Risks Associated with HGH Therapy for women

Risks Associated with
HGH Therapy Women

HGH Therapy women Anyone suffering from low growth hormone (GH) will have extremely severe symptoms. However, HGH Therapy women for women can be particularly devastating to their biology. understand that the pituitary gland is called the master gland of the entire Endocrine System, which essentially means the pituitary is responsible, one way or another, for how all the hormones are produced and how they function. Because a woman’s endocrine system is so much more complex, you can understand why it’s particularly important for a woman to understand the risks of HGH Therapy women.

stabilizing female hormones, HGH Therapy for womenUnderstand that the pituitary gland is called the master gland of the entire Endocrine System, which essentially means the pituitary is responsible, one way or another, for how all the hormones are produced and how they function. Because a woman’s endocrine system is so much more complex, you can see why it’s particularly important for all the ladies to understand the risks of HGH Therapy women.

The human body has a communication system called homeostasis, which is designed to keep all structures and functions within the human body at a so-called normal range. There is, according to the laws of homeostasis, a normal for virtually everything in the human body. There is a key involved in all this homeostasis. Obviously, the toe is not as important as the heart or brain, so in moments of stress, one’s toe may forego some blood flow for a few minutes while the heart is instructed to beat somewhere between 60 and 98 beats per minute.

  • The crucial most important key to homeostasis is called the Adrenal, Hypothalamic, Pituitary Axis.

Many scientists will argue this is the control panel for the entire human body, just the way an advanced jet plane has a sophisticated control panel and if it does not work correctly we might not safely get back to the ground. Think of all this as your potential for superb excellent health as scientists have learned much about helping out the human control panel to work and function in a greatly improved manner. Understanding how HGH Therapy women affect them directly can better help them ensure the right course of action to best regard that controls panel.

  • If the anterior pituitary is not making enough (HGH) human growth hormone, a massive aspect of the human control panel is malfunctioning.
  • We know this by a set of symptoms and by seeing a low IGF-1 blood count.

Sometimes, symptoms are very pronounced, but IGF-1 levels seem ok. Research doctors in the field virtually always agree that vast symptoms trump a number on a test.

HGH Therapy women are so important, it takes up one-half of the entire pituitary gland and in that half, the anterior section, hGH, and only HGH are made.


  • Proper levels of hGH allow for all cell repair and regeneration.

It does this by activating and instructing each type of tissue, such as heart tissue or lung tissue or skin tissue, to find the tissue growth factor in each type of tissue. Through this process, HGH Therapy women tell all of those super important tissue growth factors to get ready and gear up to repair and regenerate. Just from this simple aspect of its functionality, one can deeply understand the issues surrounding low growth hormone in women.

When we get older, HGH levels begin to drop and once it falls too low, and that can even happen to a 35-year-old if they have had way too much stress and illness in life, symptoms of early onset aging begin to appear. Scientists know that, in time, these low numbers can lead to smaller organs and more age-related diseases of all kinds.

  • Low Growth Hormone in women is a great THREAT to their body; not to be able to complete tissue repair and regeneration.

Special Symptoms and Threats From Low Growth Hormone in Women

Women are very special in that they can carry on and bring forth new children. To be capable of doing such a daunting task, nature gave women 2 layers of fat tissue under their skin. Fat is a living tissue. Nature gave women this extra layer that men do not have to preserve our species, the human family, for, in times when food is scarce and a woman is with child, she may have to give up the entire second layer, which surrounds the whole body, just to give the baby a chance of living. That being said, lets further discuss what levels of low Growth Hormone in women will do to disrupt this natural process.

  • When women become low in HGH, they are usually at an age when their other hormones are getting too low as well. Low HGH in women causes the second layer of fat to thicken and that is not good for the cardiovascular system and blood pressure. These symptoms may even start the beginning of what is known as “fatty liver disease”.
  • Unfortunately, women lose progesterone 12 years before she starts to lose estrogen. A woman losing both progesterone, and is, say 40, and also losing estrogen is in all likelihood low in HGH and when proven so she is at much greater risk from cardiac issues than a man.
  • After menopause, it has been well documented that women are at a higher rate for both heart attacks and stroke. One of the reasons why is low hGH. HGH is highly protective of the heart and brain when it’s been optimized to more youthful levels by the addition of HGH therapy. One can benefit a lot more from greater cardiovascular protection.
  • It may sound like a small thing, but low hGH in women can be responsible for thinning hair, dry hair and dry skin. Also, with low HGH, women cannot grow long nails, which to a lot of women is no joke or a small matter.
  • Originally, women in the course of their lives made more hGH from their pituitary gland when they were younger, but even perimenopause will create a homeostatic signal to make less hGH and thus women start to lose collagen and elastin so needed for healthy arteries as well as joint function.
  • When women have low HGH, there is a decline in L-Dopamine. This neurotransmitter is vital for the pleasure response, including the ability to enjoy sexual activity. Why? Because L-Dopamine levels need to be high enough to make Oxytocin, which most definitely is needed for mood elevation and sexual desire.
  • Low GH in women means they are subject to early bone loss as it is GH that creates new bone cells. Osteoporosis is a terrible burden. It is very painful and once it starts, the only thing that can change its course fully is to restore GH levels back to a more youthful level. When it has gone too far and hGH has been too low for too long, that is when women get that hump curved shape to the upper spine. This is 100% avoidable with restored youthful levels of GH, but one must start at the correct time.

Women who start an HGH protocol just before perimenopause, say at age 36, is much different looking than their counterparts who have not done the same. They have wonderful muscle tonality, their skin looks youthful, and there is an undefinable ineffable golden glow that shows on their face.

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Risks Associated with HGH Therapy for Women
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