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The Importance of Exercise

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Exercise is Important. Why?

Exercise, As humans, we are not designed to be stationary. Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers forced to live active lives to find food and survive. Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle is increasingly sedentary, exacerbating several symptoms of healthy aging and aging-related diseases. aai-logo

If you read this article, you might be concerned with the symptoms caused by declining hormone levels during aging. You might even receive or consider HGH & Testosterone Therapy with AAI Rejuvenation Clinic. However, did you know that building and maintaining a regular exercise regime can increase your energy levels, reduce pain and the symptoms of illness, and improve your mood and memory? Exercise is a critical part of healthy aging. Learn how exercise can complement your hormone replacement therapy to help you feel young and full of life.

Physical Benefits of Exercise

Although the tangible benefits of exercise are clear, some people still avoid exercising because of their age, physical state, or lack of time. None of these are good excuses!

Exercise is crucial for all of us, whether we need to lose weight, want to build muscle, or strengthen our joints.

The physical benefits of exercise include:

  • Improved mobility,
  • balance,
  • flexibility,
  • and coordination.

Movement, balance, and coordination are critical for many aspects of daily life, but unfortunately, these often decline as we age. Several low-impact exercises can improve your balance and coordination, and some activities suggested by the Mayo Clinic can be found.

Nevertheless, please remember that only physician-supervised exercise programs should be followed to ensure maximum benefit without risking your health.

the importance of exercise

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

The long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise are never-ending.

For example,

active individuals have a significantly lower risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer [1-3].

Although the mechanisms behind these effects are involved, they include improved immune function, enhanced metabolism, lower blood pressure, improved digestion, and increased hormone secretion.

Emotional and Mental Benefits of Exercise

The benefits associated with a regular exercise program are not just physical!

By helping to normalize your hormone levels, improving your immune and metabolic function, and enhancing your body composition, exercise also has the following mental and emotional benefits:

Reduced stress and improved mood

A key advantage of exercise is its ability to rapidly and efficiently reduce weight [4]. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, resulting in happiness and reduced anxiety and sadness [5]. Because being physically active reduces your fat mass and increases your muscle mass, active individuals often have more confidence, improving mood.

Improved sleep

Science has confirmed that regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer [6]. Indeed, people who do not get regular exercise are more likely to feel tired during the day.

Boost Your Hormone Levels

In addition to all the fantastic benefits described above, exercise can boost the body’s natural hormone production via several mechanisms. The movement’s ability to stimulate testosterone therapy, GH, and IGF-I output has been reported in several populations.

For example:

  • The Importance of Exercise free testosterone levels in Women [7].
  • The Importance of Exercise such as resistance training reduces blood pressure and increases testosterone levels in overweight and obese men [8, 9].
  • Anaerobic exercise increases IGF-I levels in young men and GH levels in both men and women [10].

Testosterone Injections – Curious about testosterone injections Therapy?

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Isn’t it wonderful to know that taking a little time out of your day can make you feel great and improve the results of your hormone-replacement protocol?

Hopefully, you know about some of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and understand how this can work with your hormone-replacement protocol to lead you toward a healthier tomorrow. Talk to your physician to get started today.

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**NOTE** The content in this blog is subject to interpretation and is the opinion of the content writer. We do not claim it to be fact. We encourage you to consult a medical doctor before taking any prescribed medications or supplements.


Supporting Hormones health is essential for overall well-being and vitality. By incorporating regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, stress management techniques, and IV therapy, you can help maintain optimal testosterone levels and lead a healthy, balanced life. Always consult a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your lifestyle or starting any new treatments to ensure they suit your needs.

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, we advise anyone to think seriously about beginning Hormone treatment if there is no medical need. However, we will take every precaution to ensure that you read your program’s positive benefits by providing the latest at-home hormonal mouth-swab testing to ensure we are continually monitoring your progress and aware of any adverse side effects. Fill out the Medical History Form, or if you need more information, call us at (866) 224-5698 or (866) AAI-Low-T.

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