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Muscle building: Crafting your “perfect male” physique with AAI Clinics

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“Muscle Building Perfect Male Physique” Muscle Building, So, what makes AAI Rejuvenation Clinic different from the other 22,000 alternative clinics out there all offering “the same stuff”? The answer is simple. We are not interested in just simply promoting “the same stuff”. It’s easy to make money when you follow lucrative trends. What makes us different is our obvious disinterest in our patients purchasing anything that they don’t need. Or something that won’t be effective to their satisfaction. That requires an outdated technique called “listening”, and if this gifted listener can do it from a genuine perspective, the results are wonderfully immeasurable for a patient looking for honest, viable answers to often very unfortunate, difficult to deal with personal circumstances. We all know at this point in this medical era that replacing or bringing back hormone levels to numbers reflective of our levels throughout our youth actually causes physiological responses in the body that are recorded as documented age regressing results. The regenerative properties associated with balancing your Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Estrogen and all other hormones involved in the wonderful manifestation that is the human body only continues to surprise and accentuate the hopeful tomorrow that anti-aging medicine is now bringing to the table, inducing for the taboo subject of muscle building. That being said, hormone therapy really is only a portion of the battle. The following is one of the pearls I was talking about that AAI always has and always will supply and share with its AAI Community. Together our readers, patients, employees, and clients will all be as perfect as we can all possibly be; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is our goal!! Working the body is really rule 101 of true anti-aging. muscle building health and muscle building through our lives is essential to our quality of life. I want to emphasize that AAI Rejuvenation Clinic does not promote bodybuilding at all. AAI Clinics does not condone the art, though we do recognize its collective contribution to what the world understands about hormone therapy today. That being said, bodybuilding goes against the very foundation and point of anti-aging medicine as, the physically taxing requirements on the body, the bones, the organs as a whole but especially the liver and heart reek havoc sufficient to statistically kill off these men and women closer to their late 50’s, early 60’s. Those ladies and gentlemen are NOT anti-aging therapy age result expectancy numbers. Extreme measures of muscle building ultimately significantly tax the body and encourage unnatural results that can only be maintained through the exaggerated, unhealthy treatment alternatives sought after without physician expertize. I was going to say “long story short” but, that ship’s sailed… The undercurrent is, it’s hard to touch the subject of working the body hard, and real muscle building techniques as it needs to be worked, without being misrepresented as promoting bodybuilding or improper, unsupervised hormone replacement therapy. Through an AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, you MUST qualify for hormone therapy due to naturally depleting hormone level numbers, which is usually the case for every man over the age of 27. You can test your testosterone with us discretely. You don’t even have to leave your home. We will send you a kit, super cheap! Just click here…. (use discount code M1S3HRQAA6O2 for $25 off testosterone testing) My interest today is to share some awesome research I’ve done on. Most of the following was written by Trent

Muscle Building: Crafting ourselves the “perfect male physique”

Building Muscle

Here is a picture of the ratio:

Building Muscle  

… and here is how it is expressed mathematically: (1:1.618) or (1 to 1.618)

Applying “The Golden Ratio” To The Human Body for optimal muscle building 

Here is a very simple and quick method to use to determine your particular “perfect male physique” measurements: Determining an ideal waist size is the first step in this formula’s process. Ideal waist = Height in inches x 0.445. These “waist size” details will then be used to find other body proportions: Building Muscle     Ideal chest = ideal waist x 1.4 Ideal shoulders = ideal waist x 1.618 Ideal arms = ideal waist x 0.51 Here is an example for a guy who is 5′ 11″ Ideal waist: 31.5 inches Ideal Chest: 44 inches Ideal shoulders: 51 inches Ideal arms: 16 inches     Participants can also try the following alternative but, the simple difference is it adds in more specific measuring and more body parts to consider. Even though it will be annoying at the beginning, it’s pretty important to get into the routine of jotting down the results every time body measurements are taken. As these life-changing participants become more advanced in their training, they can become pickier with their measurements. The good new is, regardless, the closer they get to these measurements, the more visually attractive they will look. Start by taking the measurements of the following:
  • Take non-dominant wrist circumference (smallest part of wrist)
  • Measure flexed arms at the middle of the biceps
  • Measure shoulder circumference
  • Measure chest circumference
  • Measure waist
  • Measure knees
  • Measure flexed calves
Record those measurements ~ Flexed arms should be (wrist measurement x 2.5) ~ Flexed calves should match your flexed arms ~ Shoulders should be (1.618 x ideal waist) same as above ~ Chest should be (wrist measurement x 6.5) ~ Upper leg should be (knee measurement x 1.75)

Let’s see how these measurements look to my (Trent’s) current standings.

Building Muscle My Current Measurements                         My Ideal Measurements Arms: 16 inches                                                              17.5 inches   Calves: 15 inches                                                             17.5 inches   Shoulders: 49 inches                                                      52 inches   Chest: 41 inches                                                              45.5 inches   Thigh: 23 inches                                                              26 inches   Waist: 32 inches                                                             32 inches   As you can see I need to work on my: Well, a little bit of everything while maintaining my waist. In other words, maintaining my body fat. I took these measurements on The morning of March 11, 2015, Fasted and I have not been to the gym in 6 days. When taking your measurements, we would suggest taking them in the morning after the bathroom. It will be more accurate.   Focusing on proper proportion Side note* The best thing that can be done, in terms of accuracy, is to take these measurements at a lean body fat level to obtain these accurate results. We would suggest leaning down to around 8% to 10% body fat to get very accurate measurements. The reason for this is, if you have a bit of extra fat on your body, this will throw off your measurements and you will not look as great. Usually, when you hit your ideal waist measurement, you can paint a good picture of what you need to do to bring your other body parts up to speed. Building Muscle Exercises To Focus On
  • Incline bench
  • Standing Shoulder Press
  • Weighted Pull Ups
  • Barbell Curls
  • Pistol Squats/Bulgarian Split Squats
Getting very strong, particularly at the above-depicted exercises, will bring patients closer and closer to their very specific, incredible and perfect proportions. The incline press and shoulder press will add muscle building to the upper chest and shoulders. Weighted pull ups will develop the back muscles very well and contribute to the shoulder to waist ratio. It’s easy to see how barbell curls will help develop perfectly developed arms. We do not recommend overdoing it on the triceps. They will be worked enough from all the pressing exercises. Do some research on “skull crushers” or “weighted dips” triceps exercises. They are extremely effective at chiseling and forming these areas to suit the results sought after when following these instructions. Pistol squats and Bulgarian split squats are fantastic leg exercises to build slim and powerful legs. Another strong option is to perform sprints and box jumping to develop athletic, proportional legs. Don’t forget to train the calves as well! It is important to have some certain and specific exercises to focus on during training. It is also very important to understand that everyone’s physicality is different. Sure focusing on what everyone else is doing, such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press will provide some gains and results, but are they the results you are after? If participants only focus on those particular exercises, their legs and lower chest will get more work, and will not contribute to their “ideal proportions”. Sure they are effective exercises, but the sound advice is to include exercises that will make the specific participant look great as well as increase their performance output and ability. As a side note: Here are ways to always take accurate body measurements: Waist: Measure at the belly button level, standing upright, in a relaxed position. Don’t suck in or push out. Shoulders: Stand upright with arms relaxed at sides. It helps if you have a friend measure around your body at about the middle of the shoulder. Chest: Again a friend is helpful for these measurements. Measure under your armpit and arms, around your body and chest, slightly above the nipple area. Arms: Flex your arms and measure around the middle of your bicep and triceps. Thigh: Measure around the largest part of your thigh and hamstring, relaxed. Calves: Flex your calves by lifting your heel off the ground and measure the largest part.   I hope you enjoyed this wonderful piece of informative detail. I wanted to share it because it gave me a sense of “ease” with the idea of starting a brand new routine. I just thought it had a gravitas of “sense” that drew me to want to share it with you. The incentive is the idea that just a little-focused dedication can really help us to achieve our health as well as our fitness goals. In the event where our hormone levels have significantly depleted due to aging (again, this can be someone as young as 27 y/o), the intent to gain muscle building can be grueling and unrewarding. If your Testosterone Levels are not where they are supposed to be, your efforts will be futile. Contact us at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic and we will help you make that assessment, at virtually no cost compared to other locations. If you find that your testosterone is low, which most men probably will, we’ll help you with viable ideas that hopefully you will allow us to help you see to fruition. Testosterone Injections – Curious about testosterone injections Therapy? Read more about what you can expect from this treatment and contact us for more information (866) 224-5698 Contact us at (866) 224-5698 or fill out the Medical History Form to be contacted by one of our Wellness Advisors within the next 24 business hours.]]>

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