The sole purpose for participating in Testosterone therapy is to return your hormone levels back to the elevated numbers of your youth. Once your hormone levels return to higher, healthier numbers your body will respond to the increased quantities, and begin producing the effects that lead you to begin this type of program.

What can you expect from your physician prescribed and organized, Testosterone Injections therapy?

Everyone wants and expects immediate results, but the truth is, that’s not a reality. It will take several months to see the full benefits of testosterone injections therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy can significantly accelerate the results of muscle, bone and cellular reproduction but it is still very important for patients to understand that slow and steady is the way to go! The same as dieting, when you lose the weight too quickly and you end up gaining it all back just as fast, same goes with physical transformation and development. Exaggerated dosages of testosterone, anabolics and/or improperly protocolled therapies may yield visibly quicker results. However the internal damage and the level of taxing your organs have to endure, which goes hand-in-hand with that type of accelerated development, is not worth the damage done to your physiology and endocrine system.

A well-structured, therapeutic Testosterone injections program will manifest the following results:

  • First Week – If you’ve never done testosterone before and are clinically suffering from hypogonadism, you may begin to experience invaluable changes 3 or 4 days after your first administration. Your sleep should be more profound. You may notice you will have more pep in your step; maybe even need less sleep-time to acquire more quality rest over all.
  • Second Week – Morning erections will make a significant come back! Morning erections help to determine, in men with ED issues, if their problems stems from a psychological hindrance or if there is a physiological reason for this mishap.
  • Third Week – You will notice a sense of clarity. Your cognitive function will be elevated. You will notice your ability to recall improve as well as articulation. In all, in the form of an epiphany you will realize that you feel more mentally sharp and able. Better able to cope with stress and pressure.
  • End of First Month – Your actual energy levels throughout the day should begin to be noticeably increasing.
  • Month Two – The same health manifestations that you were experiencing throughout your first month should continue to increase and improve. Energy levels should still be rocketing. You should have a stronger sense of ambition and wherewithal. A more prominent go-getter attitude.
  • Month Three – At this point, there should be a significant, noticeable difference in your energy levels and outputs. Workouts will require less effort and yield quicker, visible results. Muscle healing and recuperation time should be ominously reduced.
  • Month Four – Your endurance, stamina, exercise potential and over-all performance ability should supersede all your expectations at this point. If you’ve never been on testosterone therapy before this first program and you have been steadily eating well and exercising from commencement, you will surely surprise yourself at the level of transformation you will have experienced by this point. Furthermore, it will be evident that without the aid of increasing your Testosterone levels to reflect numbers had in your younger years, these results and energy level outputs would not be possible.
  • Month Five – There will be strides of change and betterment in areas of physical performance, capability and growth. If you were experiencing issues of mental discord such as sadness, depression, anxiety or even mental fatigue, you should experience a substantial progress in your ability to deal with and handle these scenarios and circumstances. Consider that all the other positive changes will add a logical sense of self enhancement and betterment which will stimulate you to naturally feel better about your personal progression and growth. Add to that the physiological fact that changes in brain chemical secretion naturally add to your sense of fulfillment, happiness and over all better wellbeing.
  • Month Six – this month is a little different for everyone. It also depends on how many other cycles of Testosterone therapy you’ve participated in. Sometimes, people’s sense of betterment and heightened wherewithal begins to dwindle down or remain stagnant. The body can become used to the type, or ester, of testosterone that is being used if the same therapy is continued for an excess of 1 or 2 years. Also, because other processes in the body cease to function as a result of you artificially manipulating your testosterone levels through your physician supervised injectable testosterone therapy, the therapy benefits begin to deminish and all the feel good scenarios you were experiencing come to a dead stop.

Is it really important to do a Cleanse? What is a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)?

Because of the lackluster depiction for a normal sixth-month on therapy for any one individual on a Testosterone regimen, our physicians normally incorporate a cleanse in an attempt to reactivate your systems. You are reset. See, what happens is that as you increase your testosterone levels through means of injectable testosterone therapy or any other testosterone enhancement program that actually works, the normal signals from your brain to your testicles to produce testosterone (your luteinizing hormone [LH]) and the signal from your brain to your testis to produce sperm (your follicle stimulate in hormone [FSH]) completely shut off. When those levels dwindle down to 0.00 and below, you can basically rest assured you wont be feeling the intense benefits and energy optimizing manifestations expected from being on a testosterone program. Your Post Cycle Cleanse will reset those numbers, bring them back in line and flush out any residual estrogen in your body, allowing you to once again reap full benefits of your Testosterone injections therapy.

So, lets recap. Testosterone therapy will help you with addressing and aiding the following physical and health focal points:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Muscle growth/strengthening
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Memory Loss
  • Cognitive Function
  • Restore sexual desire
  • Improve mood/sense of wellbeing
  • Improve lean body mass, strength and stamina
  • Improve bone density
  • Decrease fat mass.

Of course, everyone is different, but most men begin to experience betterment in these areas only a few weeks after commencing their first Testosterone injection.

So where do we buy testosterone and how do we know if we are purchasing real testosterone?

What is better to use, testosterone boosters, testosterone injections or pellets? There have been many reports on heart conditions allegedly caused by the use of testosterone creams, testosterone supplements and other form of testosterone enhancement nutraceuticals and medications. Can we trust these not to cause abnormal side effects in the future?

Testosterone Regeneration Therapy with AAI

Some people are very happy to sign up with one of those online clinics and send them a few faux medical records and documents in exchange for pharmaceuticals of which they have no idea of their place of origin, how they were generated or the protocols in place to ensure that the compounding and encapsulation of these medications was done under regulated and sanitized conditions, at least according to the standards of our Federal Regulations and the parameters instilled by our Food and Drug Administration, which were standardized to keep us, the consumers, healthy and alive.

Then, there are the patient’s of AAI Rejuvenation Clinic. AAI is an actual standing structure. A physical location where we see and treat patients for a variety of hormone related ailments or maladies where we provide treatments and regiments, along with an impressive resume of additional anti-aging and body optimizing treatments delineated in our product page.

The Best Testosterone Enhancement Regimen Available

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, our specialized hormone replacement physicians and doctors, under the guise and direction of Dr. Gordon Crozier, will structure and individualized testosterone replacement protocol designed to work with your physiology specifically. No two bodies are the same, so we shouldn’t expect that the same cookie-cutter protocol will be a one-size-fits-all scenario for every testosterone replacement therapy participant. There are an array of reasons why your selected testosterone enhancement regiment may not be providing you the results that you expected and where hopeful for; many reasons why you are not feeling it anymore as you did when you first started your protocol.

There are different brands of Testosterone, with different purity levels. You want to be aware of the fact that most times that you are issued medication by unregulated sources, the medication is compounded at a local compounding pharmacy. Of course, there is nothing wrong with compounding pharmacies. North America, USA has some of the most prestigious, modern, sophisticated and technologically advanced compounding pharmacies in the world. However, then there are the other places. If the compounding pharmacy you are getting your medication from isn’t regulated by the highest quality standards, as structured by our country’s Food and Drug Administration, what is to be expected of the medication produced there?

The Importance of Supplemental Pharmaceuticals During TRT

It’s a very sad reality but, the great majority of men experiencing issues of low testosterone that are being treated by their general care practitioners, and in some cases, even being treated by endocrinologists, find that their delineated, cookie-cutter protocol usually does not consists of the necessary supplementations required to ensure that the benefits of testosterone therapy are given the opportunity to arise and, furthermore, to keep unwanted, health-hindering side effects at bay.

Weather you are on testosterone pellets (inserted into the subcutaneous regions of your skin), testosterone creams (usually applied daily and rubbed into specific designated areas of the body to maximize its already minimal absorption rate), testosterone patches (similar to a smoker’s patch, designated to a shoulder or inner thigh region, with possible signs of skin irritation at application area) or injectable Testosterone therapy (usually injected 1x weekly – intramuscularly), your body is dealing with you artificially manipulating your testosterone production, as a result of your own physiology falling short on its necessary-for-life natural production.

Understand that when you are controlling the flux of your testosterone levels, that type of testosterone enhancement regimen interferes with your body’s need to produce any of its own testosterone. When your brain scans and checks your body in its attempt to regulate your hormonal secretion as needed throughout the day and it detects that testosterone levels are nice and elevated resulting from an effective testosterone treatment, it’s own natural production ceases in fabrication. It doesn’t continue generating more testosterone once it understands that levels are higher than it would have normally generated for you throughout the duration of that day. This physiological change in production stops the functionality of certain important endocrine glands, including the testicles. Extended periods of lack of functionality and production, due to artificially maintaining and regulating your testosterone levels, will eventually cause atrophy of those glands and prolonged misuse of these organs can cause permanent damage and irreversible side affects and unwanted conditions.

A well established, personalized and individualized testosterone enhancement protocol, organized by the age management specialized physicians at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic will most certainly come with an array of supporting nutraceuticals that will help support the efforts of your testosterone boosting therapy, help keep unwanted fluxes in estrogen and other hormones at bay and ensure that your body is absorbing and utilizing the program to specifically help focus on increasing you free testosterone and promote the protein synthesis hoped for and expected by this life transforming therapy and program… all while regulating to keep the cliché, quality of life deteriorating side affects far away and out of sight.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can begin to organize and structure a file for you individually. Fill out our Medical History form and one of our educated Wellness Advisors will contact you to go over quotes and specifications so you have the exact information necessary to aid you in making the most important and life optimizing decision of your life.

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