Testosterone Therapy

At AAI Clinics, our focus is on providing new and unique information about testosterone therapy that will further enlighten our current and potential clients. Testosterone is important for much more than performing in the bedroom, benching 200 lbs., and being able to stay awake and alert for 24 hours. As men, we are our testosterone. By age 30, 93% of men have begun to experience some level of testosterone decline. Don’t wait until you have obvious issues before deciding to correct them. It’s much harder to reverse issues that have been building over time.

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HGH Therapy

hGH therapy is one of the most life-transforming, anti-aging, and body optimizing treatments available. It can improve age-related ailments and make users feel more energetic and look younger. Even young people with pituitary dysfunctions, which cause low GH levels, suffer from conditions usually more associated with aging. You don’t need to worry, because using hGH therapy to restore circulating GH levels can reverse these effects to make you look and feel younger. We can help you measure your GH levels and determine if you qualify for therapy.

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GHRPs & Other Peptides

Sermorelin is a bio-identical hormone that induces the release of natural, endogenous GH. Peptides are specific chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the proteins that play critical functions throughout the body. Your muscles, skin, and all tissues contain millions of amino acids, peptides, and proteins that play essential roles in your physical composition, neurotransmitter support, energy generation, and biosynthesis. Learn how sermorelin research has advanced sufficiently to provide comparable results to much more expensive hGH-based therapies.

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Vitamins and Amino Acids

Amino acids are nitrogen-containing nutrients that form the building blocks of peptides and proteins. Hundreds of different types of protein are vital for growth, development, metabolism, and sustaining life; therefore, having a sufficient balance of amino acids is essential for these same processes. Humans have 20 amino acids. Of these, the human body can produce 11. The other nine must be consumed through the diet or supplements; therefore, they are considered “essential.” Our associated laboratories are the very best in the country and compound only the highest quality nutraceuticals. Although everyone says this, we can prove it. Click here to learn more.

Vitamin and Amino Acid

Intracavernous Injection (ICI) Therapy

INTRACAVERNOUS (ICI) Therapy Is the most Guaranteed therapy with a 98% results with patients and safe Erectile Dysfunction available treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction. (ICI) Is by far the most effective treatments available, now in days and It is safe and suitable for men with Erectile Dysfunction problems, regardless of age or medical condition ICI will work. It’s a higher form of ED treatment for men and yet simple to apply or to use. (ICI) Therapy has widely used since the mid-80’s. 

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Men’s Health Supplements

In recent years, men have spent increasing amounts of time researching their health concerns and trying to understand how to achieve better body aesthetics. It is important for us to look and feel our best and continue to strive to optimize our body’s systems. Although hormone therapy has unquestionable benefits, supplying the body with the nutrition it needs at the cellular level is just as important. This section is dedicated to educating men on what our bodies need to take our healthcare to the next level.

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Women’s Health Supplements

Nothing is more important to a woman’s wellbeing than ensuring her hormone levels are balanced and providing her body with the nutrients it needs to keep her happy and healthy. Women need an array of specific nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help keep breast cancer, osteoporosis, infections, and other maladies at bay. We can help with our specific supplements that are designed especially for the female body. This section will explain what these supplements can do for you.

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