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Our intent is not to change your lifestyle
but for your lifestyle to gradually change on its own. 

Most people make the mistake of taking on too much too quickly. Subconsciously we feel we’ve wasted so much time that we have to make up for it. Do yourself a favor. Rebuke that thought. It anchors you. The secret is not to start excluding things you previously enjoyed from your life. It’s actually adding new ones; smarter ones. Not only thinking about today’s gratification but, tomorrow’s hopes and yearnings and, moreover, your ability to execute them.

This section is dedicated, first, to our patients and, second, to everyone that can see the forest through the trees and recognizes that today’s actions reflect tomorrow’s ability for action. Following the guidelines, recipes, exercises, meditating and body optimizing provisions organized within this “Change Your Life” section can assure you the opportunity of maximizing your quality of life and ensuring a healthy, happy journey throughout the course of this wonderful existence.

Most important tip:
Don’t start excluding and changing a whole bunch of customs because you’ve caught “the bug” and are going to “change your life”. You know how that always ends. Start small and build from there.. gradually. 

START WITH THIS: Every morning, make yourself one of the smoothies in our “AAI Smoothie Healing & Optimizing” tab. Any one you want. The point is to start the day off right. Not only are you getting a huge gulp of real essential nutrients and vitamins but, you are setting a tone for the day. By the time it’s lunch time and you crave a burger, you’ll probably say to yourself, ” I had that great smoothie today that made me feel awesome. Let me not mess that up with a heavy burger. I’ll get some rotisserie chicken and a small order of fries and only eat half of them.”

Always be honest with yourself. Pay attention to how easily you lie to your own self and fall for it. We all do it!

So again, start your day off right. Set the tone. Little by little, the rest will follow. If you do go for that burger today, don’t worry. You probably won’t after tomorrow’s smoothie and once you remember how you felt after that burger today.

AAI Smoothie Healing and Optimizing

AAI Smoothie Healing and Optimizing

Stabilizing hormones does not have to be difficult or costly but, it should be at the top of the priority list of every man and woman. AAI Recognizes that eating some raw foods provides unequivocal healing and regenerative properties. Smart Smoothie making is the number one option for maximizing your nutritional intake. However, it’s not as easy as mixing ingredients together and making smoothies. Some ingredients have certain requirements for activation or even bioavailability. We’ve put all these secrets together for you here, in order of symptom and condition. Look up your malady so we can help you work on it, from the inside out.

 AAI Healing Recipes (By Symptom)

AAI Healing Recipes

The body is organic. It’s very receptive to organic healing. The right combination of foods can really slow down and sometimes even reverse some of the most adverse health conditions. We have organized and structured some incredibly delicious and equally as powerfully healing recipes that will surpass your expectations for results. In this section, you can easily search for them in order of symptom or condition. Combining the right kinds of foods in the exact amounts and proportions has proven to bring about some pretty miraculous results, receding and sometimes completely eradicating otherwise incurable maladies. (You must never make any changes without first consulting your doctor)

 AAI Healing Foods by Name

AAI's Healing Foods

From the very foundation, AAI Rejuvenation’s mission has been to actually educate people on how to treat their bodies and why it is important to do so. Of course, our bread and butter and the reason we stay open are our incomparable hormone therapy practice. However, the difference with AAI is we need our patients to not be misled into thinking that just because they are on hormone therapy, all’s good. That is not correct. Your body must be balanced as a whole. If you have no nutrients, what good does it do you to have healthy, elevated levels of testosterone or hGH? This section teaches you about food, individually, and it’s nutritional and beneficial compounds. Simply look up the food by its name and learn all about what it can do to better your health and life.

AAI Easy Enhancing Exercises

AAI Easy Enhancing Exercises

It’s important to emphasize we are creatures of habit. We do the same things over and over and hope we will obtain a different result. Let’s try something different this time. You can’t jump into a heavy exercise routine because you’re going to burn out and give up just before your body is on the verge of being able to deal with it and recognizing it as a routine. When you are ready to start incorporating exercise, the secret is to NEVER hurt yourself. As soon as you feel something “weird”, move on to something else. Continue to do this until you’ve completely exhausted your muscles. Divide upper and lower level exercise to be done on separate days. It may take a little longer, but not overexerting yourself is most likely how you are going to keep yourself coming back. All of a sudden, before you know it, you’ll look exactly as you once envisioned yourself. We’ve organized some simple but powerful routines here. Effective enough to provide palpable results and intelligently orchestrated enough that they can be done right at home and with no machines.

AAI Health and Life Remedies

AAI Health and Life Remedies

There is such an awesome array of health information, tips, hacks and ideas that are based on science and have been proven true and effective but, for some reason they are seldom discussed; despite how fun some of them are to execute. In this section, AAI Rejuvenation Clinic’s team has organized a selection of effective home remedies and life hacks that you can perform with regular household items and ingredients to aid some health conditions and life circumstances. Please have fun with them and enjoy!

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