Testosterone Cypionate Gel: As Effective as Creams or Injections?

testosterone cypionate gel

The truth about Testosterone Cypionate Gel


Men who begin hormone therapy, under the direction of a clinic, often opt for using a testosterone cypionate gel instead of using a cream or getting testosterone injections. Using a gel as a method to administer testosterone injections is an effective and proven mean to ensure the proper dosage is absorbed safely. Clinical trials comparing the testosterone gels, testosterone patches, testosterone creams, and testosterone injections have shown testosterone gels to be just as good, if not better than other methods of injections dosage. What this means, to someone choosing between testosterone injections, testosterone creams or testosterone gels, is that testosterone gels are often the best choice. Here’s why.

Testosterone injections cannot be taken orally in an effective manner. You can’t take a testosterone pill, a supplement that contains actual testosterone injections, and expect that the stomach and intestines will absorb enough of it to be effective, yet not be toxic to the liver. In the United States, there’s no form of oral testosterone that’s typically prescribed, even testosterone undecanoate which is now undergoing a clinical review. This has made the other means of administering testosterone become popular; they’re the only way that testosterone injections can be clinically administered in the United States. Although there are lots of testosterone boosters, there’s no literal “testosterone pill”.

Toxicity is an issue when administering even a natural substance like testosterone. The liver and immune system are constantly breaking down and reacting to the body’s natural products, in an equilibrium between having too much and having too little in the blood. Taking a lot of a substance, orally, implies a large dose making it into the body, through the intestines, and an even smaller dose making it through the liver, after being detoxified. If it weren’t for the liver breaking the things we digest down, there would be a lot more toxic substances flowing around in our blood. Even good chemicals are toxic if we’ve got too much of them in our blood at once, for example, sugar. Our bodies react to sugar with the hormone insulin. Even insulin gets a reaction from the immune system and gets detoxified and removed by the liver. So even if a substance is natural, how it’s administered is critical. For hormones, small exacting doses over time are better for the body than large doses administered infrequently.

In order to receive an effective dosage of testosterone, safely and under supervision here in the United States, you have to use one of the approved forms. Testosterone is administered in several different non-oral forms. One of the more popular methods of administering testosterone has been to use a gel and apply the gel directly on the skin. This method of receiving a dose of a drug is called transdermal application, meaning the drug moves through your skin. It doesn’t have to pass through your digestive system, so more of it gets used directly, and lower overall quantities have to be absorbed relative to an oral dose. This means applying a gel resulting in less toxicity to the liver compared to other methods.

Some patients who are given a choice on which method of applying testosterone works best, think that transdermal application implies a transdermal patch. This isn’t the case. Although there are several brands of the transdermal testosterone patch used in male hormone therapy, not all transdermal gels require using a patch. Some are applied directly to the skin in a manner similar to deodorant gel, under the arm in a less revealing, more discreet fashion than using a patch.

Speak with your hormone therapy expert on what method of receiving testosterone is most practical for you. Ask about testosterone cypionate gel and the different products that are available.

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