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What Are The Treatments For Sermorelin?

What Does a Treatments for Sermorelin Protocol Look Like?

Treatments for Sermorelin, Always remember that there is no “one-protocol-fits-all” when it comes to any type of hormone therapy. Be warned: if you are speaking to an organization that is giving you a solid quote before their doctors have had an opportunity to review your file details and examines you, you should be very wary. This does not mean that they cannot legally obtain medication for you. It simply implies that your health is not at the forefront of the transaction. In fact, it is likely that you are perceived as simply a business transaction.

Your protocol must be individualized based on your complete health history and file characteristics. That being said, there are certain similarities among protocols, and all subcutaneous protocols have some particular characteristics in common.

The following information must not be used a substitute for or in combination with anything that your prescribing physician organizes for you. The information below should only to be regarded as educational and generally suggestive of what a subcutaneous sermorelin protocol could look like.

When you have been prescribed a sermorelin program, your physician should explain to you:

• The area on your body where you will inject the medication
• The exact time of the day and days that you should administer the medication(s)
• How to handle and store the medication
• Information about the needles and other pertinent supplies that you will need to properly and effectively administer your program

There are several other important points to consider when on a physician supervised sermorelin protocol, such as:

• You must not eat or drink anything but water 90 minutes before and after administering your sermorelin. This is because both sermorelin and food affect your insulin levels; therefore, eating in close proximity to your sermorelin administration might block some of the effects of that Sermorelin injection.

• Although there is no specific time of day that you should administer your sermorelin. Some patients find it beneficial to take it at bedtime because both sermorelin and GHRH can induce deep, restful sleep, which is linked to the increased pulsatile secretion of GH from the pituitary in the brain. However, other patients find that the increased GH release stimulates mental activity and thereby reduces sleep quality. Therefore, you should administer the drug when it works best for you.

• Treatments for Sermorelin stimulates hunger in an effort to produce the resources and energy necessary to effectively metabolize GH into IGF-1, which is required to promote the protein synthesis and obtain the benefits expected from a GH-based therapy.

• Sermorelin should be injected subcutaneously, ideally directly into fat. Injecting sermorelin into muscle will cause the medication to be hyper-metabolized, which reduces its half-life and effectiveness. Conversely, it is processed much more slowly in adipose tissue, extending the half-life of the drug significantly.

• Because sermorelin stimulates the pituitary and hypothalamus, it actually helps to regenerate and rejuvenate these glands and thereby promote their health and efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to administer sermorelin on a 7-night weekly administration cycle. Because sermorelin induces the production of your own endogenous GH and forces the maximum secretory activity of your glands, it is best to be as consistent as possible with your dosing. This is particularly important when aiming to achieve results that are reflective of a much more expensive bioidentical HGH protocol.

• The protocol for sermorelin is very simple. Although sermorelin is a GH-based therapy, the administration times are very different.

Many GH therapy participants consider a complete, well-rounded protocol that includes both sermorelin and hGH. Of course, the doses would need to be tweaked to ensure that the dose of GH experienced by the body at any one time is not too high. Depending on the patient’s goals and file details, a sermorelin/hGH combination therapy can be structured in a variety of effective ways. Combining hGH and sermorelin is an effective way to participate in an hGH program without the much higher costs of an hGH-only replacement program.

Typically, What Sermorelin Dose Would Somebody of My Height, Weight, and Age Use?

It is critical to understand that no one should ever generalize a program for you. Your prescribing physician must take into account all of your file details, health history, and personal goals before structuring a sermorelin protocol, just as we will do for you here at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic.

That being said, here is a general guide for what you might be prescribed:

• A 4.5–5 ft. tall person weighing 100–140 lbs. might be prescribed 200 µg of sermorelin every evening before bed.
• A 5–5.8 ft. tall person weighing 141–165 lbs. might be prescribed 250 µg of sermorelin every evening before bed.
• A 5.5–6 ft. tall person weighing 166–195 lbs. might be prescribed 250–300 µg of sermorelin every evening before bed.
• A 5.5 ft. or taller person weighing 196 lbs. or more might be prescribed 300 µg or more, as determined by the physician, of sermorelin every evening before bed.

Note that elderly patients and women will be prescribed higher doses than those outlined above to stimulate the kind of GH production needed to achieve the desired benefits and results.

A Combination hGH and Sermorelin Protocol

AAI Rejuvenation Clinic’s popular combination protocols vary significantly in terms of dosing. Any prescribing physician designing and supervising these protocols needs to be well acquainted with your file and recent blood work to promote safe and effective results while keeping unwanted side effects at bay. At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, our physicians are experts in the field of hormone-replacement therapy and are qualified by the Anti-Aging Association board.

A combination program may look something like this:

• hGH is administered Monday to Friday in the morning before breakfast
• Sermorelin is administered Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday in the evening before bed
• Patients that are very receptive to therapy may only need sermorelin at the weekend

This protocol ensures they the patient experiences healthily elevated GH levels 7 days a week without putting the health of their pituitary at risk.

In certain cases, your physician may significantly reduce your hGH dose in the morning but substitute it for additional GH supplementation using selected secretagogues (either GHRP-2 or GHRP-6) every evening. hGH will not be administered on 7-consecutive days. This is all done in an effort to maximize IGF-1 levels to expedite the physiological response to therapy while keeping unwanted side effects at bay.

Patients needing the benefits of GH who wish to participate in hGH therapy but are restricted by the cost may consider a combination protocol that includes a much lower dose of hGH during the day (allowing them to require much fewer vials of hGH to complete their program) and sermorelin in the evening. This not provides an effective and potent GH-enriching program, but also supports optimal pituitary gland health by inducing it to secrete GH regardless of the current therapy. This ensures that the individual undergoing treatment never has to worry about pituitary atrophy. Instead, they can rest assured that they are on a well-rounded program that will maximize the health benefits while minimizing any side effects.

We would like to reiterate that the details provided above are only an example; there is no chart or set guidelines for dosing an effective and safe sermorelin protocol. However, this information accurately represents what a patient of a certain height, age, and weight could expect to be prescribed for a safe and effective sermorelin program.

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