Heart Disease Remedy | Part 3 of 5

Cures for heart disease
Heart Disease Remedy – Part 3 of 5


Cures for heart disease that aren’t solely based on “being under the knife” are out there and they have been proven to be effective, even long term. Today we will jump right into the 3rd part of our 5-part Heart Disease Remedy quick-series where we are focusing on naturally and effectively reversing almost any and all types of cardiac maladies. If you missed or wish to go back to the first two parts of this series, click here.

Morning Exercise
Step Number Four of Ten

Heart disease is stress related, so when you are looking for a type of exercise to incorporate, you want to make sure what you select is both strengthening and relaxing. For instance, running would not be a good example of an exercise a person with heart cures for heart disease conditions should consider. On the other hand, walking would be perfect for this person. Really, swimming and Qigong are probably the two best selections for an individual with problematic heart conditions. Some cures for heart disease will require a little effort but life is worth it.

Improving your energy flow is imperative to your healing process. It’s also quite enjoyable but, overall, mandatory. Qigong helps well with this.

Top three picks:

  • SSQ Level-1 Form
  • Full-Body Breathing Meditation
  • Natural Qigong Walking

If you are a busy person, you must simply wake-up a bit more early in the morning. Make time for yourself. Morning time is energetically the best time to do this.

  • Drink 10 oz of smoothie before Qigong practice to hold you through the routine and keep you grounded. After practicing, you’ll be hungry. You’ll want to drink another 20 oz of your smoothie at that point.

*  It’s imperative for us to keep in mind that hormone levels are also significantly important in our fight against heart disease and to ensure overall better organ health. This is just a side-clip to reference what AAI Clinic’s focus is and what we can do to help if you think you may be low in testosterone and need testosterone therapy or hGH for that matter. Our number is at the bottom if you wish to inquire further. We do much more than just hormones, though, so contact us to discuss your best health.

Bringing Down High Blood Pressure
Step Number Five of Ten

cures for heart disease


  • Celery contains active compounds called phthalides, which can help relax the muscles around the arteries and allow those vessels to dilate.
  • With more space inside the arteries, the blood can flow at a lower pressure. Phthalides also reduce stress hormones.
  • The leaves of celery have reportedly been shown to assist the endocrine system. Make sure that you eat the leaves as well as the stock.
  • Make sure to purchase organic because celery is one of the highest foods in pesticide residue.

Also, and we won’t beat this fact to death, LOWER YOUR SODIUM INTAKE! Do NOT reach for the salt shaker. In 90 days, you won’t even notice the difference or “need” it anymore. There are not only cures for Cures for heart disease is natural and effective. Healing foods are real. Becoming knowledgeable about them can be life transforming.

Daily Meals
Step Number Six of Ten

After drinking the medicinal tea, your morning tonic, your first smoothie of the day and, hopefully, a little exercise, you’ll be good and ready for some hardy food.

Incorporating the following foods at any of your sit-down meals will allow your Cures for heart disease to keep healing and it will allow your circulatory system to continue drawing out fatty deposits from the arteries. These foods will be listed below in the order of importance:

cures for heart diseaseWalnuts: Walnuts are high in the amino acid l-Arginine, the precursor of nitric oxide, and the Holy Grail of Cures for heart disease-fighting substances. This crucial molecule regulates blood flow and dilates arteries. Walnuts also have an impressive ability to lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that diets enriched with walnuts reduce LDL cholesterol by 5 to 15%. (The Lipid Clinic in Barcelona)

  • Eat them by the handfuls.
  • In salads.
  • Walnut butter is amazing.
  • Eat a minimum of 1oz of walnuts every day (in any form).

Walnuts open circulation better than any food on earth.

Okra: Okra is one of the big contenders in the war on heart disease and is a true artery scrubber. We know of people who have cures for heart diseaseCures for Heart Disease
successfully reversed “irreversible arteriosclerosis” with this procedure. If you are serious about making this work for you, skipping this food is not an option. It must be eaten every day in some small form.

If you can’t find it fresh at your local grocery store, head to the frozen food aisle. They always have it there. The gritty nature of okra contains special fibers and gums that pulled the fat out from the arteries.

  • At least six okras should be eaten.

Cures for heart disease

Eggplant: The chlorogenic acid in eggplant inhibits the ACE enzyme much like ACE inhibitors that lower cholesterol.

  • If you have mild heart disease, you can eat eggplant four days a week.Cures for heart disease
  • If Lipid profiles are less than favorable or the doctor is talking about cutting open your chest, you should consider a ¼ or ½ an eggplant everyday.

Cures for heart disease

Cold-water Fish: Salmon, sardines, and trout are examples of cold-water fish, which have DHA and EPA oils that raise HDL good cholesterol, which in turn lowers bad cholesterol. Fatty fish also appears to thin the blood similarly to blood thinners.

  • Eat salmon, trout or sardines 3 to 4 times per week as part of this protocol.

Cures for heart Disease

Different options for cures for heart disease should be sought after before finally deciding to opt for surgery to deal with cardiac issues. Please feel free to contact us at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic if you have any questions related to this issue or if you are interested in qualifying for hormone therapy. Testosterone therapy,  HGH therapy, and Sermorelin Therapy are also very effective at helping to maintain a healthy heart. You can be reached within 24 hours by filling out our Medical History Form.

You can also call us directly if you prefer:

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