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What Is PT-141 Or Bremelanotide Benefits?

What is PT-141 or Bremelanotide Benefits?

PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is also most known for its ability to treat sexual dysfunction in women. Men can benefit from a derivative of Melanotan two. It’s a synthetic peptide blend, PT-141, or Bremelanotide, developed from the Melanotan two, which is known to help darken the pigmentation of the skin, and has often been linked to individuals treating sexual disorders (including ED or sexual desire in women).

PT 141 is a cyclic 7-amino acid melanocortin-receptor agonist to treat sexual dysfunction in female and male patients. It was initially researched to promote natural sunless tanning. Soon to be discovered were sexual and mood-enhancing benefits. If you were experiencing difficulty in maintaining an erection or loss of sexual desire, or maybe Viagra or vascular ED medications didn’t work for you, schedule a call today. Our Medical Representatives are available to help you live infinitely well.

PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is a synthetic peptide studied for its potential benefits in various areas.

Here are some of the reported benefits:

  1. Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED): PT-141 has been studied for its ability to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It activates melanocortin receptors in the brain, leading to increased sexual arousal and improved erectile function.
  2. Enhanced Libido: PT-141 has increased libido in both men and women. It can boost sexual desire and interest in sexual activities.
  3. Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction: In addition to its effects on male sexual function, PT-141 has been explored as a potential treatment for female sexual disorders like hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).
  4. Improvement in Sexual Arousal: PT-141 may increase sexual arousal, leading to heightened sensitivity and pleasure during sexual activity.
  5. Appetite Regulation: Some research suggests that PT-141 might play a role in appetite regulation and satiety, although more studies are needed to understand this aspect fully.

It’s important to note that while PT-141 shows promise in these areas, it has yet to be approved by all regulatory agencies and may only be available in some countries. Furthermore, like any medication or peptide, it may have potential side effects, interactions, and risks. If you are interested in PT-141 or considering it for any condition, consulting with a qualified healthcare professional who can provide personalized advice and guidance is crucial. They can also discuss potential risks and benefits based on your health situation.

Potential Side Effects:

  • Bouts of headache,
  • nausea, or flushing.

(Most Side effects occurred with higher dosing.)

PT-141 or Bremelanotide has helped the melanocortin receptors. PT-141, a synthetic peptide analog. Alpha-MSH is an agonist at melanocortin receptors, including the MC3R and MC4R, which are expressed primarily in the central nervous system. Administration of PT-141 or Bremelanotide to rats and nonhuman primates results in erections. It’s been mainly used and tested for treating sexual disorders because of increases in the blood pressure of test subjects. These studies by the FDA turned into an injectable form, and testing continued in treatments for women’s sexual dysfunction in recent years.

It’s also important to note: PT-141 or Bremelanotide is not a dietary supplement when sold as such; avoid purchasing it through that site or pharmacy.

PT-141 or Bremelanotide women Experience

In the study above, approximately 300 women and most experienced improved sexual desire. Therefore if one decides to use PT-141 or Bremelanotide, most likely, they will see an increase in sexual activity.

Some female experience reviews:

Barbara Patric, 04/05/19

  • I experimented with PT-141 or Bremelanotide for about six weeks in the therapy and noticed a definite increase in sexual desire. I took the injection about 2 hours before bedtime and felt the effects. I don’t have any nausea or a feeling of sickness; I hear of Some people getting a headache, but I did not experience that either.

Sexual dysfunction in women is more common than one might think. It affects about 43% of women in the United States. Although sexual dysfunction can be challenging, it is easily treatable with medication. PT-141, or Bremelanotide, is a medication used to combat the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women.

Research and studies have proven successful in treating the symptoms of sexual dysfunction with little to no side effects.

PT-141 or Bremelanotide and its benefits in males; however, the highest success rate of its use has been found in women than males. Considering the women’s and male reproductive systems are different, making this medication is one of the few options for women for sexual enhancers precisely.

So what exactly does this medication do in women?

Women suffering from sexual dysfunction are precisely in Perimenopausal, Premenopausal, and Menopausal. PT-141 Bremelanotide helps help women achieve their sex drive.

Pros from both men and women include:

  • Erections
  • Increased libido
  • Feelings of satisfaction, content, and closeness to the partner
  • The constant state of arousal with minimal stimulation
  • Boost sexual confidence


People suffering from sexual dysfunction, despite the similarities in the effects of PT-141 or Bremelanotide, and drugs such as Viagra, and other medications, there are quite a few differences. First, medicines such as Viagra increase blood flow throughout the body, specifically to the genitals. PT-141 or Bremelanotide directly affects the brain and nervous system. How? The chemical compound binds to naturally occurring chemicals in the mind.

With the medication targeting the brain’s central nervous system and receptors, this medication can be hugely successful after its launch.


Although both men and women can use PT-141 or Bremelanotide, it is precisely in women due to no small amount of benefits in women and with little or no side effects.

Fewer medications are on the market for women suffering from sexual dysfunction. So PT-141 or Bremelanotide, its positive effects on women, can work wonders on those suffering from sexual dysfunction.


It can happen from several issues ranging from pre-menopause to side effects of medication abuse to even depression or anxiety. Women’s sexual dysfunction is a condition that has anatomical, physical, medical, psychological, and social components. Women suffering from sexual dysfunction may have sexual desire but an inability to become aroused.


  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Decreased arousal
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Discomfort or pain during sex

How to use PT-141 or Bremelanotide?

Talk to your doctor about starting treatment. PT-141 or Bremelanotide therapy is an injection subcutaneously. To help treat several sexual dysfunction issues for both men and women.

Subcutaneous injections have to administer in the fat deposits in the body on the lower abdomen or stomach area and delivered. Nasal sprays, pills, creams, and other forms of medication outside of PT-141 or Bremelanotide injection, are not legitimate ways of PT-141 or Bremelanotide.

Primary Benefits of PT-141 or Bremelanotide.

The primary benefit is treating sexual dysfunction, especially in women patients; it is also beneficial in males with low libido and other issues with impotence. It also increases sexual desire via the central nervous system and does not harm the vascular system.

Besides treating sexual dysfunction:

The peptide blend can help individuals, such as energy. Skin pigmentation has been used as a natural tanning. The main reason it is not used in tanning products is the propensity to cause sexual arousal in users—the primary purpose of using PT-141 or Bremelanotide.

See Results on PT-141 or Bremelanotide.

Patients will find that within minutes of injecting the PT-141 or Bremelanotide, they will experience the benefits.

For some women, patients have noted that the effects quickly, within a few minutes, and may take up to several hours before they realize the impact of the injection on sexual dysfunction.

How to store PT-141 or Bremelanotide?

How to store the medication, it must first be reconstituted and should be refrigerated.

**NOTE** The content on this page is subject to interpretation and is the opinion of the content writer. We do not claim it to be fact. We encourage you to consult a medical doctor before taking any prescribed medications or supplements.


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