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HGH Therapy

What Can hGH Therapy Do for Me?

So, what is so good about HGH therapy? The answer is simple: it is life transforming and it works! It is one of the most popular and effective anti-aging treatments available today. Numerous clinical studies conducted over a 6-month period showed that patients who underwent hGH therapy reported significant improvements in their ailments and symptoms.

HGH has been used to treat a number of symptoms for over 50 years, including neurological, muscular, physical, spinal, intestinal, and gastric symptoms.

If administered appropriately and with proper medical supervision, data suggest that long-term hGH therapy (at least 6 months) might significantly improve:

• The skin
• Libido
• Energy levels
• The bones
• Cardiac efficiency
• Memory
• Eyesight
• Hearing
• Cholesterol
• The muscles
• Body fat percentage
• Hip-to-waist ratio
• Healing ability
• Immunity
• Overall organ function
• Life expectancy
• Quality of life

Indeed, the author of “Grow Young with HGH”, Dr. Ronald Klatz, called it plastic surgery in a bottle.

One of the main approaches of western medicine is masking the symptoms of our illnesses and maladies. However, symptoms occur so that our body can communicate the problem areas that need attention. This means that turning off those signals does nothing for our future wellbeing. For example, ignoring back pain by taking a pain killer only allows more inappropriate movements to take place, exacerbating the original problem.

Similar to testosterone, GH levels decline as we age, which means that we lose the beneficial effects that GH brings.

For example, GH has been reported to:

• Return gray hair to its original color
• Tightening the skin and making it more supple
• Thickening the hair and eyelashes
• Strengthening the bones and promoting rigidity
• Replenishing the spinal fluids and gelatins
• Accelerating wound healing
• Increasing stamina and physical output
• Sharpening vision
• Improving cognition and memory retention
• Increasing sleep quality and duration
• Mood enhancement
• Aiding and repairing the digestive and gastrointestinal systems
• Increasing libido
• Strengthening erections

The reason to participate in hGH therapy is to help your body repair itself by strengthening and rejuvenating from the very core, beginning with the immune system and cellular biosynthesis. GH regulates the production and regeneration of cells throughout the body. Having healthy levels of GH increases protein synthesis to strengthen bone and tissues at the cellular level.

HGH injections therapy also helps strengthen the immune system, helping the body fight against free radicals and disease. Therefore, hGH therapy can help to keep an array of ailments and diseases at bay by promoting cell preparation and physical healing, as well as activating preventative measures to help ensure happy, healthy days ahead; the ability to actually live a full life.

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