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Risks Of Low Growth Hormone In Men

Risk of low Growth Hormone

The risk of low Growth Hormone differs significantly in men and women. Here, we will discuss the risk of low Growth Hormone in men. As discussed above, the symptoms experienced by men with low GH levels include a lack of energy and low motivation, increased fat accumulation around the stomach, and a loss of muscle tone.

Metabolism involves two key processes: anabolism, which describes the building of proteins and tissues, and catabolism, through involves tissue and molecular breakdown. The balance between these two processes is critical for healthy metabolism. GH is one of the most important hormones for anabolism, particularly in tissues such as muscle. Therefore, reduced GH levels reduce anabolism and increase catabolism, which can lead to tissue breakdown that manifests particularly as reduced muscle mass. A man in a low GH-induced catabolic state is unable to replace cells and tissues as fast as his body breaks them down.

The increased abdominal fat mass experienced by adults with low GH levels can lead to overt obesity. Obesity is a chronic inflammatory disease that is a risk factor for a number of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, such as cardiac arrest and diabetes, as well as cancer. These risks are exacerbated by other symptoms of GH-deficiency, such as an altered cholesterol ratio and increased triglycerides.

Other risks associated with low GH levels are as follows:

• Low GH levels lead to a reduced bone density, which is a risk factor for osteoporosis and increased fractures
• Increased sensitivity to bright light, which could be indicative of the breakdown of eye tissue
• Reduced immunity, which increases the susceptibility to infections and reduced the ability to fight disease

Mitigating these risks is key to living a long, healthy life. Don’t allow yourself to be less of the person you know yourself to be. The sooner you replenish your hormone levels, the less cellular damage your body has to deal with and the younger and more youthful you will seem, feel, look, act, and actually be. AAI Rejuvenation Clinic provides expert advice and hGH treatment protocols. Understanding the risk of low Growth Hormone levels in the body helps you take the right course of action to reduce your symptoms and other issues typically associated with aging.

Fill out the Medical History Form and you will be contacted by a professional, caring Wellness Advisor within 24 hours who will help you locate an affiliated testing center at a convenient location. You will have your GH test results within 48 hours. Let AAI Clinics be your first step. We will help you make the best decision for your overall health; your individual medical and physical goals and characteristics will be at the forefront of any recommended treatment.


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