What Are the Causes of Low Testosterone

What Are the Causes of Low Testosterone

What Are the Causes of Low Testosterone, The most interesting thing about the human body is that science cannot explain why we are programmed to begin shutting down after about the age of twenty-seven? It is a documented fact that up until that age, our bodies are fully programmed to regenerate and heal with built tissue stronger than the day prior’s, so long as the person was healthy, managed their intake and exercised regularly. However, somewhere around the age of twenty-seven, there is a change in the body; a genetic predisposition to begin a deterioration process. Our regeneration process, the process in which cells multiply and divide to produce new, fresh tissue in and around our bodies starts to falter.

The causes of low testosteroneScience has advanced sufficiently to understand that a fundamental part of this decline roots from a slow down in our hormonal secretions. Simply put even young people with glandular issues who do not produce enough testosterone and or HGH experience side effects and maladies only associated with persons of a much more mature age.

  • Actual age-related symptoms manifest in young people with hormone secretion issues.
  • Conversely, the reverse is also true for older patients that have naturally higher, healthy hormone levels, be it natural or through means of hormone replacement therapy.

Aside from natural, what are the causes of low testosterone, or what else can promote low Testosterone in men?

It is a bit sad and concerning but, many guys do not actually know how delicate their testosterone production system is. Many lifestyle choices and decisions can also negatively impact our natural testosterone production:

  • Injury to the body – any trauma, be it physical or psychological may significantly hinder the natural production of testosterone in men.
  • Getting married/Having children – Testosterone is high in men as our biology prepares us to find a mate and have a family. Once those goals have been met, our bodies are programmed to lower testosterone production since (Dad does not have to look around anymore because he now has a family at home).
  • Depression.
  • drug use.
  • marijuana use, specifically.
  • opiate use, specifically.
  • alcohol consumption.
  • high-stress levels.
  • Lack of sleep or good quality sleep.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Negative thoughts.
  • Unnatural Glandular issues.
  • Unfortunately, much, much more…
  • If you are even reading this page, it is most probable that you are suffering from some level of
  • Testosterone depletion.

Prospects trying to figure out what direction they want to take in their quest to feeling better and determine their best course of action can obtain a Testosterone Panel test on its own with us. They do not need to do all the other blood tests associated with qualification until they have tangible proof that there is an actual issue of low testosterone levels to address.

What are The Causes of Low Testosterone for Our Poor Veterans

If you know any veterans, they are, unfortunately, a perfect example of what mental and physical trauma can do to testosterone levels. 92% of veterans that check their blood levels come back to us as hypogonadal; suffering from acutely low testosterone production. The pressures of being overseas, dealing with enemy issues, life threatening situations and the stress of needing to use immediate problem-solving techniques at the drop of a dime, in addition to the strenuous physical conditions they are exposed to and forced to deal with, take the ultimate toll. That male, life-inspiring and vigor-giving hormone and their ability to produce it practically stop.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, call us now. Let us begin to educate you on how you can feel better for the rest of your life: No exaggeration.

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