Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate is a fast-acting, short ester that is formulated as an oil-based injectable. It is commonly prescribed for the treatment of hypogonadism (low testosterone levels) and various related symptoms in males.

Testosterone propionate was first described in 1935 as a drug that increased the therapeutic potential of synthetic testosterone by slowing its release into the bloodstream. It was released for clinical use two years later by Schering AG in Germany as a hybrid blend with testosterone enanthate under the brand name Testoviron. This was also the first commercially available version of testosterone Therapy on the U.S. prescription drug market, and it remained the dominant form of testosterone globally until 1960.

Testosterone injections propionate has a half-life of 1–2 days, which means that it is present in your body for only 3–4 days. This means that it must be administered more frequently that testosterone esters with longer carbon chains, which are more stable and so longer lasting.

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