Norditropin hGH Informational Details

Norditropin hGH Informational Details

Norditropin hGH is particularly popular because of its travel convenience. The dispensing mechanism is a useful travel pen, some not too much larger than the size of a regular pen. It’s produced by Novo Nordisk and is qualified to be high-quality hGH.

Norditropin hGH

Norditropin hGH has several attributes of convenience:

  • Upon activation, Norditropin travel pens require no refrigeration.
  • They last up to 3 weeks beyond the activation date.
  • There is no need for reconstitution. The medication arrives pre-mixed.
  • It uses one of the simplest cartridge dispenser systems available.

Norditropin hGH comes in a verity of different dosages which is reflected in the individual color of each pen.

  • 5 mg/1.5 mL (orange): FlexPro® pen
  • 10 mg/1.5 mL (blue): FlexPro® pen
  • 15 mg/1.5 mL (green): FlexPro® pen
  • 30 mg/3 mL (purple): FlexPro® pen

Norditropin hGH

Common application mistake:Norditropin hGH

  • Make sure to leave the needle inserted subcutaneously for a minimum of 6 seconds before removing it. Removing it before the 6 seconds is up will result in loss of medication.

Patients are generally very satisfied with the results obtained from this particular brand of hGH. The high-quality standards and overseen sterility requirements of their biotechnological laboratories are unparalleled. It’s good to note that their quality standards seem to be a common characteristic throughout their entire corporate structure. The company was ranked 25th among 100 best companies to work for in 2010 by Fortune. In January 2012, Novo Nordisk was named as the most sustainable company in the world by the business magazine Corporate Knights while spin-off company Novozymes was named fourth. Novo Nordisk was ranked 72nd on “Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For®” list within the U.S. state of New Jersey as of January 2014.

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Norditropin hGH

Patients that have to travel during the period they are on therapy have the option of having our physician prescribe them the convenient travel pens to use only while they are away from home. The rest of the time they are around a refrigeration unit, patients can be prescribed like quality grade HGH which can be obtained at a much lower cost. As long as the medication is of the same quality level, it is exactly the same product. A lot of patients are unaware of these details and end up unnecessarily overspending.

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