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The Three Amino Acid Compound

The Three Amino Acid Compound: G.A.C.

G.A.C. is a blend of three amino acids (G, glutamine; A, L-arginine; C, L-carnitine) that works as an excellent rejuvenating tool. It is equally regenerative in men and women who are looking to help their muscles heal faster, especially after strenuous work or exercise. Because it helps to stimulate the production of natural GH, the rejuvenating properties of G.A.C. impact all tissues and achieve visible regression in aging skin. G.A.C. also works as a vasodilator, widening the blood vessels to help the heart work more efficiently and with less stress. This means better blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, which is essential for individuals trying to maximize their fitness efforts.

• Glutamine acts as a fuel source for stressed muscles, preventing muscle breakdown and reducing the risk of muscle loss. Glutamine also improves GH and protein production, which facilitates the growth and recovery of muscle.

• L-Arginine increases protein and GH production, which helps build muscle. It also gives patients the ability to exercise more frequently. Arginine facilitates nitric oxide production, which improves blood flow and can, therefore, improve the delivery of nutrients throughout the body. It may also increase sexual ability.

• L-Carnitine increases the number of androgen receptors in muscles, which helps muscle to use more testosterone and build muscle faster and more effectively. Carnitine also facilitates fat metabolism, which helps prevent muscle breakdown and provides the body with more energy. It may also help reduce the risk of injury by improving bone strength.

Potential benefits of G.A.C. include:

• Enhanced muscle building and mass
• Increased GH levels
• Improved endurance, strength, and stamina
• A stronger skeletal structure
• Reduced recovery times
• A reduced risk of overtraining

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