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Testosterone Side Effects:
What is the Point of Supporting Nutraceuticals or Medications?

If you go to your regular doctor and are approved for testosterone therapy, the likelihood is that you are prescribed a testosterone injection, probably every two weeks, until you decide it is not working for you anymore and stop. You may have been on Testosterone therapy before and, because you did not get the results you wanted and expected, you’re seeking a second opinion or different alternative.

What happens? Why isn’t Testosterone therapy enough on its own? Why did I stop feeling so great after 6 months? Can anything be done to stop testosterone side effects, or regress them?

Before we can begin explaining the actual physiological need for supporting medications while on testosterone therapy, let’s review a few facts associated with being on injectable Testosterone therapy. Also, we’ll discuss testosterone side effects and what can be done to not experience them.

Natural Testosterone Production vs.
Exogenous Testosterone Administration

Let’s review the facts associated with Testosterone Administration and how they relate to your own testosterone production:

  • You administer your injection as instructed by your physician on day 1.
  • Your testosterone levels begin to rise almost immediately from that point, up until about day 1 – 2.5, where they reach their maximum levels.
  • From there, they slowly begin to decline until it has fully exited your body within 3 – 14 days.

The period of decline (a sort of slow release process) is based on the ester of testosterone the patient is prescribed, which is based on their blood work, health, and fitness goals.

Cypionate Ester = 7 day half-life
Enanthate Ester = 5-day half-life
Propionate Ester = 1.5 day half-life

* The half-life is equal to half the amount of time a medication is in your body, as it spends the other half of its life in your body exiting it. The first half is the half that promotes the benefits associated with the particular drug or medication.

  • Every day your body checks to regulate; to check and see what it needs so it can put forth the biological functions necessary to satisfy those requirements.

– The signal from your brain to your tests to induce testosterone production is called LH (Luteinizing Hormone) –

  • When your brain checks and notices that testosterone levels are nicely elevated (due to the testosterone therapy), it decides it is not necessary to signal the testes to produce any testosterone.
  • Weeks of non-production by the testes due to maintained, elevated levels of testosterone through therapy eventually cause atrophy of the testicles.

For this reason, it is custom for our prescribing physicians to incorporate human Chorionic Gonadotropin in all testosterone replacement protocols. Certain physicians may argue it is not necessary to include this medication while the patient is on Testosterone therapy. They may suggest it is only necessary as part of a post cycle therapy, to help reactivate the systems and regress any shrinkage from lack of functionality. However, avoiding testosterone side effects should be of paramount focus. At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, we believe that preventative alternatives are the safest route for anyone interested in testosterone therapy, hGH therapy or, any hormone based program. Our doctors include human Chorionic Gonadotropin as part of the main testosterone regimen, not because it helps with testosterone levels much, though it does minimally, but because it maintains the functionality of the testicles even during therapy. Despite the fact that the brain notices testosterone levels are healthy and elevated (due to treatment), and it does not send the luteinizing hormone (LH) to signal production of testosterone, the human Chorionic Gonadotropin stimulates the testes anyway. It makes them work the whole course of the patient’s therapy to ensure there is no atrophy to reverse in the first place.

Of course, our physicians still structure an effective post cycle regimen to maximize the effort of catering to testicular health and size. This period usually consists of administering the human Chorionic Gonadotropin for 5 – 20 consecutive days, depending on individual patient needs. If they’ve suffered any form of testosterone side effects, the post cycle threapy period may be extended. Additional supplementation typically accompanies this protocol but, again, that information is determined by the individual patient’s blood work and file details.

Aromatization = Estrogen accumulation

Now, let’s go over the facts associated with externally administering testosterone and the paradox behind how it can affect us negatively while doing us so much good:

  • It is a natural function of the body that Testosterone converts into estrogen. This process is called: Aromatization.
  • Aromatization occurs when testosterone that isn’t being used is converted into estradiol, the bad kind of estrogen.

– Men do need some estrogen for proper hormonal balance and muscle production.

  • Testosterone side effects begin when there is too much aromatization taking place in the body.
  • Mainly your free testosterone is converted to estrogen. Testosterone that doesn’t bind to anything ends up aromatized.
  • Logically, the more testosterone you have in your body, the more there is to aromatize; to convert into estrogen.
  • Excessive estradiol levels can lead to most of the adverse testosterone side effects experienced by men on therapy. Example:
  1. Weight Gain
  2. Water Retention
  3. Mood Swings
  4. Acne
  5. Gynocomastia
  6. Prostate Issues
  7. Erectile Dysfunction
  8. Libido Issues

and an array of others…

When our physicians prescribe a testosterone therapy, the patient can rest assured to receive estrogen blockers and/or inhibitors, depending on the protocol needs, to help ensure the above-
mentioned reactions are never experienced. Every person is different. Every patient aromatizes at a different rate. This is where blood work is very important. Once our prescribing physicians can map out the individual patient’s reaction to therapy and their aromatization rate, they structure the patient’s testosterone therapy accordingly. This means including the amount of estrogen blockers/inhibitors necessary for weekly consumption based on that person’s biological needs and responses. Following the doctor’s protocol to the letter is the best way to make sure keeping away any testosterone side effects or adverse reactions.

Testosterone and the Heart: What’s Really at the Heart of It All?

Testosterone is one of the most potent antioxidants for the heart on earth. Men suffering from hypogonadism, which would mean they have acutely low testosterone levels, are at much greater risk of suffering from some heart ailment up to and including a heart attack. That being said, misuse of testosterone therapy, which includes being on therapy that does not contain the necessary supporting nutraceuticals to keep testosterone side effects at bay, can cause an assortment of cardiac issues.

B-12 is incorporated in our protocols to combat this issue specifically. Many people think that this inclusion has something to do with helping to support better energy levels however, it actually has to do with something much more important than that. Their miseducation sometimes aids them in making the crucial mistake of skipping that portion of the therapy or having it removed altogether. Our team is specifically educated in these details and eager to help teach you so you can get the most out of participating in testosterone therapy.

Being on Testosterone therapy for a very long period of time, with no proper breaks, with no supporting nutraceuticals and/or as a result of administering un-therapeutic dosages may result in hardening of the artery walls around the heart. This is a very dangerous possible testosterone side effect and one that must not be taken lightly. For this reason, it’s imperative that patients take all their medications as directed by their prescribing doctor. Skipping or removing medications from the structured protocol can bring about rippling issues in the future.

  • Your AAI Physician supplies you the medications necessary in your protocol to maximize the efforts, ensuring a safe, effective program with little to no side effects. This includes all side effects mentioned in this passage.

Sperm Production and Testosterone Therapy

  • From reading above, we now know that medicinally increasing testosterone levels through the help of Testosterone Therapy causes the brain signals to the testes to stop. Again, this happens because there is no need for production, as the testosterone therapy has done all the work for the body.
  • FSH – Follicle Stimulating Hormone: The signal from your brain to your testes to produce sperm.
    Prolonged use of Testosterone therapy may ultimately cause a drop in your sperm production, hindering the potentiality of having children. This particular testosterone side effect is difficult to avoid and must be taken into careful consideration by men interested in growing their families.

So what’s the bigger problem?

Can there truly be a bigger problem you ask? Yes! Improperly administered Testosterone therapy is very common because it feels GREAT when you first start, and you cannot imagine needing anything else at that point. Unfortunately, that bliss is very short lived. When your LH and FSH drop too low, it basically pulls the benefits of the therapy. There is no way to avoid this testosterone side effect so close monitoring is unequivocally necessary. Men that have been on treatment and experience a decrease in benefits or, sometimes even a reversal, do so because they were not under proper guidance and did nothing to keep away the negative biological response to elevating their hormone levels through the means of testosterone therapy. That is what AAI Rejuvenation Clinic’s expertise is; promoting real hormone replacement with little to no side effects and helping patients coming in with side effects from wrongfully appropriated programs to get their lives and hormone levels back in order.

What’s the Point of Going on Therapy Then? Can anything be done?

The benefits of testosterone therapy can only be overshadowed by our actual physiological need to maintain healthy, optimal levels of this life-supporting hormone. Simply put, if you have low testosterone, you cannot be, act, relate to or have the potential of the man you once remember yourself to be. It WILL catch up with you. That is a guarantee.

So, we understand that Testosterone therapy is necessary but, at what expense? Simply put, there is not a need to suffer from the negative testosterone side effects we have often heard of in the past. Understand that the general, public consensus of testosterone therapy is based on the taboo, misguided understanding as brought about by its initial participants, which for the most part only included:

  • Bodybuilders
  • Athletes
  • Sports and fitness enthusiasts
  • Celebrities
  • People under the spotlight

Not only were these people, for the most part, administering these medications under the instruction of misguiding representatives with ulterior motives but, they were also obtaining these medications from illegal, untrusted or unregulated sources. This ultimately caused an array of unseemly maladies and side effects. Above and beyond that is the fact that unhealthy, excessive dosages were very often administered in an effort to maximize the end results. Because of this, negative testosterone side effects were eminent.

What Will AAI Truly do About These Side Effects?

One of the beautiful differences about our clinic is we welcome patients that have been on improper protocols in the past. Many of our patients have had unfortunate experiences by not having their Testosterone
replacement therapy organized and supervised by a professional. Patients that have self-diagnosed or have been improperly treated and have suffered the adverse side effects associated with mal-administering testosterone therapy find refuge here. Our physicians specialize in helping patients with unbalanced hormone levels bring them back in line, and more importantly, assist in regressing any damaged done as a result of the misappropriated protocol. We can help combat the manifestations of testosterone side effects.

AAI Rejuvenation Clinic’s Prescribing Physicians only prescribe protocols that are inclusive of all the required medications to ensure the best outcome with the least transitional issues as are established by our patient’s lab results. This is another reason recent, updated blood work is always the best to base a hormone program on. The more accurate the details involved in prescribing the patient’s testosterone therapy and all the supporting nutraceuticals required as dictated by their blood work, the most assured success that participant can expect.

Our programs come inclusive of all the additional supporting medications to keep all the side effects mentioned in this passage out of sight and out of mind.

Aside from being prescribed the correct and most efficient supporting nutraceuticals to combat side effects, what makes AAI better about ensuring these side effects stay away and that patient get the most out of their therapy is having:

  • An established, assigned Wellness Advisor 7 days a week until 10 pm.
  • Your protocol details and program information at your fingertips through the use of our mobile app.
  • Your annual phone/personal consult with your prescribing physician
  • One free blood test a year (VIP patients).
  • The use of only Grade “A” pharmacies with the highest recorded purity levels (documentation available).

AAI Rejuvenation Clinic helps you reach your goals. Call us at no cost or obligation. Just one conversation with our friendly staff makes you immediately aware you’ve called the right place. A place that helps you the right way.

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