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September 19, 2015 by Joseph Fermin 0 Comments

Why do I need Sermorelin, You may ask yourself? 5 (1)

Why do I need Sermorelin therapy?

Do I need Sermorelin, You may ask yourself, why would I need Sermorelin therapy or, why not just go for HGH directly, instead of Sermorelin therapy, which seems to be an extra step”?

  • First and foremost, the need for a Growth Hormone stimulating therapy program would be rooted in the fact that the participant has an existing deficiency in his or her own natural Growth Hormone production. This may be as a result of injury, a tumor, therapies to treat a tumor, genetic predisposition or a condition dealt with from birth.
  • Anyone that has participated in an HGH protocol that extended for 6 months or more should consider Sermorelin therapy; if only to stimulate an underworked pituitary. Remember, when IGF-1 levels are being externally manipulated through hGH therapy, the pituitary doesn’t need to work as hard, as IGF-1 levels in the blood have been maintained at a healthy level through this additional source. Extended periods of the pituitary not needing to work/produce due to maintained, elevated IGF-1 levels through hGH therapy, may eventually cause atrophy of the pituitary. In this instance, Sermorelin therapy would be imperative to resuscitating the pituitary and bringing it back to normal functionality, as Sermorelin serves to regenerate and even rejuvenate the pituitary gland.
  • Younger patients that have completed the required blood tests and find that their IGF-1 (representative of their GH levels) levels are lower than normal for a person of their age and file details may be interested in starting with a Sermorelin protocol in an effort to stimulate their pituitary and regulate their Growth Hormone levels. It is not recommended for needing patients under the age of 40 to participate in hGH therapy without first trying Sermorelin therapy if we are keeping into account the overall, the later health of the pituitary, and patient as a whole. The intention should be to assist your own body in its production of growth hormone for as long as it’s possible to stimulate healthy levels to be promoted. Only once Sermorelin therapy is deemed ineffective for anyone patient should they move on to a more intense program, such as direct HGH administration.
  • Above and beyond all the benefits associated with participating in a physician-supervised and orchestrated Sermorelin protocol is the fact that a Sermorelin protocol can be significantly more cost-effective than an HGH program while being able to produce comparable results for patients with a well-functioning pituitary.

Contact us at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic and allow us to process an IGF-1 test for you so you can determine if you are suffering from a low production of Growth Hormone which will ultimately manifest itself in age-related illnesses and physical manifestations. If you are not quite feeling like yourself lately, you owe it to yourself to at least test your hormone levels. AAI Clinics puts you under no further obligation and you will experience absolutely NO pressure from anyone in our organization. It’s our motto.

If you process your blood work through us and we can send you to a nearby LabCorp location (we only need your zip code), you will have your results within 24 business hours and, of course, you get a copy of your records, again, with no further obligation.


Sermorelin Injections – Curious about Sermorelin injections Therapy? Read more about what you can expect from this treatment and contact us for more information (866) 224-5698


**NOTE**  The content contained in this blog is subject to interpretation and is the opinion of the content writer.  We do not claim it to be fact.  We encourage you to consult a medical doctor before taking any prescribed medications or supplements.

September 19, 2015 by Joseph Fermin 0 Comments

Sermorelin Life Transforming but What Is Sermorelin Really? 5 (1)

Sermorelin Life Transforming but
What Is Sermorelin Really?

Sermorelin life transforming (GHRH), simply put, is a secretagogue. It is another bio-identical hormone that’s been most recently genetically engineered to stimulate the secretion of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) from the hypothalamus, which is a gland adjacent to the pituitary gland.

Depression Symptoms, Depression Symptoms from low hormones

Sermorelin injection is a peptide that contains the first 29 amino acids of the amino acid chain that our own GH (Growth Hormone) is composed of. These 29 amino acids are the active amino acids of GHRH. It is GHRH that stimulates the pituitary glands to release GH. As we age, our body produces less and less of our vital hormones, Growth Hormone being the main one. Studies now show that Sermorelin injection can restore GH-RNA to youthful levels, causing an elevation in the subjects IGF-1 numbers.

How Does Sermorelin Come?

Depending on how your physician doses your protocol, Sermorelin will come in a multi-dosed, injectable vial.  Each vial contains a powder disc, which contains the Sermorelin Acetate. Again, potency will vary on the physician’s recommendations for an effective and safe therapy. The vial is vacuum-sealed by the pharmacy for your protection and for the preservation of the hormone peptide.  You will also receive a bottle of bacteriostatic water for each vial of Sermorelin that comes with your program. The Bacteriostatic water is mixed with the Sermorelin to result in the solution utilized for injection.  Of course, you can also expect that administration and storage instructions will be provided with your prescription.

Special at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic

The specialty pharmacies we are associated with allow us to offer our patients the convenience of being prescribed medication that does not need to be refrigerated. Sermorelin injection is a medication that needs to be administered every day and, depending on the protocol, sometimes several times a day. This can be complicated for our typical patient, who is always on the go. Our Sermorelin Life Transforming combination Sermorelin/Ipamorelin product need no refrigeration, ever.

  • Specifically, the Sermorelin/Ipamorelin travel-pens are special in that they provide an entire month’s worth of medication that never has to be refrigerated. Convenient and extremely cost effective.

How Do I Take Sermorelin?

Sermorelin Life Transforming is injected into the body fat, subcutaneously, using a very small needle, similar to what a diabetic may use to inject insulin.  Injections are initially prescribed for every day and are decreased in frequency over time.

When Do I Take Sermorelin?

The endocrine system is most active at night. It’s most effective to administer your Sermorelin just prior to bedtime. Keep in mind, it’s during REM sleep that your body is mainly releasing Growth Hormone, as it’s most beneficial to the body’s recovery and repair during this time. Sermorelin therapy also promotes sleepiness. It helps you get into deep sleep very quickly and effectively and can, therefore, make you tired if taken during the day.

How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Sermorelin?

Due to the pulsatile nature of both endogenous HGH and IGF-1, a single blood draw is not sufficient for accurate measurement. The physicians at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic specialize in assisting patients to understand how they, personally, are affected and benefiting from their qualified programs. Aside from measuring the effectiveness in patients through symptomology (the study of your symptoms see benefits); physical appearance and measurements, additional and more frequent blood analysis is the most accurate way to ensure effectiveness and your safety throughout your protocol.

How Will I know It’s Working?

Several things should be expected to form a properly administered Sermorelin program. Remember that Sermorelin injection is another form of GH therapy so, your list of benefits will read the same as what you’d expect from an hGH therapy. Initially, patients on Sermorelin therapy should expect:

  • improved sleep within the first few weeks of therapy – most patients at least notice an increase in sleep quality
  • increased energy levels
  • improved mood.
  • After 3-6 months of therapy, patients start reporting noticeable or significant body changes, such as an increase in muscle tone and a leaner physique.
  • Over time patients will also notice a significant improvement in skin tone and health.

If you are interested in more information or have any questions about the details contained herein, you are welcome to fill out our contact form and someone will get to you within 24 business hours.

Sermorelin Injections – Curious about Sermorelin injections Therapy? Read more about what you can expect from this treatment and contact us for more information (866) 224-5698


**NOTE**  The content contained in this blog is subject to interpretation and is the opinion of the content writer.  We do not claim it to be fact.  We encourage you to consult a medical doctor before taking any prescribed medications or supplements.