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Testosterone Patches

Androderm is a testosterone transdermal system that allows testosterone Therapy to be absorbed through the skin. Common side effects of androderm include redness, itching, burning, irritation, or hardened skin where the skin patch is worn. It can also cause breast swelling or tenderness, increased acne or hair growth, headache, depressed mood, or changes in libido. Men using testosterone patches must be sure to place the patch in a region of their body that will not come in to contact with children or women to avoid accidental exposure.

The recommended starting dose is one Androderm 4 mg/day system (not two 2 mg/day systems) applied nightly for 24 hours. Androderm may interact with insulin, blood thinners, oxyphenbutazone, or corticosteroids. Patches are a good alternative for patients who want to avoid injections. Generally, testosterone patches are associated with fewer long-term and serious side effects because lower doses are administered slowly over time.

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