The Protocol Sermorelin Therapy vs HGH Therapy

Protocol Sermorelin Therapy

Protocol Sermorelin therapy, We reiterate that there is no one-protocol-fits-all when it comes to any kind of hormone therapy. Be warned: if you are speaking to an organization that is offering you solid quotes before their doctors have had an opportunity to review your file details, you should be very weary. It doesn’t mean that they cannot legally obtain medication for you. It simply implies your health is not at the forefront of that transaction. In fact, it’s most possible, that is all your communication is to that organization; a transaction.

Your protocol needs to be individualized based on your complete health history and file characteristics. That being said, there are certain similarities from one protocol to the next and certainly, there are some particular characteristics that all subcutaneous protocols have in common.

The following information is not to be used in substitution or in combination with anything that your prescribing physician has organized for you. The information below is only to be regarded as educational and generally suggestive when relating to subcutaneous Protocol Sermorelin therapy. When you have been prescribed a Sermorelin or Growth Hormone program, your doctor should explain to you:

  • the areas where you will inject the medication
  • exact time and day you should be administering your medicine
  • how to handle and store the medication
  • information about needles and all pertinent supplies in order to properly and effectively administer your program.

Other important points to consider when on a physician supervised Sermorelin protocol:

  • You must not eat or drink anything but water 90 minutes before or after your Protocol Sermorelin Therapy administration. Sermorelin impacts your insulin levels. Food does the same thing. Eating food in close proximity to your Sermorelin administration will surely null and void that injection.
  • Sermorelin should not be administered during the day. The reaction of Sermorelin to effectively focus and work on the pituitary, hypothalamus, serotonin levels and related areas of the brain actually promotes a sleepy reaction that can be inhibiting for participants during the day. Because Sermorelin so actively works on the pituitary to stimulate secretion, it induces a sense for needed rest that is difficult to combat.
  • Sermorelin is known to stimulate hunger in an effort to produce the resources and energy necessary to effectively metabolize your produced GH into IGF-1 which is needed to promote the protein synthesis required to generate the benefits expected from a GH therapy.
  • Sermorelin should be injected subcutaneously. Your best option is to administer Sermorelin directly into fat. Injecting Sermorelin into muscle will cause the medication to be hyper-metabolized. If you inject it into fat, it is processed much more slowly, extending the half-life of your administration. Conversely, if you inject Sermorelin directly into your muscle, it is much more quickly metabolized and processed by the body so its functionality/effectiveness time is reduced.
  • Because Sermorelin serves as a stimulant to the pituitary and hypothalamus, it actually helps to regenerate and rejuvenate the glands, promoting their health and efficiency. For this reason, it is safe and recommended to administer Sermorelin on a 7-night administration weekly cycle. Because Sermorelin is inducing production of your own GH and it’s forcing maximum secretion of your involved glands, it’s best to be very consistent with this therapy, especially when aiming to achieve results reflective of a much more expensive, straight bio-identical HGH protocol.

The protocol for Sermorelin is really a simple one. Retrospectively, despite Sermorelin also being a Growth Hormone therapy, promoting the same results as an HGH program in participants with a well-functioning pituitary, they administration times are quite opposite.


  • HGH must be administered in the day-time. The intention is to inject this medication when it will least interfere with the body’s natural production of Growth Hormone. Our endocrine system is most active at nighttime and this holds particularly true for the secretion period for Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone is released during several different phases of the day. However, the majority of the Growth Hormone your body is going to benefit from is released at night, during REM sleep (deepest, most restful sleep stage). If you administer hGH at night time, it will interfere with your natural production of GH, as your body checks all your blood levels constantly to determine if any given secretion is required to normalize and maintain normal bodily function. When the body detects that GH levels are normal (resulting from the HGH administration), it will signal the brain to not produce any additional GH. Extended hGH therapy on this improper protocol will most certainly cause atrophy of the pituitary from lack of use.
  • Conversely, Protocol Sermorelin Therapy does not promote an artificial elevation of GH levels. As a secretagogue, it actually induces your own production of Growth Hormone. The GH surge in your body is all-natural; your own. It is not a man-made or bio-identical hormone. It is real, DNA associated Growth Hormone secreted by the pituitary and hypothalamus as stimulated by the administration of Sermorelin. For this very reason, the opposite is true regarding the appropriate time to administer protocol Sermorelin therapy on your required administration days.
  • The smartest thing any GH therapy participant could do is consider a complete, well-rounded protocol inclusive of both Sermorelin and HGH at the same time. Of course, the dosages would be tweaked to ensure there isn’t an exaggerated overall dose of GH for the body to deal with at any one given time. Depending on the patient’s goals and file details, the Sermorelin/hGH combination therapy can be structured in a wide variety of effective ways. Combining HGH and Sermorelin is also a significantly effective way to participate in a leveler impacting the program like hGH without having to deal with the much higher costs of an only HGH hormone replacement program.

Typically, what dosage would somebody of my height, weight, and age be prescribed for HGH therapy?

 It’s imperative to understand that no one should ever generalize a program for you. It’s crucial that your prescribing physician takes into account all of your file details, health history, and personal goals before structuring a Sermorelin protocol, as we will do for you here at AAI Rejuvenation Clinic.

Beyond that clarification, statistically:

  • A person weighing between 100lbs -140lbs, between 4.5 – 5ft tall, would be prescribed 200mcg of Sermorelin every evening before bed.
  • A person weighing between 141lbs -165lbs, between 5 – 5.8ft tall, would be prescribed 250mcg of Sermorelin every evening before bed.
  • A person weighing between 166lbs -195lbs, between 5.5 – 6ft tall, would be prescribed 250 – 300mcg of Sermorelin every evening before bed.
  • A person weighing between 196lbs – more, between 5.5 – or taller, would typically be prescribed 300mcg or more, as determined by the physician, of Sermorelin every evening before bed.

Side Note: Elderly people and women will be prescribed higher dosages than outlined above to stimulate the kind of GH production needed to achieve the desired benefits and results depicted in these educational sites.

Combination HGH and Sermorelin Protocol

The more common ‘combination protocols will significantly very in dosing, as this is an art your prescribing physician needs to be well acquainted with in order to promote safe and effective results while keeping unwanted side effects at bay. At AAI Rejuvenation Clinic, our physicians are experts in the field of hormone replacement therapy and qualified by the Anti-Aging Association board.

A program can look something like this:

For someone that is very receptive to therapy, that doesn’t need as much, they may only need Sermorelin on the weekend.

  • Sat and Sun.

This ensures they are getting a healthy dose of GH elevation 7 days a week without putting the health of their pituitary at stake.

  • There is also the case in which your physician, in an effort to maximize your IGF-1 levels to expedite the physiological response to therapy whilst still keeping unwanted side effects at bay, may significantly reduce your hGH administration in the morning  but intelligently substitute the additional GH supplementation through the introduction of natural Growth Hormone via the selected AAI physician secretagogue, either Sermorelin GHRP2 or Sermorelin GHRP6, every evening in addition. Usually, still, hGH is not administered on a 7 consecutive day basis.

Patients needing the benefits of Growth Hormone that wish to participate in hGH therapy but are restricted by the costs may consider a combination protocol that entails either a much lower dosage of hGH during the day (allowing them to need much fewer vials of the hGH to complete their program) while substituting their GH elevation requirements for the day by introducing Protocol Sermorelin Therapy in the evening as well. This not only assists in providing an effective and potent GH enriching program but, at the same time, it’s a protocol that strategically caters to the health of the pituitary by inducing its work to secrete GH regardless of the current levels due to therapy. This ensures the participant of this protocol never has to worry about atrophy of the pituitary. In fact, this participant can rest assured they are on a well-rounded program that is intended to maximize their health benefits while minimizing any unwanted side effects.

Again, we reiterate that the details above are statistically depicted and there is no chart for dosing an effective and safe Sermorelin protocol. However, the above chart most accurately represents, statistically, what a patient of a certain height, age and weight can expect to be prescribed for a safe and effective Protocol Sermorelin therapy program.

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**NOTE**  The content contained in this blog is subject to interpretation and is the opinion of the content writer.  We do not claim it to be fact.  We encourage you to consult a medical doctor before taking any prescribed medications or supplements.

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