What Can Honestly be Expected from a Testosterone Protocol?

What Can Honestly be Expected from a Testosterone Protocol

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Testosterone Protocol and the honest answer to this question is really based on three things:

  • how regimented the patient is with their program
  • where they are getting their medication from (legal trusted source or not)
  • what is included in their “comprehensive” program?
  • exercise and eating habits of participant

If losing weight or getting healthy and sexy could be obtained by simply Testosterone injecting the right cocktail of medication, I’m sure you could think of a few billionaire celebrities publically struggling with their weight that makes it obvious that such a potential doesn’t exist.

It is imperative that participants of therapy regulate their food intake and participate in some form of physical activity throughout the week, on a consistent basis. This does NOT have to be anything excessive or strenuous. If your activity level is Zero right now, just bring it up one notch will work wonders for participants of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. As your body develops and progresses, so will the physical activity. Never worry about tomorrow. Focus on conquering today. Little feats are better than no feats and they accumulate and build into huge feats!

Testosterone is not fuel; it’s no magic Testosterone injection that will automatically rejuvenate and strengthen all your tissue just because you administered it via Testosterone injection.

What Can Properly be administered Testosterone Therapy Promote?

Patients that are following their AAI, physician organized protocol as delineated and regarding their intake as well as weekly physical activity can expect the following from Testosterone Injections therapy:

  • An increase in sex drive
  • An increase in erection frequency
  • An increase in erection rigidity
  • Heightened penile sensitivity
  • Accelerated muscle development
  • Significantly improved energy
  • Quicker recovery time between fitness routines
  • Deeper more restful nights of sleep
  • A balancing and enhancing of moods
  • A heightened sense of well-being and self-esteem
  • Greater cardiac functionality
  • Greater physical output and stamina
  • Increased sense of assuredness and wherewithal
  • A boost in mental capacities and cognitive function
  • Clearer thoughts with more positive attitudes.
  • Increased sense of initiative
  • Decreased levels of procrastination

And you can definitely expect others to notice.