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Symptoms Of Low Growth Hormone

Symptoms Of Low Growth Hormone

low Growth Hormone It is common knowledge that the sooner you focus on healing and rehabilitating after an injury, the greater your success in restoring normal function and maximum capacity in the injured issue. The same applies to hormone levels in your body. Hormone-sensitive tissues experience a decline in GH and IGF-I levels as a result of normal aging, which is particularly problematic after injury or illness. Moreover, the longer these tissues are deprived of any required hormones, the more they will be negatively affected in their attempt to function normally. Therefore, it is important for us to be in tune with our bodies, receptive to changes, and understand that one must never procrastinate when it comes to health issues. If something feels different or strange, particularly if it lingers for a prolonged period or worsens over time, you should always seek help. The problem is that the longer we experience issues and ignore them the more common or normal they begin to feel, which makes it easier it is to ignore them. It might even be too late if you do not do something.

How Do I Know I Have Low GH Levels?

It is important to remember is that low Growth Hormone plays indirect and direct critical roles throughout the body. As the name suggests, GH helps your body and tissues to grow; thus, lower levels of this protein-building hormone can cause abnormalities or fluctuations in new, regenerating cells that leave room for irregularities. This includes malformations and diseases.

You may say to yourself, “I’m not a doctor, so how do I know if I’m experiencing symptoms of low GH?” An adult with low GH levels will experience a variety of symptoms.

For example:

• Weight gain, particularly fat accumulation around the waist
• Anxiety and depression
• Decreased sexual function and interest
• Fatigue
• Reduced muscle strength and mass
• Reduced exercise tolerance
• Insulin resistance
• Cardiac problems
• Delayed sexual maturity
• Greater sensitivity to heat and cold
• Thin, dry skin
• Brittle nails
• Reduced bone density and an increased tendency for osteoporosis and bone fractures
• Elevated levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
• Increased triglyceride levels
• Poor concentration
• Memory loss
• Low energy

Because GH plays a role in the creation of tissues throughout the body, low Growth Hormone levels will eventually manifest themselves physically. For example, insufficient hormone levels lead to inefficient or failed cellular regeneration; abnormal cells promote a variety of illnesses and diseases.

If you notice several of the above symptoms, you may be experiencing the onset of GH depletion. It is imperative that you take action to, at a minimum, understand what your GH levels are. If you have GH depletion and you catch it early, treatment can significantly improve your quality of life and optimize your health. Studies have revealed that with proper hGH treatment, patients can go on to have a long, healthy life. There is no point in living a long time if you are miserable; quality of life is what really matters. Symptoms of low GH should be addressed immediately to ensure that you have the happiest possible tomorrow.

Contact us at AAI clinics if you would like to speak with someone about getting your GH levels tested. Be sure to tell them if you’ve experienced symptoms of low growth hormone. Our advisors are experts on the subject and will give you unbiased, medically oriented answers to your inquiries. If you would prefer to test your hormone levels in private without speaking to anyone, you can visit our Services and Products page by clicking here and purchasing an at-home testing kit. The kit will provide clear, simple instructions on how to obtain and submit your specimen; you can expect your results within 2 weeks. Alternatively, if you speak with us directly and we send you to one of our testing centers located near your home, your results will be available in 24 hours.

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