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What To Expect From Therapy?

What To Expect From hGH Injection Therapy

HGH Injection Before thinking about what to expect from hGH injection therapy, it is important to consider your health goals. Why are you interested in beginning HGH therapy? The purpose is likely to be to return your hormone levels to the same as those that you experienced in your early to mid-twenties. This will induce the protein synthesis and cellular regeneration required to produce the quality tissues and tissue rigidity we rely on and became accustomed to in our youth.

Here are just a few things you can expect from hGH therapy:

• Return your metabolism to the rates and speeds that you experienced in your youth. If you were always thin, regardless of what you ingested, you can expect a 6 month HGH Injection program to return your metabolic rates back to those glory days.

• Stronger bones and better healing, even old fractures.

• Change the way your body responds to water retention, resulting in more plush, supple skin and better functioning rehydrated organs.

• A better attitude and sense of self-esteem, since HGH Injection helps regulate messengers in the brain within 15 minutes of its administration or secretion.

• Accelerated wound healing, including the recuperation time from extensive exercise and training.

• Improved cell regeneration and increased protein synthesis to stimulate and accelerate the healing of any and all tissues in your body.

Everyone wants and expects immediate results, but unfortunately, that is not realistic. It takes several months to see the full benefits of HGH therapy. It is important to understand that slow and steady is the way to go! When dieting, if you lose weight too quickly you usually end up gaining it all back; the same is true for physical transformation and development.

With a well-structured testosterone injection program, you can expect to see the following results:

Month One:

• Increased energy.
• Deeper, more restful sleep with a more intensified REM period. You may sleep less, but get more rest because of the improved sleep quality.
• Improved stamina.
• A happier, more content state of mind.

Month Two:

• The initial stages of belly fat depletion, which is caused by an increased metabolic rate without any significant dietary changes.
• Improved metabolism.
• Increased muscle tone.
• Improved skin tone with fewer wrinkles as water retention increases.
• Stronger hair and nails.

Month Three:

• Increased mental focus, acuity, and clarity
• Greater flexibility and joint health caused by increased water retention
• Increased drive and ambition
• Increased sex drive

Month Four:

• Improved mental acuity and cognition caused by an improved chemical balance in the brain.
• Better skin elasticity, which is caused by improved cellular water retention.
• Improved appearance of the hair and nails due to cellular and tissue regeneration.
• Continued weight loss; by this point, your metabolic rate should have increased closer to what you experienced in your early to mid-20’s
• Improved lean muscle mass, especially in the elderly or patients suffering from an acute lack of GH production.

Month Five:

• Continued loss of belly fat as your metabolism continues to accelerate and the increase in your lean muscle mass burns more calories.
• Wrinkle reduction and improved skin tone as your overall health improves and more moisture is retained. Your skin will be plumper, with reduced wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other skin creases.
• Fuller, healthier hair becomes much more noticeable as your cells and tissues regenerate.

Month Six:

• A 5–10% reduction in body fat, without diet or exercise. By now, your metabolism should have returned to where it was in your youth
• A 10% increase in lean muscle mass as the muscle loss you experienced before therapy is reversed.
• Significantly improved physique as your body fat percentage decreases and your lean muscle mass increases to cause a more shapely, rigid, stronger body.
• Increased vitality.

Contact us at so that we can process a hormone test for you to see how well your body is producing GH and if you would benefit from an individualized, properly structured hGH program to help rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. hGH injection therapy can help you in areas that you may not even imagine. Fill out our Medical History Form to learn more.

In summary, here is a general breakdown of some of the benefits of hGH therapy:

• Measurable fat loss
• Increased lean muscle mass
• Increased energy
• Increased immune function
• Enhanced sexual performance
• Heightened libido
• Increased cardiac output
• Improved skin elasticity
• Decreased wrinkle appearance
• Improved vision
• Increased memory retention
• Improved quality of sleep
• Increased exercise performance
• Expedited wound healing
• Lower blood pressure
• Improved cholesterol levels
• Increased bone mass
• Elevated mood

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