Why Choose AAI Rejuvenation Clinic?

AAI specializes in treating chronic age-related diseases and symptoms. Our primary goal is to promote wellness and vitality by focusing on the early detection of hormonal imbalances. A therapy through AAI is individualized to suit your unique needs in alignment with specific health and fitness goals. Our programs supersede other clinics in that we provide a combination of three crucial elements for successful treatment. First, we prescribe state of the art pharmaceutical support supplied by our specialized pharmacies. In order to partner with AAI, these pharmacies have to be in accordance with the highest regulations for injectable medications. Most common deficiencies are treated with Testosterone, Sermorelin, and HGH options. We provide all supporting medications to ensure your endocrine system is functioning at a superlative level. Secondly, we follow with the latest in plant-based medicine to help cellular support during and after treatment enhancing your benefits and minimizing your ailments. Lastly, we provide the best patient advocate support available. Our advisers have been trained closely by our physicians to ensure that you are empowered to understand your treatment from start to finish. We truly believe in our therapies because we have experienced the life changing benefits first hand and through our patients. Thank you for choosing AAI Rejuvenation Clinic!

You are only a few steps away from changing the quality of your life and those closest to you.  Allow AAI Rejuvenation Clinic the opportunity to help you.

Live Infinitely Well!

AAI has made the qualification process simple. The initial step in getting started is to fill out the medical history form on our website. This will give the physician a more detailed view of your unique history to align with your goals. You will be assigned a physician trained wellness advisor within minutes of filling out this form. Our advisors will then walk you through setting up a physical examination and a comprehensive lab test within your desired zip code. We are available to answer any questions you may have and can be reached at 1-866-AAI-Low-T or 1-866-224-5698

Blood Work

Testing completed at either LabCorp, Access Medical Labs, or other testing center (Depending on your zip code)

Physical Exam

A physical examination is required in order to be placed for therapy.  We can set up an appointment for you locally.

Medical History Form

 List your medical history including prescribed medications and supplements, symptoms, and goals for therapy.