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Sleep Disturbances – HGH

Sleep Disturbances HGH

Sleep disturbance affects every facet of our existence. Many sleep-related problems can be overcome with the administration of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH secretion reaches its peak during puberty and begins to taper off in early adulthood through midlife, the same time that researchers observe similar decreases in deep sleep.

In men, most HGH is secreted during deep, slow-wave sleep, when brain waves differ most from an awake, alert mind. Research shows that men who get less deep sleep secrete less HGH, regardless of age. Since the male brain secretes HGH during deep sleep, some experts blame the effects of aging, including changes in sleep patterns, on the decline of HGH.

While sleeping pills can seem like an easy remedy, prolonged use can decrease deep sleep, hindering the natural production of Growth Hormone, and leading to a variety of undesirable symptoms. Restoration of deep sleep from hormone therapy can provide a better, more comprehensive solution.

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