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Jeff used hormone therapy and stopped gaining weight.

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How someone used hormone therapy to control the effects of aging.

Jeff Harrington started noticing he was getting overweight around his 48th birthday. He always worked out 2 to 3 times a week for about an hour. He got into this workout habit in college and stuck to it pretty loyally, wearing out sneakers like there’s no tomorrow.

He loved getting to spend time at the gym. He especially enjoyed the benefits it had given him compared to his friends who didn’t work out as much, referring to them as “slackers.” Lately, though, he had started feeling like a slacker. He had begun to gain weight, particularly around his stomach. His six-pack abs had begun to turn into one big belly and started getting in his way when he bent over. He found himself missing days at the gym. It made him call himself a slacker; he was angry at himself about it.

He tried dieting.

He tried to get rid of his gut by dieting and increasing his cardiovascular exercises. He searched for a diet that made sense to him. The one he chose focused on limiting his caloric intake. It felt like he was denying himself what he needed to stay energetic. Eating a nut bar wasn’t as good a feeling as eating a steak.

His recommended diet was very unpleasant to stick to and made Jeff feel guilty when he didn’t stick to it. Jeff believed the diet contributed to how tired he felt most of the time. He hoped he could eat healthy foods or maybe even not-so-healthy foods again. He didn’t think he’d ever be as thin and healthy as he used to be without working out every day. He doubted he’d feel as healthy as he thought when he was younger.

His doctor wasn’t much help.

He thought asking his doctor to help adjust his diet would be a good idea, but it wasn’t. When he asked how much more his doctor recommended he exercise and reduce his eating, the doctor ordered blood tests. After reviewing the results with Jeff, the doctor recommended he begin taking blood pressure medication. He started taking the blood pressure pills. He didn’t get the advice he was looking for from the doctor, just some general info he had already read before.

Here’s where it got worse: the blood pressure medication made it difficult for him to get an erection. To top it off, he didn’t even have high blood pressure yet, so he was puzzled why he was taking the meds. Taking the pills and suffering from their side effects was what made Jeff finally do some research about them. After he learned that the drugs were the cause of the side effects he was feeling, he was desperate enough to learn more about his health situation.

Jeff did his homework.

He learned about how anti-aging specialists have a different approach to keeping healthy. After reading about how anti-aging therapists used hormone therapy and talking to Dr. Larry here at AAI, he decided to get his blood tested. He went to our local blood testing lab. After an AAI Rejuvenation Clinic review, Jeff got diagnosed with hypogonadism. Instead of being within the healthy range of 400-900ppb, his blood showed 138ppb free testosterone. Since that level was beneath the 400ppb, it was pretty clear he’d benefit from hormone therapy.

He started receiving testosterone cypionate gel. Instead of working out more than he could afford or denying himself healthy foods and eating processed diet chow, he raised his testosterone level by hormone or Testosterone therapy from AAI Rejuvenation Clinics. He also made gains at the gym, reversing his downward spiral. His midsection began to shrink, and he saw his stomach muscles again for the first time in years.

Jeff used hormone therapy, and it worked.

Jeff would have been thrilled if it was just about losing weight, but the other effects of hormone therapy made him happy too. The increased energy made workouts fun. He began dating and having sex again. He just felt like himself in a way he hadn’t in a while. Jeff tells everyone today that he turned the way he felt around because he took the time to research. He learned about what modern science has to offer. The pharmaceutical solution was essentially a catastrophe in his own body. Hormone therapy was like his “body’s revolution against aging.” Now he goes to the gym, eats the foods he knows will keep him healthy, the ones he enjoys, and doesn’t gain weight. He’s happy with his results from Testosterone injections and hormone therapy.

**NOTE** The content in this blog is subject to interpretation and is the opinion of the content writer. We do not claim it to be fact. We encourage you to consult a medical doctor before taking any prescribed medications or supplements.


Supporting Hormones health is essential for overall well-being and vitality. By incorporating regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, stress management techniques, and IV therapy, you can help maintain optimal testosterone levels and lead a healthy, balanced life. Always consult a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your lifestyle or starting any new treatments to ensure they suit your needs.

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, we advise anyone to think seriously about beginning Hormone treatment if there is no medical need for it. However, we will take every precaution to ensure that you read your program’s positive benefits by providing the latest at-home hormonal mouth-swab testing to ensure we are continually monitoring your progress and aware of any adverse side effects. Fill out the Medical History Form, or if you need more information, call us at (866) 224-5698 or (866) AAI-Low-T.

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