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Low Testosterone Crisis: An Actual Epidemic

low testosterone crisis, testosterone injections

Low Testosterone Crisis: An Actual Epidemic Low Testosterone Crisis There is a low testosterone crisis. An epidemic that is slowly sullying men’s abilities to:

  • grow and keep healthy muscle.
  • burn fat.
  • have a healthy sex life.
  • actually enjoy life itself.

That Crisis is Low Testosterone

At this stage of the game, most of us know that testosterone levels begin to decline as we age. The difference is that a few decades ago that decline didn’t actually commence until around age 50. Sadly, we are starting to see patients as young as in their late 20’s suffering from alarmingly low testosterone levels. We talk to these unfortunate guys and they are upset for:
  • not getting any results at the gym.
  • soft muscles.
  • unstable moods.
  • abnormal fat gain.
  • water retention.
Low Testosterone Crisis It’s demoralizing to be a young, 30 something-year-old guy and hitting the gym as hard as you did when you were in your 20’s and only getting a fraction of the results; sometimes even diminished results. This isn’t happening because of lack of effort. It’s happening because of low testosterone levels. If your Testosterone is low, it doesn’t matter how hard you work out, you will not build muscle or see benefits.

So, What’s Going on with Men nowadays?

The answer is actually very basic. As the industrial revolution advanced, a side effect of its evolution was to create a current environment that is highly estrogenic and it’s literally turning men into women. That is not a joke. Low Testosterone Crisis The highly estrogenic environment will cause:
  • Testosterone levels in men to decrease.
  • Estrogen levels in men to increase.
The combination of these reactions results in:
  • Less muscle
  • More fat
  • Water retention
  • Weight gain
  • Fat accumulation
  • Mood swings
Where are these environmental estrogens coming from? Sadly, almost everywhere:
  • Water supply
  • Food supply
  • Detergents
  • Laminates
  • Soaps
  • Beverage containers

Can We Do Anything to Stop It?

This is huge: Stop drinking bottled water or canned drinks. Estrogenic compounds are used to line the inside of these containers. There is no way to avoid them. These estrogens get into the liquid contained within. Next big change: Try not to use detergents and shampoos that have something called Phthalates. You can actually find products that are Phthalate free. Third important modification: Reduce soy consumption. Soy actually helps you to develop estrogen. Eating too much of it will be detrimental to your muscle development and ability to lose fat. Fourth implementation: LOSE WEIGHT. Being elevated in weight is scientifically proven to negatively impact testosterone levels.Low Testosterone Crisis Remember:
  • Fat has a compound that aromatizes Testosterone (naturally, converts it into estrogen).
  • The more fat there is, the more Testosterone is converted into estrogen.
  • Estrogen stimulates the production of more fat and less muscle.
  • Once your body fat gets high enough, your muscles simply stop responding to your weight training workouts.
This creates a vicious cycle, which will spiral your quality of life and level optimism. AAI Clinics Tip: If you’ve tried to build muscle by bulking up, you’ve probably made it almost impossible to really see any progress as a result of the excess fat fighting against your body’s ability to build muscle. Losing weight will help you to accelerate muscle development.

Other Effective Alternatives:

Injectable Testosterone therapy is absolutely the best form of testosterone replacement therapy. It’s the best way to combat the effects of this low testosterone crisis if other natural alternatives were not effective. If you have a doctor that makes you do follow up blood work and calibrates your dosages accordingly, you can regress to feeling like that 20 something year old that felt invincible and capable, strong and full of hope. AAI Rejuvenation Clinic’s physicians and doctors can help with an array of treatments to help you feel like your old self again. Injectable HGH therapy is also unequivocally life to transform for patients with declining Growth Hormone levels. Click on the links to learn more about our programs specifically or, if you wish to be contacted by one of our friendly Wellness Advisors, simply fill out our Medical History Form. You can also call us directly during normal business hours EST at:

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