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Low Testosterone: Does It Lead to Decreased Sex Drive and Desire?

low testosterone, Sex Drive

Low testosterone may be the cause of decreased sex drive. Though it is the dominant hormone in men, testosterone also plays a significant role in women.

As many as one in five of all men and 30% of women ages 18 – 59 suffer from decreased sex drive. Contrary to popular belief, low sex drive is not related to the frequency of sexual activity or the satisfaction achieved. Instead, it is determined by the body’s signal indicating sexual desire. This signal declines with age due to the body’s decreased production of testosterone.

The natural loss of testosterone, or low testosterone, may be linked to the following conditions, each of which contributes to loss of libido:

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Endothelial dysfunction
  • Diabetes

Testosterone therapy can assist in reclaiming your youth, vitality, and libido. Here at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, we’re ready to help with low testosterone issues. Our services are discrete and confidential. Contact us today at (866) 224-5698 or fill out our medical history form. Our trained wellness team is eager to get you started on the path to a more satisfied, more confident you.

Testosterone (Low-T) and Sex Drive and Desire

It’s not something we like to talk about, however loss of libido or sex drive is a more common condition then you would think. 1 in 5 men don’t want to have sex! That doesn’t go with the image society paints of men, the sex driven machine with one thing and one thing only on its mind. How is this something that we haven’t heard of? Well, apparently many of us have. Those of us getting denied with a, “not tonight dear”. The problem not only affects men, but women too. About 30% of women from ages 18 to 59 are suffering with decreased sex drive.

Low libido stresses a relationship more than any other sexual dysfunction. It’s one thing if your partner wants to have sex with you and is physically incapable. It’s a whole other ball game when they have low sex drive or decreased sexual desire and seem completely uninterested in the subject as a whole. A sudden loss of intimacy due to decreased sexual desire with no physical difficulties to blame it on can create a huge elephant in the room. Your partner can feel that your loss of sex drive is a result of something they did and even you may come to question the source of this decrease in libido.

You may ask yourself “what exactly is low sex drive”? Well contrary to popular belief, it is not the frequency with which you are having sex or the satisfaction achieved through sex. It has more to do with your body signaling that it wants to be sexual then it has to do with you acting on that signal. This “signal”, sexual desire or libido, naturally declines with age. Much of this is due to the decrease in the body’s natural production of Testosterone.

Testosterone is the dominant hormone found in males, however it also plays a dominant role in women. Testosterone is they key factor when it comes to your sex drive and should always be the first avenue to consider if there is a suspicion that your libido is beginning to decrease. If you notice your vigor is not what it once was, you are doing yourself a sad disservice by not, at least, “just” checking out your testosterone levels. Of course, other variables may come into play such as stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, influences from your peers, etc. Low testosterone may not be the main cause of you loss of sex drive but it is likely a contributing factor.

The natural loss of testosterone is also linked to many conditions that lead to loss of libido. Metabolic syndrome, obesity, endothelial dysfunction, and diabetes, are just a few of these. A medical examination would be the best way to determine what exactly may be going on. You don’t have to learn to live with your low libido or decreasing sex drive.

Here at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, there are a number of therapies and protocols that can help bring back the passion in your life. With the help of one of our physicians, a proper diagnosis, an individualized and physician supervised testosterone protocol, a proper diet and healthy lifestyle change, natural decline or loss of sex drive is not something we have to learn to live with. We can do something about it now. Call us now or fill out the Medical History Form. We will call you at no cost or obligation to give you a proper run down of our services, what we can do to help better your situation and the associated costs you can expect to be involved. When you get off the phone with us you will have all the necessary details to make an educated decision on how to tackle you declines and bring back the zest you always remember yourself having and miss.


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