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Testosterone from a clinic? Why go that route if there are cheaper options?

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Testosterone from a clinic, Why? It’s cheaper online or at the gym! Testosterone from the clinic Testosterone from a clinic sounds great but, if you’ve done a little research online, you’d have found much better pricing on different online sources than what the doctor is telling you. Moreover, they deliver right to your front door. It’s a no-brainer, right? For a lot of people that begin testosterone therapy after a long run of having low testosterone levels, the new amounts of testosterone floating through their bloodstream creates almost a euphoric life experience. The problem is the fact that our testosterone recedes at such a slow pace the transition is actually seamless. All of a sudden, you just “remember” being this person that you are currently not. It’s great stuff testosterone, for people that are depleted naturally or starting to deplete.

So, what’s the problem?

Unfortunately, the cost of doing a proper, healthy testosterone program under the supervision and monitor of a specialized Testosterone from a clinic hormone replacement physician isn’t an economically feasible option for a lot of people that could genuinely benefit from the alternative. This means, for many, obtaining Testosterone from a clinic and trusted source is just not a possibility, so they think.

So, what do they do?

They hop online and try to find alternatives. What people don’t understand is, we live in a very different time. Gone are the Testosterone from a clinic days when only the elite of organizations was able to finance fancy websites, packaging, advertising, marketing, medication labeling and delivery systems. No sir. The internet and its resourceful means for acquisition have all of the above available to any savvy (anyone) sitting in their home-office-garage, taking phone calls in his underwear, pretending to be 3 different departments while a batch of Testosterone injections is just about ready to be extracted from his bath tub only to be bottled before shipment, which is expected at 5 pm later that afternoon. The sad part is unless you did some deeper research, you’d probably never know the difference. More importantly, you’d never know what you are actually injecting into your body when you are not obtaining your testosterone from a clinic you can research and get to know. Maybe the example above is a little bit colorful but don’t be mislead into believing it’s exaggerated or a fabrication of any sort. It’s actually a growing concern and the issue is that men that are on testosterone therapy, for the most part, don’t talk about it. So, if something happens… no one knows why and if they found out, there is no way to trace it back to the supplier.

Why should I be concerned?

The truth is, there actually are some places abroad that sell medication that is essentially real and it is cheaper. It’s not only Testosterone from the clinic testosterone from a clinic here in the U.S.A. that you can get injectable testosterone from, especially if you are basing it solely on price. You know the old saying, though… You get what you pay for.
  • How are you going to verify that the medication is real?
  • Company reviews can be made up and strategized.
  • If you don’t have your regulated American search options for inquiry, how and whom are you going to trust to control where that medication is coming from?
  • How can you verify it was created in sterile conditions?
  • How can you verify the quality of the material that was used and where it came from?
  • Can you ask for a certificate of authenticity to verify the efficacy percentage of the medication your about to inject into your body?
  • If something bad happened, is there anybody from that organization to contact?
  • Do you get to talk to the doctor that prescribed your medication, or any physician that works directly under him/her?
  • Again, what if something happened?!? – We have to think further than our eyes can see.

What to look out for?

  • Is the only payment the Western Union or western union-like? Big red flag! That means, once they have your money, that’s it. There is no tracing that person. Cross your fingers.
  • Can you ask for the name of the prescribing physician?
  • Are you allowed to or requested to speak with your prescribing physician or any physician that works directly under him/her, as is legally required in this wonderful, standardized country of ours.
  • If a website has in small print “Not for human consumption” but they are selling everything you want to buy, they are completely eliminating themselves from any possible legal repercussions after any adverse reactions you may experience.
  • Can you ask for details of the pharmacy?
  • What’s the pharmacy’s DEA number?
  • Does the organization have a Bricks and Mortar establishment? An actual, patient-seeing location?
Testosterone from a clinic Be very vigilant. Think about your health. The thing is we men for the most part only contemplate about the now. Immediate gratification. When we want what we want, we are perfectly ok with wearing blinders. The issue is that with the rise in popularity regarding the incredible, incomparable benefits of testosterone therapy, a lot of guys are self-diagnosing, not doing research and basing their medication acquisition source on the best bargain they can obtain. Well, in case this article is about you and you haven’t done your research related to these hormone therapy mills, the events that are happening to ‘haggling-with-their-health-patients’ range from multistate fungal meningitis outbreaks to bacterial infections of the eye resulting in permanent vision loss. Also, contaminated dispensing mechanisms and products are leading to all kinds of unfortunate bacterial infections. Make sure you do your research. Don’t hurt yourself to save a few dollars. Try to do your best to obtain testosterone from a clinic that you have researched and trust. At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, you can do all the research you want and will find that we are the right choice for anyone looking to participate in an effective, regulated hormone replacement program. Even if you don’t want to do business with us now, please feel free to contact us and pick our brains. You will never reach a ‘sales person’. That is not what we do here. We hope to hear from you. You can fill out our Medical History Form and be reached within the next 24 business hours or, if you want to reach us immediately, you can speak with one of our friendly Wellness Advisors by dialing:

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