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what is hrt

What is HRT? Aging is Inevitable…Do It Well!

AAI Rejuvenation Clinic dedicated to giving our patients the best care possible in implementing and carrying out  your wellness regimen. What is HRT? HRT stands for hormone replacement therapy. AAI  geared toward balancing hormones through the collaboration of physician expertise, quality pharmaceutical products and nutritional support. We do not dispense medication on site, instead we utilize specialty pharmacies and nutracuetical companies that ship directly to our patients. The focus of our entire team to improving the health and lifestyle of every one of our patients. Additionally, we are committed to  providing you the most competitive pricing in the industry while delivering the highest quality patient care. We  encourage you to reach out to us to discuss the prospect of joining the AAI family and building a relationship to  achieve a healthier you. Your best you!

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT). To some women whose estrogen and progesterone levels drop significantly because of the menopause. Estrogen and progesterone are hormones. HRT tops up a woman’s levels of essential hormones. HRT may also refer to male hormonal treatment, as well as for individuals who undergo a sex change.


Answer 1:

The qualification process at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic is stringent due to applicable laws. We only prescribe to patients that are in need of Hormone Replacement Therapy and we ensure our patients are provided effective and safe treatments.

The initial qualification process requires for the following documents to be obtained for physician review. We can help you attain each one of these records:

  • Medical History Form
  • Physical Exam
  • Blood Work

Your medical history form can be easily completed by clicking the tab at the top of this website which will direct you to our required medical history form. All fields must be completed and participants are guaranteed all information is sent over on a secure network. Additionally, AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, works within the guidelines established by HIPAA to ensure complete confidentiality of patient details, medical data and contact information. Once you have filled out the medical history form you can expect a phone call from one of our Wellness Advisors to answer any questions you have regarding therapy costs and qualification. Our Advisors can forward quotes for any therapy options you want to consider… No obligation required.

The physical examination may be completed at a nearby testing center. Your Zip Code is the only thing required to make this arrangement. The costs associated with the physical exam are determined by the location, and will vary from state to state. The cost is generally $75.

Your Blood Work can be arranged through AAI Rejuvenation Clinic. Only your zip code is necessary. Our Office Director will arrange your testing at a convenient location through our network of physicians and testing facilities. If you pre-arrange an appointment, blood work should not take more than 30 minutes of your time. If a patient has blood work from a prior doctor’s visit that is less than a year old, we will accept that analysis for review. If your bloods work results are over 12 months you will be required to schedule new testing.

Costs associated with blood work are determined by the panels recommended by our physician based on the treatment you’re seeking. The initial qualifying blood panels required for men and women interested in all Hormone Replacement Therapy options (hGH, Testosterone, Sermorelin, amino acids, peptides and all supplementing pharmaceuticals) costs approximately $350. This cost also includes the required consultation with the patient’s prescribing physician to go over lab results and patient concerns and interests.

Once the prerequisites are completed, your AAI assigned physician will review the information. Upon qualification, our physician will contact you to discuss recommended therapy regimens for you to choose from.

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Answer 2:
When human Growth Hormone (hGH) is injected into the body for non-therapeutic reasons over an extended period of time it can cause serious side effects. The first side effects that appear include water retention and swollen or painful joints. Long term effects include carpal tunnel syndrome and breast enlargement in males. The emergence of these side effects will also depend upon the quality of the product and the dosage used.

In order for hGH therapy to work it must be the proper brand and appropriate dosage in order to improve symptoms related to hGH deficiency. Deviating from the prescribed dosage can result in uncomfortable side effects. A high dose has negative effects on the body, whereas a lower dose is not effective and would result in a waste of money. Conversely, patients with a medical history of disease are advised to obtain a prescription from an endocrinologist rather than follow a random protocol on their own.

Taken in prescribed doses hGH will improve the quality of life of a diabetic. However, if too much hGH is taken, it can increase the chance of diabetes in extreme cases. It is for this reason AAI reiterates that in order to avoid or minimize negative side effects it is imperative to take ONLY the physician prescribed dose of hGH.

AAI Rejuvenation Clinic wants to specifically stipulate that AAI Rejuvenation Clinic does not work with prospects looking to obtain hormone replacement therapy specifically to enhance their physique or performance ability. To qualify for therapy with AAI, an interested prospect must have a deficiency in whatever hormone is ultimately recommended and prescribed. It is an undeniable fact that a growing number of people are interested in using hGH, Testosterone, Sermorelin and other comparable hormone level impacting agents in n attempt to maximize and exploit their exercise and performance output, which is why AAI Clinics will not work with these individuals. hGH is not just a drug for treatment of growth hormone deficiency. It is now widely used by bodybuilders to promote performance enhancement. These are generally the individuals who experience the majority of negative side effects mentioned above as a result of misuse. It’s imperative that a patient have their program structured by a specialized physician that has evaluated their clinical file in detail to ensure the proper regimen is prescribed. Remember, GH is naturally occurring in the body therefore, replenishing these hormones as they deplete due to the natural aging process can promote healing and good health. Conversely, if you don’t know the specific amount your body requires hGH replacement will not work optimally. Proper blood work and follow up blood work during therapy is the only way to ensure a safe, effective program without side. The occasional use of hGH injections without any real deficiency is prohibited.

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Answer 3:

The cost of hGH is directly associated with the brand the patient selects and its dispensing mechanism. The reality is that the same combination of amino acid chain sequence must be used in order to create bio-identical Human Growth Hormone. The recipe can’t be changed and remain effective. There may be slight variations in the efficacy or concentration levels but, in terms of the actual constitution of the medication and its physiological impact on our IGF-1 levels, they are almost the exact same medication. As long as the medication is being derived from one of the major pharmaceutical organizations governed by the laws, structures and regulations as instilled by the USA, the FDA, all applicable HIPAA laws and other governing organizations that ensure the purity, quality of production and sanitary conditions required to properly manufacture, secure and encapsulate this approved for consumption medication.


There are significant variations in price from one brand of hGH to another. You want to consult with your provider if they are prescribing one particular brand over another. You should work together to determine which brand suits your specific needs. The brand of hGH can impact the price of the medication significantly depending on the dispensing mechanism. If you do not to travel frequently then there is no need for non-refrigerated hGH. The only difference may be the need to reconstitute the medication before it can be used and the need to store it in a refrigerator throughout its use.


Ensure whoever is assisting you with selecting the correct protocol and brands understands and addresses your actual health goals and takes into consideration your day-to-day activities and lifestyle.


hGH will vary in price depending on the brand and the dispensing mechanism. Taking those details into consideration, a patient can expect to pay somewhere in the area of $30 – $60 per shot of hGH. Sometimes a patient can be prescribed more than one shot a day, several days per week. The dosage determination will be based on the patient’s blood work results. After reviewing the results, the doctor will determine the dose of hGH injections to be administered and the frequency of administration.


When hGH was synthesized for the first time, it was viewed as a promising cure for children suffering from growth hormone deficiencies. It was the physician’s number one choice to use growth hormone injections on kids who faced growth and development disorders in their early years. Then other uses of growth hormone injections were discovered and the market expanded. HGH injections proved to be an optimistic choice for muscle enhancement and fat reduction. These injections are focusing change on a cellular level and their side effects are negligible in comparison to other body optimizing agents. Since hGH has different uses, it is packaged in different dosages. The price will vary accordingly.



It’s not as simple as just reducing the dose to pay a bit less for the medication. In fact, many people incorrectly believe that they can administer less quantities of hGH and simply expect results to come to them at a slower, yet still steady, pace. This information is totally inaccurate. HGH must be administered in dosages specific to your body composition and profile. Your clinical file, along with your medical history report and included information will be an intricate determining source of your ultimate dosing and protocol delineations.


There are other options, such as Sermorelin, which promotes the secretion of the users own natural GH (Growth Hormone) production. This medication is considered a secretagogue and induces users own, pulsating release of growth hormone by stimulating their pituitary and hypothalamus to over produce natural GH (Growth Hormone). This stimulation actually causes a rejuvenating effect on the pituitary gland and hypothalamus and is considered an excellent post therapy cleanse to hGH therapy.


Sermorelin prices are considerably lower than brand hGH while offering the potential comparable results. On average Sermorelin shots are approximately $13 – $20 a shot.

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Answer 4:

There are many men and women unaware they are suffering from hormone deficiencies. Although they experience symptoms of their physical and mental capacities deteriorating, they attribute it to aging. hGH can help! Therefore the question is, “Where can I get hGH injections?” Since bio-identical and recombinant hormone synthesis has been tested and proven to be safe it is growing in popularity. More people are using hGH therapy than ever!


Where and how to purchase real hGH injections should still be approached with caution. Although there is a large market and need for legal and safe hormone injections, there is a large black market for illegal, potentially dangerous and fake hGH injection alternatives. Therefore, the question you should be asking is, “Where can I buy hGH online that is approved for legal and safe treatment for pituitary issues and growth hormone deficiency?”


Scientists and doctors have been studying the amino acid sequence and natural compound of hGH –human Growth Hormone for quite some time. Natural products have been made that mimic the structure and exact formulation of the 191 amino acid chain (natural growth hormone). When you want to know where to buy real hGH injections, make sure you follow the necessary qualification process. The only legal way of obtaining hGH injections and other hormone products such as creams, gels, pills, patches, etc. is with a valid physician prescription.

The first step after asking where I can buy hGH, is to speak to a professional. At AAI, we connect you to Wellness Advisors and physicians who can answer all your personal questions. Additionally, they will help determine if hGH therapy will assist you in attaining all of your health and wellness goals.


A physical exam and some tests must be taken to confirm growth failure or deficiency. Upon determining whether you qualify for Hormone Replacement Therapy our age-management physicians will help you determine which therapy regimen is right for you. They will also assist you in locating an approved pharmacy where you purchase hGH and other related Hormone Replacement Therapies safely.

Human growth hormone has a never-ending effect on nearly every system in your body. This includes sleeping patterns, fat metabolism, muscle strength, bone health, heart condition, skin quality, protein synthesis, vision, cognitive function, and much more.

Fill out our medical history form and we will contact you within 24 hours to address your inquiries and help you through the qualification process. Our Wellness Advisors are eager to assist you with your wellness goals by obtaining legally prescribed Human Growth Hormone (hGH). When obtained properly, you will legally be able to travel with and carry with you wherever you go without the fear of persecution or legal issues. Your medication will have a seal/stamp, directly from the Rx, detailing your name, the prescribing physicians name and DEA number as well as the providing Rx’s DEA number and contact details.


As with any commitment to health and wellness, hGH Therapy isn’t an overnight solution. We want our patients to start the regimen realistic expectations. You will not experience immediate results. On the contrary, therapy must be taken exactly as prescribed to avoid negative side effects. A physician’s diagnosis will include recommendations for, or against, treatment and detailed instructions.

When you are contemplating purchasing hGH ensure you have sufficient, science based knowledge of what human growth hormone is, what is does in your body. Understand the impact it has on your body and the impact it has when levels decrease. Also research the negative effects it has when administered improperly or with non-therapeutic dosages.

The question “Where can I buy hGH online?” should be replaced with a more important question – “Where can I buy safe hGH injections?” Why? Different forms of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) delivery systems and administration potentials have been studied closely. It has been scientifically determined that hGH injections are the safest and most effective systems of delivery and hormonal level impact.

Instructions should be strictly followed as provided in your personalized prescription. Dosage is extremely important for hormone replacement therapy. Injecting more than needed can lead to serious side effects that may become permanent. Therefore the best person to ask, “Where can I buy hGH injections?” is one of our specialized, trained Wellness Advisors or physicians.

For information and answers about hGH therapy and other hormone replacement therapies contact us. Click the Medical History Form tab located at the top of our website. We are available and willing to help you get started with your life-changing experience.

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Answer 5:

The true comparison between the different forms of hGH or GH inducers can be realized by understanding how they function. The preparation process for Growth hormone that is administered through injections is more intricate, sanitary and requires more attention than other forms of therapy.


First and foremost, it’s important to understand that hGH product description states that it is only to be used for official use. US law requires all manufacturers list all components along with appropriate quantities on the label. This emphasizes the importance of proper labeling and consumer rights. The user should also educate themselves via different resources in order to make an informed decision. 

Labels can often be misleading even when they read, “one hundred percent natural ingredients”, it may not be factual. The consumer should complete some research and check reviews to get correct product knowledge. This will assist the user in identifying the natural ingredients from synthetic ones. Regardless of whether some of the ingredients in hGH are synthetic, their concentration along with the side effects should be appropriately listed.


HGH supplements are suggested as part of treatment for patients deficient in healthy levels of growth hormone. However, it is not recommended to develop a random regimen of supplements because a deficiency exists. The intake of hGH supplements must be approved by a physician. AAI has a physician in the office that is available for consultation prior to finalizing any regimens. The manufacturer customer support is the next option to for additional details regarding the product. They should be able to provide legitimate information and directions about the usage of hGH supplements since they are working for the brand.

At AAI, our customers can contact our Wellness Advisors 7 days a week between the hours of 9am and 10pm to address any issues or concerns. Our Wellness Advisors are trained to provide solutions for any questions or concerns that arise after normal clinical hours. If you are experiencing a MEDICAL EMERGENCY IMMEDIATELY DIAL 911! Do not waste time contacting AAI’s physicians or your Wellness Advisor. Upon resolution of the Medical Emergency contact your Wellness Advisor to schedule time to speak with the AAI prescribing physician.


The fact is that the molecule for hGH is so delicate and small it cannot be ingested. The only way to properly administer hGH and it is effective in impacting the user’s IGF-1 levels are via injectable delivery. Again, this is referencing alternative hGH therapy options. This is not including GH inducers” or “secretagogues. These are legitimate and effective treatments that stimulate your own natural production of GH by stimulating the areas surrounding the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.

Many treatments utilizing GH inducers and secretagogues work very well for individual who are between the ages of 20 – 40yrs old but are experiencing issues of pituitary mal-function or low GH production. These medications work to stimulate and rejuvenate the pituitary gland while catering to the GH needs of the body. Using hGH therapy at a young age, especially when it is not medically required, can cause serious repercussions for the user in the future. Prolonged, unnecessary use of hGH can cause atrophy of the pituitary gland and actually promote GH deficiency in otherwise healthy patients.

Additional information on the different kinds of hGH promoting alternatives can be found in public forums that contain information about that specific drug usage. These forums provide reviews about the pros and cons of these medications. The ultimate source of information MUST be your Hormone Replacement Therapy prescribing physician. However, these forums are a great place to obtain information from actual users of these products, therapies and medications. Additionally, the manufacturer cannot remove any negative feedback about the product.

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