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What Is Testosterone?


Testosterone is finally moving away its reputation as solely a performance-enhancing, libido-charging, muscle-building substance that is only abused. This is both good and bad. It is excellent that men are willing to do research and educate themselves on the need for healthy testosterone levels. However, most men aren’t prepared to take the extra step and have a professional design an effective protocol that is based on blood results and a medical history. Although the Internet means that virtually any information can be obtained online, many people don’t understand the complexity behind compounding these medications and the unequivocal need to ensure that they are created in the most sterile and regulated conditions possible. Failing to do so brings the very real possibility of causing sometimes irreversible harm.

Then, there are AAI Rejuvenation Clinic patients. AAI is an actual standing structure; a bricks and mortar location where we see and treat patients for a variety of hormone-related ailments or maladies. We provide a number of traditional and supportive anti-aging and body-optimizing treatments. Please see our product page for more information.

What Makes the Best Testosterone Therapy?

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Gordon Crozier, our specialized hormone replacement physicians will structure an individualized testosterone replacement protocol that is designed to work specifically with your physiology. No two bodies are the same, and so a single cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all testosterone replacement therapy does not work: protocols must be individualized for each patient. If you did not get your therapy through AAI, there are several reasons why your selected testosterone enhancement regimen may not be providing the results that you expected and hoped for, as well as why you are not feeling as good as you did when you first started your protocol.

There are many important things to consider regarding your protocol:

• Hormone levels change in response to a variety of factors, and so regularly updating your blood work significantly increases the potential of a successful testosterone therapy.
• Taking testosterone alone without any supporting medications wreaks havoc on your biology.
• Selecting the appropriate preventative accompanying agents can help ensure an effective, successful testosterone therapy with little or no side effects.

There are many different brands and analogs of testosterone, with different purity levels. You should be aware that most times that you are issued a medication by unregulated sources, the medication is compounded at a local compounding pharmacy. Of course, there is nothing wrong with compounding pharmacies. The United States has some of the most prestigious, modern, sophisticated, and technologically advanced compounding pharmacies in the world, and these facilities are now tightly regulated by the FDA. However, if the compounding pharmacy is not FDA-certified then you cannot be sure of the quality of the medication you will be taking.

Do You Know Where Your Medication is Coming From?

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, all of our pharmacies are FDA-approved, HIPAA-compliant, and US-based. Your medication will be shipped overnight from the pharmacy direct to your home or office in discreet FedEx or UPS packaging. With AAI, you can easily obtain the State Pharmacy Board and FDA regulatory information about the Grade A specialty pharmacies we use to ensure that you get the best quality compounded medications.

That being said, most of our testosterone enhancement therapies do NOT consist of compounded products, even those purchased through our Grade A pharmacies. We use Depo-brand testosterone cypionate from Pfizer and Westward-brand testosterone enanthate (Delatestryl); compounded testosterone is only incorporated into your treatment regimen when a patient specifically requests it or when the testosterone propionate is required.

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