Testosterone Levels Impact Sexual Function

The influence of testosterone towards sexual function and libido isn’t emphasized enough. Even though it is implicated in study after study, the need for all persons to have their testosterone therapy levels properly balanced is essential. It’s an intricate part of a properly functioning endocrine system, which is critical for feeling healthy. Testosterone injections are among the most potent of libido enhancing agents known to mankind. Testosterone therapy is effective in raising a person testosterone levels. This can certainly have a positive, “rising” effect on the desire for sexual contact.

Testosterone levels impact sex drive in both men and women

It’s important to point out that it is actually testosterone, in both men and women, that moderates sexual desire; testosterone regulates sex drive for both men and women. Women make a very small amount of testosterone, as that is all they need for that purpose, and men make about 20 times as much as women do per day. Although women do receive prescriptions for low testosterone to help regulate their libido, the dosage is much smaller than what’s prescribed to men.

The function of testosterone in male physiology

To understand the functionality of testosterone in aiding with sexual function in men, both physically and mentally, let’s examine some facts.

  • Testosterone levels impact penis size and shape
  • The muscles around the penis have to be engorged with blood in order to achieve an erection. Testosterone is responsible for two things relative to your muscles that must be considered in order to achieve that erection. One is its ability to keep them a normal size. No matter how old you get, you can maintain the healthy size of your muscles with appropriately administered, physician organized testosterone replacement therapy protocols and keeping your testosterone levels at youthful levels. With adequate testosterone levels, muscles stay just as strong and also muscles remain the same size. For an older person, this means less “shrinkage”, a common complaint of patients with low T.
  • Testosterone levels impact erections. With balanced testosterone levels, there is much better blood flow through the penis. Better blood flow through the penis means harder erections and heightened sensitivity.
  • Testosterone levels impact sexual desire On a biochemical level, testosterone affects the brain in a way that tells you that you feel sexual desire. This is true in both women and men. Testosterone works itself straight through the brain. More directly than HGH does. It unswervingly and specifically sends the exciting message directly from the brain to the sexual organ saying, “I’m aroused!!! I see ‘blank’! That arouses me!! I want sex!”

Testosterone levels might be an awkward thing to discuss with your family physician. Many men have found it easier to learn about and take advantage of testosterone’s benefit for healing and anti-aging by using specialists. Our anti-aging specialists at AAI Rejuvenations clinics are ready to consult with you about how testosterone therapy works and answer any questions about testosterone levels and their impact on aging.

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