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HGH Therapy

What Can hGH Therapy Do for Me?

So, what is so good about HGH therapy? The answer is simple: it is life transforming and it works! It is one of the most popular and effective anti-aging treatments available today. Numerous clinical studies conducted over a 6-month period showed that patients who underwent hGH therapy reported significant improvements in their ailments and symptoms.

HGH has been used to treat a number of symptoms for over 50 years, including neurological, muscular, physical, spinal, intestinal, and gastric symptoms.

If administered appropriately and with proper medical supervision, data suggest that long-term hGH therapy (at least 6 months) might significantly improve:

• The skin
• Libido
• Energy levels
• The bones
• Cardiac efficiency
• Memory
• Eyesight
• Hearing
• Cholesterol
• The muscles
• Body fat percentage
• Hip-to-waist ratio
• Healing ability
• Immunity
• Overall organ function
• Life expectancy
• Quality of life

Indeed, the author of “Grow Young with HGH”, Dr. Ronald Klatz, called it plastic surgery in a bottle.

One of the main approaches of western medicine is masking the symptoms of our illnesses and maladies. However, symptoms occur so that our body can communicate the problem areas that need attention. This means that turning off those signals does nothing for our future wellbeing. For example, ignoring back pain by taking a pain killer only allows more inappropriate movements to take place, exacerbating the original problem.

Similar to testosterone, GH levels decline as we age, which means that we lose the beneficial effects that GH brings.

For example, GH has been reported to:

• Return gray hair to its original color
• Tightening the skin and making it more supple
• Thickening the hair and eyelashes
• Strengthening the bones and promoting rigidity
• Replenishing the spinal fluids and gelatins
• Accelerating wound healing
• Increasing stamina and physical output
• Sharpening vision
• Improving cognition and memory retention
• Increasing sleep quality and duration
• Mood enhancement
• Aiding and repairing the digestive and gastrointestinal systems
• Increasing libido
• Strengthening erections

The reason to participate in hGH therapy is to help your body repair itself by strengthening and rejuvenating from the very core, beginning with the immune system and cellular biosynthesis. GH regulates the production and regeneration of cells throughout the body. Having healthy levels of GH increases protein synthesis to strengthen bone and tissues at the cellular level.

HGH injections therapy also helps strengthen the immune system, helping the body fight against free radicals and disease. Therefore, hGH therapy can help to keep an array of ailments and diseases at bay by promoting cell preparation and physical healing, as well as activating preventative measures to help ensure happy, healthy days ahead; the ability to actually live a full life.

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HGH for Anti Aging, the Ultimate Guide

It seems that since the dawn of time, humans have been on the hunt for the magic elixir to turn the hands of time: the fountain of youth to return us to our younger years when our bodies functioned and looked their best, a time when sickness meant a quick healing process, and when losing weight and gaining muscle didn’t require years of careful dieting and controlled exercise. While there is no such magical potion to reverse the aging process of our bodies, medical improvements have helped us to achieve results that have made anti-aging properties achievable as a means to bring back confidence, luster, and youth in our lives. What’s the medical improvement, you ask? HGH.

What is HGH and Why Does it Help Anti Aging?

HGH, otherwise known as Human Growth Hormones (sometimes just referred to as “GH” or Growth Hormone, as seen as naturally occurring in the human body), is a hormone that is secreted by the pea-sized pituitary gland at the base of the brain. Combined with other hormones such as IGF-1 (insulin growth factor 1), these hormones are responsible for early bodily development in youth and maintaining tissues and organs throughout a person’s life. GH stimulates metabolic processes in our cells, which help activate metabolism and produce cartilage cells. Thus, GH plays a part in bone and organ growth and muscle protein synthesis.

That being said, as we approach the middle ages of our life, the amount of hormone that is produced naturally by the pituitary gland begins to decrease. This can lead to reduced muscle and bone mass and cell rejuvenation, a critical component of maintaining a youthful body. Thus, HGH injection therapy helps supply the body with the hormones it needs to continue cell rejuvenation for tissues and organs. HGH can help to aid in the anti-aging process of reversing graying hair, thickening hair and lashes, tightening skin, accelerating wound healing, increasing stamina, sharpening vision, improving cognition, improving sleep quality, enhancing mood, and much more.

Treatment Options for Growth Hormone

The most common form of HGH treatment is by injection of the hormone, also called somatotropin. A doctor or responsible adult normally administers these injections in cases of self-administering or issuing to children with growth deficiencies. Depending on your consultation with a doctor, HGH injections may need to be taken every day or less frequently.

Typically, you’ll need to schedule appointments with your doctor to monitor the process of the therapy every 4-8 weeks. Your doctor will need to monitor your cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, and bone density periodically to ensure they are all at healthy levels. While you are undergoing therapy, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting needed exercise, all critical components of the treatment plan. Your doctor will help you to incorporate the injection treatment into your schedule to maintain a healthy lifestyle which is necessary for the medicine to work successfully.


While the injection of HGH may seem like a simple way to introduce the hormones our bodies need for cell rejuvenation and younger-looking and feeling bodies, it is a little more complicated than that. Since HGH is lab-created, it isn’t the same as the hormones that are naturally present in our bodies. Thus, introducing such hormones in large quantities over time is less advantageous than the naturally occurring growth hormone (GH) that steadily declines over time; however, it isn’t impossible to recreate the exact hormones our bodies create. To stimulate the natural production of GH by the pituitary gland, a peptide called Sermorelin can be introduced into the body that works as a Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH).

GHRH are hormones that help stimulate the body to produce more of a hormone naturally instead of the outside introduction of the hormone. Rather than increasing the presence of GH in your blood through injections of HGH, your body is persuaded to naturally increase the production of GH in your blood, which has slowed through aging over time. Emulating a natural process rather than introducing the influence of outside hormones is almost always advantageous as your body will be more likely to respond positively to a hormone that it produces naturally as opposed to produced by an external source.


As previously discussed, Sermorelin is a peptide and GHRH that helps the body naturally produce more of a hormone, in this case, GH, that is paid less and less in our body over time. Peptides are short-chain amino acids that are naturally produced in our bodies. These amino acids are essential to the structure of the protein, which is designed to increase the functionality of specific body functions. GHRH peptides, therefore, bind to and tell already present cells in the body what to do, which can both replace and mimic the process of naturally occurring peptides. This ‘rewriting’ of body chemistry can promote bodily restoration and rejuvenation.

GH decrease can lead to many telltale signs of aging, such as the inability to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, lack of appetite, sleep dysfunction, and more. Some studies suggest a decrease of GH by up to 14% each decade as we age, while others indicate a reduction of up to 50% in GH levels every seven years. While HGH can potentially replace the lost levels of GH, Sermorelin can help replace groups of GH for longer periods without the need for continued injection of replacement since the body is naturally producing the hormone.


As another form of peptide that can help guide the anti-aging process of the body and cells, Ipamorelin is composed of 5 amino acids and acts similar to Sermorelin with regard to the fact that it promotes the natural increase of hormone production rather than an injection of a hormone itself. Thus, the body is encouraged to naturally produce the desired growth hormone at higher levels that naturally fall short as the body ages. Ipamorelin is quite selective in the chemicals and other hormones that it chooses to stimulate increased production of. More specifically Ipamorelin can help to increase bone density, increase body fat loss, and increase muscle mass.

Sermorelin vs. Ipamorelin

Both Sermorelin and Ipamorelin have similar effects on the body: increasing bone density, increasing body fat loss, and increasing muscle mass by stimulating the body to produce increased amounts of naturally produced hormones. All these effects have profound effects on the process by which our bodies age. However, one of the biggest differences between the two peptides is an enzyme involved with the use of Ipamorelin called Ghrelin.

Ghrelin has significant regulatory effects on your metabolism, which can increase or decrease levels of hunger, inhibit the breakdown of fat, and increase the release of GH. Ipamorelin binds to the receptors of Ghrelin on the pituitary gland in the brain, which acts to “switch” them on in the same way that Ghrelin would naturally. Thus, the hormones Ipamorelin stimulates are separate from those that Sermorelin actives, even though both work synergistically to have a similar, if not the same, effect on the rest of the body’s hormones.

Another major difference between the two is the potential side effects, neither of which has significant side effects that outway the benefit of using such treatments. Sermorelin can cause flushing, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and redness or swelling around the injection site for some adults. Ipamorelin has known similar side effects, with nausea and headaches topping the list; however, Ipamorelin is one of the safest and most effective treatments available. That being said, when used under the prescription of a qualified medical practitioner, these peptides are known to be extremely safe with no side effects.

Benefits of HGH Therapy

Participation in HGH therapy helps your body to repair itself from the core. Healthy levels of GH production increase the synthesis of protein that helps to strengthen bone and tissue at the status of your cells. The additional benefit is helping to enhance your body’s immune system. This can help you to fight against disease and the adverse effects of aging that would normally compromise your body’s ability to fight off foreign and unwanted actors. HGH therapy not only helps prevent ailments and diseases that accompany old age through cell preparation and physical healing, but it can also help act as a preventative mechanism to ensure you have a healthy, happy, long life ahead of you.

Data suggests when administered properly that, long-term HGH therapy lasting at least six months has the potential to significantly improve your skin, libido, energy levels, bones, cardiac efficiency, memory, eyesight, hearing, cholesterol, muscles, body-fat percentage, hip-to-waist ratio, healing ability, immunity, overall organ function, life expectancy, and overall quality of life. Typical Western medicine solutions focus on masking symptoms of bodily ailments through prescribed medications that cover up rather than eliminate root problems within the body. HGH therapy can potentially target the root hormonal cause of bodily diseases, leading to long-term improvements and preventative care for inevitable physical decline as we age.

More specific improvements of HGH injection therapy will include a return to the metabolic rates your body would have seen in your youth, stronger bones with better healing even after old fractures, a change in the way your body retains water leading to more plush and supple skin, and increased self-esteem and overall increased mood with increased messengers within the brain. Additionally, patients may see increased healing time for bodily wounds and quicker bounce-back time after exercising or training.

While benefits may take some time to become readily apparent, through a dedicated subscription to the process, the longer the therapy lasts, the more results you will see. For example, in the first month, you may notice increased energy, deeper sleep with intensified REM periods, improved stamina, and a happier, more content state of mind. Starting month two, you might see changes, including the beginning stages of belly fat depletion, improved metabolism, and muscle tone, and improved skin, hair, and nails. An increased mental focus will normally mark month three, better flexibility and joint health, and increased sex drive.

Starting month four, you’ll notice continued weight loss due to metabolic rates closer to where you were in your 20s. You’ll also begin to see improved muscle mass. By month five, belly fat will continue to disappear, replaced with wrinkle-free skin, lean muscle mass, and much fuller and healthier hair. By the time you reach month six, you will see a noticeable improvement in all areas of your body, including physique, mental clarity, and increased vitality.

How to Access HGH Therapy

Since HGH therapy is associated with anti-aging, anti-aging clinics are the go-to entities for this type of hormone treatment. While plenty of online sources or “clinics” will provide you with hormones, it’s important to ensure your clinic is reputable, as there is no guarantee that the hormones you receive will be what they are advertised as, if they are anything at all. Additionally, many clinics may offer quotes before their doctors review your medical situation. This could be risky not because they aren’t able to access the medications you need or require but because it may be more important to them to have you as a paying client than it is for them to ensure they are making the best choice for you and your health. While this treatment doesn’t present any significant health risks, there are always risks present with any medical treatment when individuals have certain specific pre-existing medical conditions. AAI Rejuvenation Clinic believes in upholding integrity and transparency in its client relationships.

AAI Rejuvenation Clinic offers new and exciting treatments for aging management and total wellness for men and women alike. As the top anti-aging clinic in South Florida, AAI is dedicated to ensuring the treatment our clients receive aligns with their specific medical and life circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all hormone treatment, so we take careful precautions to ensure your treatment considers your physiology, lifestyle, and end goals of starting hormone therapy. Your therapy will also need to consider certain factors, such as your medical history.

Our Process

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, we believe the process to get the anti-aging treatment you desire should be as painless and professional as possible. By following just a few quick steps and protocols, you’ll be on track to receiving and beginning your HGH Anti Aging hormone therapy. You should start by calling our clinic or filling out your medical history form online, after which you’ll receive a phone call to guide you through the next steps in the process and what HGH therapy could do for you.

The next step in the process will be for you to receive blood work, which will provide us with more information about your health, and will allow us to better determine the therapy that’s right for you based on your results. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions from us on where the medication should be injected, the exact time the drug should be administered, handling and storing the medicine, and more information on needles and other supplies, you’ll need to help your medication successfully. After completing this, your treatment will be shipped directly to your door. No hassle. It’s that simple.

Getting Started

While there is no medically known way to reverse the aging process of your body, medical breakthroughs in hormone treatment by injection of peptides can help your body enhance protein production for the continued growth and development of cells and tissues to make your body feel and look the way it once did when you were younger. Even though your body isn’t getting younger, returning your hormone production rates to the level they were when you were younger is, in a sense, turning back the hands of time. By introducing hormones that enhance your body’s natural process, rather than introducing hormones created outside of your body, you can let your body do the work that it once did to see a noticeable improvement in physique, cognitive functioning, and overall bodily wellness. Feel free to contact AAI Rejuvenation Clinic today to hear about how HGH hormone therapy can benefit you and your future.

**NOTE** The content in this blog is subject to interpretation and is the opinion of the content writer. We do not claim it to be fact. We encourage you to consult a medical doctor before taking any prescribed medications or supplements.


Supporting Hormones health is essential for overall well-being and vitality. By incorporating regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, stress management techniques, and IV therapy, you can help maintain optimal testosterone levels and lead a healthy, balanced life. Always consult a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your lifestyle or starting any new treatments to ensure they suit your needs.

At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, we advise anyone to think seriously about beginning Hormone treatment if there is no medical need for it. However, we will take every precaution to ensure that you read your program’s positive benefits by providing the latest at-home hormonal mouth-swab testing to ensure we are continually monitoring your progress and aware of any adverse side effects. Fill out the Medical History Form, or if you need more information, call us at (866) 224-5698 or (866) AAI-Low-T. 

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