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Intracavernosal (ICI) Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Intracavernosal Injection (ICI) Therapy

Intracavernosal (ICI) Therapy Is the most potent and safe Erectile Dysfunction treatment.

Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is the most powerful and effective option for treating Erectile Dysfunction.

It Guarantees 98% results with patients, and there are several treatments and options for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Intracavernosal (ICI) Therapy is the number one and the most potent, useful available option.

Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is safe in men and has been used successfully to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) since the 1970s in the United States; Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is non-systemic, and this medication does not get absorbed into your body, and eliminates the risk of any reactions, and that means that this medication works reliably, every time, without restrictions on food, alcohol or drugs.

Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is by far the most effective treatment available, now in days and. It is safe and suitable for men with Erectile Dysfunction problems, regardless of age or medical condition. Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy will work. It’s a higher form of erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment for men, yet simple to apply or use.

Intracavernosal (ICI) Therapy has been widely used since the mid-70s. Medical professionals and clinical advisors specializing in erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment use various combinations of medications.

Intracavernosal Injection (ICI) Therapy

Benefits of (ICI) INTRACAVERNOUS for ED:

  • Instant and 98% powerful results
  • Maintain full erection quickly with or without stimulation
  • Control your construction for 30, 60, or 90 minutes
  • Improved stamina and sexual performance
  • No side effects and Safe and convenient treatment
  • No restrictions on food, alcohol, or medications
  • Guaranteed results in over 90% of patients

Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy Involves the painless in a small amount of a pre-determined combination of vasodilators into the spongy tissue of the penis and using an auto-applicator. The combination causes dilatation of the penile arteries and penile tissues, increasing blood flow to the penis, which is then stored in the erectile chambers. As pressure builds up against an unyielding envelope (called a tunica albuginea), the venous outflow is blocked, and an erection develops within a few minutes.

This induced erection feels natural and healthy, except it will not go down after ejaculation. The prescribed formula is individually tailored to allow the construction to last approximately 30-60 minutes, regardless of the occurrence of ejaculation or the state of mind.

Once the Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy protocol is established, this treatment works predictably and reliably every time. The medicine used in Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is a combination of vasodilators, each of which is FDA-approved, known as papaverine, phentolamine, atropine, and prostaglandin E-1. Since Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is a localized form of treatment, the side effects are minimal and local. Its overwhelming success rate, minimal side-effects, and ease of use.

Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is preferred for most patients who want natural access to this medical treatment. For patients who do not respond to traditional medication options or suffer from the side effects of oral drugs, Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is a welcome relief since it works well in most cases.


(ICI) It has an overwhelming success; it works in the majority of patients, even in those who have tried this treatment elsewhere. The medication is applied locally;

Hence there are no known systemic side effects:

  • (ICI) can use without restriction on food, wine, or other medicines.
  • (ICI) is easy to apply using an Autoject, which merely operates with the press of a button.
  • (ICI) It is reported to be the cure in many patients with Erectile Dysfunction. Results may vary depending on the underlying health problems of each patient and the severity of (ED)

Now, Even though Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy is helpful in most men, it may not be as effective in advanced Erectile Dysfunction when most of the usually elastic tissue has been stored by fibrosis, and a common result of delayed treatment, and only the remaining solution is the insertion of a penile prosthesis.

Intracavernosal (ICI) Therapy and psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Men with recent-onset psychological Erectile Dysfunction still have a reasonably intact physiological function. Restoring the confidence level with repeatedly successful erections helps resolve psychological conflicts; the erectile function tends to improve. Untreated, psychological Erectile Dysfunction can deteriorate into physical Erectile Dysfunction, a process called “disuse atrophy,” which is more difficult to reverse.

Intracavernosal (ICI) Therapy and physical Erectile Dysfunction

The penile tissue is a vascular organ that requires a healthy supply of oxygenated blood to stay supple and responsive to sexual stimulation. Such provision comes with regular erections, either sexually induced or physiologically induced (REM sleep). A course of Intracavernosal (ICI) therapy treatment results in frequent erections that last 30-60 minutes each time. Each (ICI)-induced construction helps rebuild sexual confidence, a psychological benefit, and the natural erectile reflex, a physical advantage.

Can Men Increase Long-Term Improvement?

To optimize your chance of long-term improvement, complete the entire course of treatment as recommended, look after your general health, maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, reduce stress, and control your vascular risk factors, if any.]

**NOTE** The content in this blog is subject to interpretation and is the opinion of the content writer. We do not claim it to be fact. We encourage you to consult a medical doctor before taking any prescribed medications or supplements.


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