healthy but, moreover, to help our fellow Americans that statistically fall into the following categories:

  • Issues with heart health
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Have had or have been warned of impending stroke
  • Struggles with high cholesterol
  • Clogged/Hardened/Calcified arteries
  • Angina Chest Pains
  • Calcium Deposits

Basic Heart Health

When doctors and everyday people talk about heart disease, they referred to it as being caused by a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries. This is only partly true and omits the real villain, calcium. The arteries don’t get hard unless the calcium starts to heart disease remedybuild up. The role calcium plays and heart disease has been suppressed. You don’t hear the term ‘calcification’ anymore.

  • Twenty-five years ago doctors used the phrase “calcification of arteries” or “hardening of arteries”.
  • When cholesterol mixes with calcium it forms a blockage so strong it’s capable of taking down giants.
  • Cholesterol is a buttery substance that couldn’t block anything by itself.

Let’s further discuss this heart disease remedy we keep mentioning. What you will learn here will start with lowering cholesterol effectively. However, it should be said that this won’t end heart disease on its own. Lowering your lipid score is easy. Boosting HDL, good cholesterol, is less easy, but very doable. If you follow just 50% of the proceeding, you’ll get great results. Even the most clogged arteries can be unclogged. Our heart disease remedy begins with the intent of maintaining healthy arteries.

Heart Disease Rememdy

This 4-part series heart disease remedy will consist of 10 steps that should be taken every day in order to make a significant, positive difference in a person with acute cardiac conditions. Never substitute any protocol that your currently involved practitioner has orchestrated for you for anything we may ever suggest without first consulting that doctor. However, incorporating these natural and proven effective methods can immensely accelerate the healing process of your heart and arteries.

Let’s set our sights on an optimal cholesterol score. We accomplish this by drinking inexpensive homemade medicinal teas, smoothies and delicious meals that are part of the heart disease remedy that follows:

Step Number One of Ten

Medicinal Tea Recipe:Heart Disease Remedy

Black fungus mushrooms are found in the Asian markets for a few dollars a bag. To everyone’s surprise, the tea tastes pretty good. Oyster mushrooms contained lovastatin and can be substituted for black fungus mushrooms.

Our first addition to this heart disease remedy series is a bit small considering the need to first fully introduce this special, Heart Disease Remeyinterjected 5-part sequence. We will halt the regular posting process for the next 3 posts so that this series’ content can be viewed consecutively. You are welcome to visit our website to see other pertinent and equally as impressive (and entertaining) health-focused articles by clicking here.

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic we have the ability to assist you with monitoring your heart health. You can request a contact by one of our professional and friendly wellness advisors by filling out our Medical History Form.

Remember, AAI Clinics also provides the option to perform your own cardiac at-home-testing with our deliverable sample kits. You can test your blood (virtually pain-free) in the privacy of your home or office and receive comprehensive test results within 11 days.

If you have any questions or would like us to help you with any of the above details, please give us a call directly. You will find that speaking with the staff at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic is like no other experience. Everyone here is in it to help any interested, needing the prospect. It’s what we do. It’s what we exist for:

(866) 224-5698

Click here to go to Part 2 of this 5-part Heart Disease Remedy series.

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Stabilizing Male Hormones | AAI Smoothie Healing and Optimizing

Stabilizing Male Hormones

guy-sitting-down-finalStabilizing male hormones does not have to be difficult or costly but, it should be at the top of the priority list of every man. It doesn’t matter if you are exercising and eating well if your hormones are not where they should be you are suffering in one way or another. Sadly, sometimes the damage is not palpable and the sufferer ignores it until it has been going on for so long that something significantly impactful happens (physiological, emotional, mental).

Yes, there are options like what we do here at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic where you can obtain a prescription for bio-identical hormones but, before anyone jumps into a Testosterone Therapy or an HGH therapy they should above all attempt to increase their endocrine production naturally. See, once you start participating in hormone therapy, your body’s endocrine system has to work less, since your doing all the work for it. You only want to get to that point once your body is no longer able to produce ample amounts on its own. This happens to the great majority of us around the age of 30. Unfortunately, as toxins and pollutants continue to bombard our society, that age number continues to drop. This is where the importance of stabilizing male hormones comes in.

The Endocrine System: 101

Before we get into the art of stabilizing male hormones through smoothies, it’s important to have some basic understanding of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is made up of a collection of glands. These include the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands as well as the pancreas. Several tissues of the other organ systems also contain hormone-secreting glands and function as part of the endocrine system. These include the:

  • stomach
  • liver
  • heart
  • bone marrow
  • adipose (fat) tissue
  • testicles
  • ovaries
  • skin

The Problem with Problems of the Endocrine System

The effects of hormone disruption in the body can range from bothersome to deadly. While hormonal changes can result from birth or genetic defects, others can be caused by:

  • age
  • stress
  • injury
  • infection
  • illness

Endocrine Disorders

Any overproduction, underproduction or shift in the balance of hormone levels can interfere with normal physical function. Issues in the endocrine glands are often responsible for hormonal imbalances, and because hormones work along with other body systems, endocrine disorders often surface in other organs. On the other hand, hormonal problems can also be a symptom of non-endocrine diseases. You can understand why it’s so important to check your hormones to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be. Stabilizing male hormones is more than just about sex, it has to do with your whole quality of life.

Endocrine disorders

stabilizing male hormones

 Best Nutriment for Men

There are a lot of wonderful foods that not only taste delicious but are actually extremely beneficial to us men in particular due to the fact that they are rich in specific nutrients our bodies need in order to optimize some specific tissues and functionalities.

  1. Tomatoes, watermelon, and grapefruit

These foods contain large amounts of lycopene – an antioxidant known to protect against prostate cancer.

  • Know that there is very little bioavailability to raw tomatoes. You will get the most nutritional compounds out of cooked tomatoes. Try a real, authentic tomato soup for maximum nutrient absorption.
  1. Pumpkin seeds, spinach, sunflowers

These all contain high levels of zinc, the mineral known to boost immunity, especially in the prostate region. Zinc is also known to raise testosterone levels in men, which improves the sex drive.

  1. Hazelnuts, dark leafy greens (kale, chard, spinach), sweet potatoes

All contain large amounts of various B vitamins, which are known to boost testosterone levels.

  1. Lean Meats

Lean cuts of beef and pork are packed with protein and have only a little more fat than chicken breast. Red meat is also a good source of leucine, an amino acid that helps build muscle.

  1. Fatty Fish

They are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These protect against heart disease, the top killer of men in America.

  1. Oysters

Oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food. Zinc is an essential micronutrient for prostate health: Low levels of zinc are associated with fertility issues and prostate disease.

  1. Maca Powder

Maca is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. It works very well to help level out hormones and as such, it promotes sexual function. Helps with mood, energy, and assists with restoring red blood cells.

  • Maca Powder should not be taken in excess. Too much can negatively impact your hormones levels.
    ~ 1x to 2x tbsp. will suffice. 
  • Be very cautious if you have cancer-related to hormones like testicular and ovarian, among others.
  • If you have liver issues or high blood pressure, you should ask your doctor before taking maca.

stabilizing male hormones

stabilizing male hormonesstabilizing male hormones





stabilizing male hormones

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Aphrodisiacs and Sexual Elixirs for People Over 40

Elixir Aphrodisiacs of Ancient Past
(AAI Elixir Series)


Aphrodisiacs, potions, and elixirs are all fun to play around with even though we know they aren’t really real. However, where did they stem from? There had to be some truth to the herbal and organic, medicinal and curative mixtures passed on from ancient times. The legendary lovers of romantic history were sexually vigorous at advanced ages because they reportedly knew the secrets of blending together different, all-natural options that were said to stimulate and rejuvenate the love instinct. Many of the reputed lovers par excellence were well over their 40’s, and even 50s and 60s but they surpassed youngsters with their romantic powers because they used nature to provoke the internal fountains of lovemaking splendor.

They traveled the world over, searched among forgotten scrolls and parchments, talked to legendary lovers and learned the Aphrodisiacssecrets of perpetual lovemaking at any age. Nearly all had found that nature’s live food juices, together with special herbs and spices, could produce a feeling of youthful vigor that helped promote the look, feel and action of youth itself! They relied upon these “options” because they were effective. They called them aphrodisiacs with a burst of enthusiasm over the powers they bestowed. In these aphrodisiacs or love potions, nature gave them the look, feel and action of youth and thereby gave them life, love, and happiness. What more could they seek?

There were an array of herbs and spices that the ancients knew if they blended together would provide them the sexual rejuvenation and maintenance they sought after. Let us discuss a few:


By using a single or combination of these love spices, happy herbs, and aromatic seeds, they knew how to maintain their sexual vigor and prowess well into their advanced ages.

Famous Ancient Aphrodisiacs and Elixirs:

Don Juan Love Potion


The Casanova Cocktail


Cleopatra Elixir


Queen of Sheba’s Mint Brew


Thank you for enjoying the 2nd edition to our AAI Elixir Series. Remember, this series, in our vast library, is the only one that is really just made for good old-fashioned fun. Of course, all the mixtures are natural and founded in some botanical fact but our Aphrodisiacselixir series is an area of entertainment for our patients to enjoy a fun read. If you are interested in factual based, scientifically proven results for issues of libido loss or any physical sexual dysfunction, our expert physicians at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic can help you. Dr. Gordon Crozier specializes in this arena and will organize an individualized program to successfully assist you in recapturing your sexual dynamism. Even though good old’ fashioned, natural aphrodisiacs are never a bad idea, when the issue of libido loss and erectile dysfunction is real, a more potent alternative may be in order.

If you are a person that has been on testosterone therapy and has lost the original libido boost you experienced when you started therapy, then whoever is regulating your program is doing a lackluster job. We can help return your feelings and sensations back to when you first started your testosterone therapy and loved it!

HGH therapy can also assist with issues of libido but the reality is that Testosterone therapy levels must be appropriate in order for a man to enjoy a vigorous, healthy love life. Actually, that goes for the ladies too. Low testosterone levels = low sex drive. Period!

Fill out our Medical History Form or call us at:


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Testosterone Increasing Foods | Pineapple Testosterone Boosting Smoothie

Testosterone increasing Natural Options
(Testosterone Boosting Smoothies Series)


Testosterone increasing smoothies are delicious and efficient. Today in our Testosterone Boosting Smoothies series, we want to incorporate a delicious contender. The all-mighty testosterone increasing Pineapple smoothie.

Before we begin, we want to thank all the readers for liking our postings and really taking a look at understanding the foundation of AAI Rejuvenation Clinic’s true intentions: To help everyone we touch better themselves in one way or another.

Of course, the nature of our business, our bread and butter are helping people balance their hormones correctly and Testosterone increasingeffectively through the efforts of bio-identical hormone programs like Testosterone therapyHGH therapy, and Sermorelin Therapy. However, before anyone jumps right into contemplating pills, supplements, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, it’s important for this person with declining hormone levels to first aid the body in maximizing its own hormone production efforts.

Boosting your own Testosterone naturally before jumping right into an exogenous testosterone therapy will:

  • help your own endocrine system stay on track longer.
  • ensure other areas of your endocrine system aren’t prematurely hindered by the introduction of an external agent.
  • keep your whole body in better health, as the requirements would inevitably provide the results.
  • save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on therapy that could/should have been avoided.
  • ensure better overall results, as long as you are able to maintain “healthy” levels.

Remember that we are organic creatures. We like to mention this often in our posts. Absolutely: Western medicine has revolutionized humanity and extended our lives by more than double the original life expectancy. That being said, it’s unequivocal that it is also wreaking havoc on our biology. As many lives as we are able to save with western medication, there are equally as high and concerning numbers that can be drawn by counting victims of western medicine side effects. The point is, we need western medicine. We must have it, and in some cases, it is actually one of the real only hopes (such as blood pressure medication) however if we find natural, effective, organic options that can really help our health without the potentiality of hindering our internal systems, we have to take a look at them. Now, IMAGINE IF THEY TASTE GOOD TOO!!!

Testosterone increasing

There are real testosterone injections increasing options out there. Natural ones that are effective and cost-effective. Now, of course, there are situations where these options may not be sufficiently effective at maintaining your hormones at the level that they need to be to really maintain your health as you’ve always enjoyed it. In these cases, it’s important to try to qualify for therapy.

If you’d like to contact us to discuss today’s blog, other testosterone increasing options, or if you are interested in talking about the requirements for qualifying for hormone therapy, call us at:


Testosterone Therapy Information